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Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue

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Is a Bull Terrier the right dog for you?

A Bull Terrier has been compared to a naughty 3 year old child in a fur coat but with the constitution of an armored tank. They are often described as “obstinate” “particularly good with people” and “of even temperament and amenable to discipline.” They love people unconditionally & absolutely adore children. They believe that their owners exist entirely to be company for them, to be sat on, to share the couch with, to be played with, or walked with. Though most Bull Terriers are friendly with other dogs they can be territorial and resent the intrusion of other dogs on ‘their’ patch. Bull Terriers are brainy and think for themselves. Cunningly, they pretend to be stupid, unable to understand the simplest of instructions, and so get their own way. Bull Terriers have two characteristics which are unique to the breed. The first is that they ‘trance’. Trancing mode is turned on by walking under a bush so that the leaves tickle the dog’s back. The dog’s eyes glaze and movement is in ultra slow motion; the dog almost looks as though it is stalking prey whilst sleep walking. A bush is not essential, they will do it under a table cloth if it hangs down to the right level, or perhaps the Christmas tree. Don’t tell your vet about this - few vets know anything about the breed and they would only want to refer your dog to a neurologist (and probably you to a psychiatrist). In sharp contrast, the second unique activity takes place at top speed. It is called ‘hucklebutting’. The dog suddenly takes off at full speed and sprints all over the house - in, out, over and under furniture. It often involves going at full speed towards a wall/door/piece of furniture, & then at the last minute doing a half turn to slam sideways into the obstacle, bouncing off it and then continuing at full speed. This is an effective way of demolishing delicate antiques or denting the fridge door. During these displays all humans should remain perfectly still - the dog will aim to miss you. It is extremely important for humans not to lose their nerve and try to side step - going the wrong way will result in very bruised legs! When nothing interesting is happening a Bull Terrier becomes a couch potato, snoring, with eyes tight shut. Calling his name will usually bring no response, although the slightest rustle of a sweet paper or bounce of a ball will produce an instant eruption. These dogs form strong bonds with their owners. A Bull Terrier is a never ending source of amazement, frustration and love. But they are not for everyone - they are special dogs for special people - people who have stamina, even more determination than the dogs, a sense of humor, patience, and people who can give them the time and attention they crave.

Who We Are

The Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue is based in the Houston area. Our Program provides safe harbor for unfortunate bullies who are in need of food, rest, medical care and a worry-free environment allowing them time to relax and return to their former glory while awaiting their new forever home.

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The first step in the adoption process is to complete an adoption application on our main Club website: www.texasbullterrier.org

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at www.texasbullterrier.org and see our weekly Bullie Rescue Update to find out who's available!

Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue

Katy, TX 77450

Email: tgcbullterrierrescue@gmail.com
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