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Waggin'Tails is a Non Profit No Kill rescue dedicated to finding homes for unwanted and homeless pets.
We are located in Brodheadsville, PA.
We take pride in finding the right home for all of our pets.

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All adoptions start with a

Pre Adoption Application

Puppy Mills supply over 90% of all Puppies sold in Pet stores accross the country. As consumers, we have the power to stop the cruel cycle of animal abuse. For more information on why you should never buy a Puppy from a Pet Store CLICK HERE

Come visit our new Happy Tails Page to see some of our animals that have been adopted, and read there stories. If you have adopted from us in the past and wish to have your pets story added to this page, please send current photo's and a story to Happy Tails Stories so we can post them on our web site.

Waggin' Tails Annual Alumni Picnic
We want to thank everyone that came to our picnic. This years picnic was a great success with over 50 people and there adopted pets coming. There was plenty of Fun, Food and Soda for all. We want to thank everyone that helped with setting thing up and preparing the food, and a big round of applause to our two grillmasters .
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We are in desperate need of office supplies, the items we need are:
Copy Paper.
Ink cartridges for a Canon BJC-2110
Ink cartridges for a HP copy machine: HP C6578d and HP C6615d
Toner for a Brother HL-1440 laser printer
Pre-Paid Phone Cards
If you can help us out with these items please mail them to :
Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue
P.O. Box 1284
Stroudsburg PA 18360

Want to help us keep saying YES to our community and your neighbors that need help: You can help by directly sending donations to Brodheadsville Vet Clinic - towards our vet care or you can send it to
Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue
P.O. Box 1284
Stroudsburg PA 18360


Donate to help us with our medical bills

We are still in dire need of people to help answer our phones!! We receive over 30 calls a day and we need your help!! Volunteering to do a four hour shift, once a week would help us out so much!
Click on the Volunteer section on our website

Some people have questioned the amount of money we ask for a donation when we adopt out an animal. Consider the cost of purchasing a dog/cat, paying for it's shots and neutering and then compare it to the amount we ask for our animals. We do not pay anyone on our staff of volunteers and therefore the entire amount of your donation goes to the animals. We have a few little guys now that have undergone costly surgery and some that require monthly medication. Our veterinary bills are starting to look like my home heating bill in the winter!! If you are a client at Brodheadsville Vet Clinic, consider a contribution to our bills there. While they are kind enough to let us pay them over a course of time, they appreciate any payments we make along the way.

We have updated our website! We hope this new format will make it easier to find forms, answers to questions and most of all allow you to better understand our needs. Visit us at Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue and find out how to get involved with our shelter.

Be A Buddy!
If you do not have the room or the time to adopt a pet, but would still like to help an individual pet, why not become a buddy? Here are a few ways you can become a buddy. A monthly donation of twenty dollars is all you need to sponsor a needy pet. We have dogs and cats and for your donation, you will have your name printed on our site under your pet's photo and you will also receive a thank you card and picture from your sponsored pet.
Waggin' Tails Donations

Heartworm is a serious, sometimes fatal condition that starts when an animal is bitten by a mosquito. We cannot possibly afford to keep all our dogs on heartworm medication, but with your help and donation of 30 - 50 dollars per pet for 6 months supply (depending on the weight of the animal you choose) you can protect one animal from this horrible disease. Please go to our pet list and pick a pet and be their heartworm buddy!! If the pet you pick is already on heartworm, we will choose the next closest one to their type and let you know who you are helping out. Please, if you own a pet that is not on heartworm medication already, go to your veterinarian immediately and get them on it now!! Thank you.

You can find an application on our website Online Pre-Adoption Form

To find out more about us and how YOU can become a volunteer, visit us on the Web at Waggin' Tails!

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