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Each Year, the Wood County Humane Society, a no-kill shelter, takes in about 800 animals. Most of these animals are stray cats and kittens, owner surrender cats and dogs, and cruelty/neglect cases. On a daily average, there are about 50 little faces at the shelter that are awaiting homes.

Our shelter staff meets with potential adopters to ensure good matches and to avoid returns. Our adoption survey and questionnaire must be filled out prior to adoption counseling and our staff does reserve the right to refuse or revoke an adoption at any time. Please visit our adoption page at woodcountyhumanesociety.org/Adoption_process.html  for more information and to fill out our survey and questionnaire.

The adoption fee varies in cost, depending on the species and age of the animal, but it always includes a coupon for a medical examination to local participating veterinarians, feline leukemia and feline immuno-deficiency virus test in cats, heart worm test in dogs, initial deworming heartworm and flea prevention, age appropriate core vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, and a microchip!

When you compare a WCHS animal to a "free" one, you will save nearly $200. "Free" animals typically will not come with its initial vet visit, all vaccinations or surgery that will prevent more unwanted animals. You will have to pay for all of those expenses out of your own pocket.

What you Should Consider Before Adopting an Animal

 There are a number of things to consider before adopting an animal. Animals who are mismatched with their owners can develop behavior problems. In fact, behavior problems are the number one reason why people surrender their animals to shelters and rescue groups.

To read more about our adoption process and all things to be considered before adopting, please visit our adoption page at woodcountyhumanesociety.org/Adoption_process.html for more information and to fill out our survey and questionnaire.



Who We Are

The services provided by the Wood County Humane Society, a no-kill shelter, are not duplicated by any other agency in Wood County. A volunteer board of directors, full and part-time paid staff and many generous community volunteers help to keep WCHS in operation.

The Wood County Humane Society's services include:

Sheltering Animals

WCHS provides shelter for surrendered, abused or abandoned domesticated animals. The Wood County Humane Society shelters hundreds of animals each year.


A team of volunteers travels to various educational programs each month. Some of these events include school presentations, community days and senior center seminars. Check out a full list of our events at woodcountyhumanesociety.org/Events.html.


A cruelty investigator investigates each and every cruelty, neglect or abuse call that comes in from Wood County residents. Some of these investigations result in simply educating individuals about how to properly care for their pets. Several cases result in the owner surrendering a pet or, in some cases, confiscation of the pet. If you would like to report animal cruelty or neglect, please visit our report cruelty page at woodcountyhumanesociety.org/Report_Cruelty.html.

Lost and Found

If you lost your pet, or found a stray wondering around, please post on the visitor page of our facebook page, or on Petharbor.com

Spay/Neuter Program

Would you want to add over a dozen new cats to your home in a year? Neither would we! Unfortunately though, most of the cats that end up in shelters like ours are due to stray overpopulation. There is a solution; spay or neuter the cats! Whether you have been caring for a feline in need in your backyard, or are looking for a low-cost option to spay or neuter your house cat, we have a program in conjunction with Humane Ohio in Toledo that offers this service. To learn more about the process and importance of spaying and neutering, please visit our website at woodcountyhumanesociety.org/Spay_Neuter.html.

Food Assistance

We all love our pets and know what type of support they can offer us, especially when times get tough. That is why we are pleased to offer pet food and cat litter assistance to Wood County residents and their pets in need. This program is large enough to help a few families each week, but unfortunately it is not large enough to help the same homes on a regular basis. We will do what we can to help you and your companions as you recover. We also offer food assistance for care-takers of free-roaming cat colonies to encourage spaying and neutering, and continual care of these felines. If you need help with an owned pet or free-roaming cat colony, please check our our website at woodcountyhumanesociety.org/Pet_food_assistance.html for more information.

Safe Pets through the Cocoon Shelter

In connection with the Cocoon Shelter, a local non-profit dedicated to providing safety, healing, and justice for battered women and their children, our shelter offers a SAFE pet haven for Wood County families in transition due to domestic violence. All cases are completely confidential and quality care of the pet(s) are ensured. If you are a victim of domestic violence, and have pet(s) that you need help sheltering until you are able to make arrangements for them to be back in your life, please contact the Cocoon Shelter at 419-352-1545 or 800-472-9411, so that they may get into contact with us.

Come Visit Us

We are located at 801 Van Camp Road in Bowling Green, Ohio. Our adoption hours are Tuesday and Wednesday from 12-6:30 pm, and Thursday through Sunday 12-4:30 pm. We are closed on Mondays as well as all major holidays. 


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