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Wisconsin Westie Rescue is an organization devoted to the rescue and placement of West Highland White Terriers or Westies. Many of our Westies are from animal shelters that come in as strays or as dogs relinquished directly by former owners. Some of our dogs come from owners who can no longer care for the dog. Once the Westie is in our rescue, it is placed with a foster family who cares for the dog until it is adopted. The Westies are spayed or neutered, given all their shots, microchipped and examined by a veterinarian. The dog’s temperament is evaluated, as well as how it gets along with children and other pets. This way, the dog can be placed with a family that is well suited for it. Our strict adoption procedures and home checks assure that the dog will be placed in a good home.

Adopting a friend

Obtain and complete an application. When we get in a Westie that matches with your family, we will then ask you to come to the rescue and visit with the dog. The final thing we do is a home check. You will be asked to sign a contract when you adopt a dog from WWR. Adoption fees vary with the age of the Westie but in general are around $200. Most of the time there is a waiting list for Westies. Your wait will be shorter if you are open to adopting either sex or an older dog. Many of our dogs are not suitable for placement with young children, so people with children will generally have a longer wait. We seldom ever get in females and rarely get in young puppies. Waiting time can be anywhere from a couple weeks to up to 6 months or more, so please feel free to contact us at any time. Please note: Many available Westies are not listed on our web page. Most Westies go to families that were already on our waiting list. Please obtain and complete our application materials.


Any donations go directly to the care of Westies in our rescue and are greatly appreciated. We are a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit organization so all your donations will be tax deductible. Items we currently need are monetary donations, dog food, small collars and leads and small dog crates.

Come Visit Us!

Since we do foster care only, we do not have a facility. Visitations are by appointment only.

Wisconsin Westie Rescue
Freedom, WI

Email: aroooo@charter.net
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