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Dog / Puppy of the Month
Email: clj7104@gmail.com

Sorry We are Not Taking in any Cats or Kittens we are full.


Gala is a feline that fetches and carries her toys ...she is smart ,sweet ,young she's spayed ,tested - for aids and leukemia .has her shots and is front declawed . She is about 1 yr old .Was rescued from a wood pile where she had a litter of kittens .The kittens are pretty much spoken for and this lady now needs her home .She is a lot of fun and lots of cuddles . Placement fee is $75.00 to help pay her vet bills . Gala has impeccable litter box habits and am a very clean person! My hair is sleek and shiny, and I don't shed much, my hair is not thick and fuzzy. If you are interested, or even just have questions, please email for an application, and one will be sent to you in Microsoft word.
Email: clj7104@gmail.com

Rescues can not always take in animals they get calls on but many try to help by placing their stories on here or by contacting other rescues who may have room.When an animal is seemingly safe and being cared for it is most times best to try and place the animals from where it is rather then burdening the all ready over full Humane Society or Animal Controls.



*** ADOPT - A - PET - DAY ***

Voice Of Animals Rescue does few Adopt a Days since we have a shelter where our dogs are housed and we are proud to have our approved adopting families come see where the dogs/pups are being housed and how they are cared for. We also require meeting the whole family and like the more one on one we have here on the farm.If one of our pets are being housed with a foster family we are again proud for you to go to any one of our foster homes to meet the pet you are interested in after you are approved to adopt.

Remember a rescued pet makes the best pet......


Who We Are

Voice Of Animals Rescue was founded and started by Lynn Kossen. Lynn has done Cat rescue for 15 years then in 1997 Her sister joined her.Both are dedicated to the purpose of rescuing from multiple situations cats,kittens dog and puppies for the purpose of offering them for adoption to qualified families.Our cats/kittens are housed in a private home in Cedar Springs Mi. We have a shelter on a farm called Sisters Haven in Newaygo Mi. where the dogs/puppies are housed. We have grown in number and have 6 wonderful foster homes now as well as some other very dedicated volunteers. Voice Of Animals is very thankful for all our volunteers who help the animals...................... Voice Of Animals Rescue And Sanctuary Is A 501(c)(3) Rescue
OUR GOALS ARE: To find loving homes for abused,abandoned and neglected domestic animals. To spay/neuter ALL our rescued animals before adoption ( including kittens and puppies )to stop the cycle of unwanted litters.To help pay for the spay of any mom cat/dog when we rescue her litter. To provide funding for foster homes that will temporarily house domestic animals for adoption. Voice Of Animals is non-profit,non-funded charitable and is supported by donations, arts and crafts,and garage sales. Voice Of Animals hopes to give Voice to all God's creatures.

Adopting a Friend

To adopt from Voice Of Animals you must fill out an adoption application,
Email: clj7104@gmail.com

We Do Screen Our Adopting Families. We do have a placement fee.
Our Cats and Kittens are $50.00 ~ 75.00
The placement Fee For Our Cats / Kittens includes :
Spayed / Neutered Surgery
ALL are combo tested
Current vaccinations according to age
The placement Fee For Puppies 175.00 and up includes :
Spay / Neuter Surgery
Heartworm preventative medicine
de-worming for internal parasites
The placement Fee For Most Adult Dogs is 125.00 includes :
Spay/neuter Surgery, Heartworm test and preventative medicine for dogs , current vaccinations according to age (including rabies for adult dogs), de-worming for internal parasites and de-fleaing if needed.

Volunteering and Donations

We are always in need of:
*cages for dogs or cats
* Puppy / kitten toys
*leashes and collars
*heavy water and food bowls
*Wool blankets
*fire wood for heating the shelter
***We no longer need fire wood we are having a furnace installed in the shelter and will be heating with propane***
*Bleach and laundry soap
*cat /dog food
*And of course money is always needed
Email: cljvoa@hughes.net

Come Visit Us!

After you have filled out an application and have been approved for adoption we will contact you via email and set an appointment for you to come meet / adopt your new best friend . VOA is a privately run 501(c)(3) Animal Rescue. We are not a county run dog pound . You can also visit our Home page at- click here.

Voice Of Animals Rescue and Sanctuary

Newaygo Michigan
Email: clj7104@gmail.com

The best way to contact us is by email.
***Just the DOGS*** ***Just the CATS***
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