Pet Resource Network Inc.
PO Box 336
Otsego, MI 49078
Telephone: Karen 269 694 4703 for dog information

Dogs at this shelter

Pet Resource Network's goal is to prevent the abuse and neglect of animals by providing referrals, information and intervention. Further more, it is our desire to prevent the deaths of these unwanted animals by providing a warm, safe home until the animal can be permanently adopted as a pet.

Enjoy the Season with a new pet for the days ahead. PRN is bursting at the seams. We have many dogs, puppies, . Help us place these nice pets in good homes. Many more are waiting for a chance, so please give us a call and adopt. If you can find room in you home to have a nice new friend, please adopt a pet

PRN will no longer have Monthly events at Oakridge Feed and Hardware, Stadium Dr. Oshtemo. You can call anytime to make an appointment to see any of the guests.

Many Pets found homes during the past years, many still need a good home.. Enjoy the next few years with a new friend: Call for an appointment to see any of the dogs or cats. Remember donations are always welcome and are tax deductible. Our costs are great, keeping this many dogs from being put down keeps us very poor. Please Donate if you can by Mailing a donation to Pet Resource Network. PRN does require a fee for Adoption. The vet care is not free, and neither is the food, shelter, or any other expenses.

We require a donation for all animals placed by our Rescue. We have a graduated scale for adoption fees. Most of our Dogs are $275, Puppies are $275 with a neuter deposit included in the fee which can be reclaimed by sending proof to PRN by the date agreed during adoption. All puppies must be neutered that are adopted from our Rescue. If you have questions about our fees please call. All animals have current shots, and dogs are on Heartworm prevention.


We have Dogs, Puppies, for Adoption, a few Cats and Kittens too Please call for Cat and Kitten information. Help However you can.

Adopting a friend

PLEASE COME AND GET YOUR PET MANY TYPES AND SIZES, although many found homes, many remain.

Need Items for our guests

Towels, toys, and Tax Deductible donations $$$ to increase our guests comfort. Please donate if You can. We usually have about 70 dogs and a few cats. It is very expensive to maintain our rescue. Please If you can help, do.

Pictures are updated when we have time. The maintenance and care of the animals comes first. You can be sure not all dogs (269)269 6944703. It is hard to keep up with the care much less getting pictures Please call we may have what your looking for..

Come Visit Us! Please give a donation if possible

Adoptions by appointment or at the Adoption days. Call anytime 269 694 4703. We will make a appointment for you to see the adoptable pets. Help us find a good home for our guests.

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Pet Resource Network Inc.
PO Box 336
Otsego, MI 49078
Telephone: Karen 269 694 4703 for information

Dogs at this shelter