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To date, more than 300 lucky pigs have come through our doors...and more than 250 have found loving, new forever homes! A few of those have earned the distinction of becoming important members of our Therapy Animal Team! CAGES - Guinea pigs need an ample amount of room in their habitat for excercise and stimulation, to promote good physical and behavioral well being. There are several newer types of cages on the market that are better designed for guinea pigs, and are offered in a variety of sizes, colors and prices. One absolute is to provide a cage that has a SOLID bottom...wire bottoms cause severe sores on tender little guinea pig feet, and possibly broken legs! Whistle Ridge is now offering custom designed C&C cages to adopters and other guinea pig enthusiasts! If you are in the market for a new habitat for your piggie friends, and would like to see examples of the cages I have designed, please e-mail me for photos or to schedule a time to visit the rescue to see them in use. If you have a specific area, I'll be happy to design a single or bi-level cage to fit that space once you provide me with the dimensions available. I offer these cages at prices that are much less expensive, much LARGER, and often nicer to look at than most of the traditional cages you can find in pet or feed stores!

Who We Are

Whistle Ridge Guinea Pig Rescue is located in Auburn, ME. Whistle Ridge has been in existence since Spring 2003, and was established to provide a safe home for abandoned, neglected and abused guinea pigs. A particular aspect of this rescue is my dedication to evaluating and placing guinea pigs in Animal Assisted Therapy/Education/Activity programs. If a particular guinea pig (or pigs!) arrive at the rescue who seem to have the appropriate attitude and aptitude for this "work", I am committed to placing them in a home where they can enrich the lives of clients in a variety of settings. These placements in no way minimize the opportunity for these guinea pigs to have a loving, caring family of their own. Particular care is taken to ensure they will be family members FIRST, secondary is being part of a "therapy" program. When arriving at the rescue, all piggies are given a general health and temperament evaluation. If it is determined they need medical treatment, they are seen by one of my wonderful veterinarians in Auburn or South Gorham, Maine. Some minor issue are treated here, such as mites, lice, mild lameness, minor URI, etc. All piggies are gradually switched from whatever feed they arrive with to Oxbow Cavy Cuisine. The Oxbow products have proven to be extremely beneficial to all the guinea pigs, especially those who need a little extra help to feel good again! Even some of the most unhealthy or emaciated piggies are found popcorning and running laps in their cages after just a few weeks of Oxbow, a clean environment, and lots of TLC!

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting one of the guinea pigs at Whistle Ridge, please contact me for an adoption application. I will check references, as well as home ownership or permission from a landlord. This may seem a strict procedure, but far too many guinea pigs are abandoned because unsuspecting landlords order their tenants to abide by the "no pets" condition...after the pet has been in the home for a while. Because these little guys have been in multiple homes, I want to make absolutely certain that we have made the best choice for them...and for you! Most guinea pigs being adopted from Whistle Ridge are required to go as bonded pairs. Guinea pigs are extremely social animals, and in the wild they live in herds. It is not kind or healthy for a guinea pig to be the only cavy in the home! There may be instances when a single guinea pig can be adopted, provided there is already at least one other piggie already in that home. It is not necessarily required that they live in the same habitat together, just that they know the other is nearby for companionship! Of course, there are guinea pigs who really do like to live in their own little "pad", just like those of us who prefer to live alone! They still enjoy each other's companionship, just from a bit of a distance!

Come Visit Us!

If you are interested in visiting the guinea pigs available at Whistle Ridge, please e-mail and I will send directions and set up an appointment. Since the rescue is run out of my home, we do not have regular visiting hours. Thanks for understanding!
Whistle Ridge Guinea Pig Rescue

Auburn, ME 04210

Email: whistleridge@adelphia.net
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