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Our Adoptable Pet List

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This is Pibby. She is a tiny, little girl at just under 4 pounds. She is the perfect little lap dog, but also loves to romp and play with the other dogs in her foster home. Pibby is waiting for the right person to ask about her and hopefully, take her home to love and adore for many years to come. Email with questions about Pibby, or for an application to adopt her.

Success Story

One of our recent adopters blessed us with this amazing email. This is why we do what we do for these little babies.

On 1/10/10, Lisa wrote:

Oh Kandy, My cup runneth over!! Bella is absolutely the most wonderful dog in the world and I'm so happy to have her. She is proving to be everything I ever wanted in a dog and absolutely nothing that I didn't. Beau and I feel like, in Bella, we have found our forever K-9 soul mate at last and our family is finally complete.

The first night Bella was very polite and very sweet, but to her credit, she remained a little reserved given all the changes in her life. Her initial uncertainty made it all the more glorious when she greeted me with her "I'm so glad you're back" scream on my return from the store. And by the way, I love it and I never, ever want to walk into my house again without hearing it. Since then, she been making it increasingly clear that she's willing to love another human and I'm thrilled.

As for Beau, she could not have made a better impression on him. Unlike every other dog he's ever met, on their first meeting she didn't once bark at him or want to chase him and, as a result, he decided to join us on my bed where we all slept together the very first night. That's a first.

I just can't thank you enough for entrusting me with this precious girl; she has already become my absolute pride and joy. Feel free to ask me about her as often as you like because talking about her has become my favorite thing to do. I'll update you with pics and keep you posted on how she's doing, but you can go ahead and check the 'permanent' box on this adoption. (grin). We love her and she is permanently in the last home she'll ever want or need again.

We received an email from Petfinder with the following email from one of our adopters. Thank you Mr. Nelson for adopting Dolly and for acknowledging Passion for Pooches to Petfinder!

"My wife and I had two of the most beautiful Miniture Schnauzer's, Laverne & Shirley. Laverne crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Sept./08, and we lost Shirley in Feb 09.

My wife has always liked Shih tzu's. I was on the computer and ran across Petfinder, and I ran across a picture of Dolly, and my heart dropped. I had to fill out adoption papers and sent then to Passion for Pooches Rescue. I was adopted, and they didn't have to fill out this many papers for me. It came down to me and my wife and another couple. I cried when they called and said we had been selected to be Dolly's new parents.

We live in Oakland, TN, and had to drive to Nash, TX to get her, and I couldn't get there fast enough. When we walked into the home, she was in his arms and was so beautiful. She sat in my wife's lap all the way back to TN. We found out that Dolly was scared to death of storms and for some reason she climbs up and lays around my neck when she shakes. She is such a sweet girl and she will never be abused the rest of her life. I will never get another dog except through adoption."


Passion for Pooches has placed over 400 dogs in loving homes since we started our rescue in April of 2008. Many thanks to our foster homes for making this possible. We are always looking for foster homes. With more foster homes, we have the ability to save more dogs.

<1>To become a foster home, email for an application to foster.

About Us

We are a small group of individuals with a big desire to rescue and place deserving animals, in good homes. All of our dogs are in foster homes, have been fully vetted and deemed to be ready for new, loving families. All of our foster dogs are socialized and desire human companionship.

Before I retired, I used to jokingly say to my husband that when I retired, I wanted a job where I petted and loved on puppies/dogs, all day long. Now I have been blessed with the ability to do just that. Of course the pay isn't monetary, but the rewards are endless.

I am a member of the board of directors for the Texarkana Animal League (TAL). The TAL is group of volunteers dedicated to improving the welfare of animals in the shelter and in our community.

Click on this link to visit the TAL website.

Foster Homes Needed

In actuality, our major limitation in saving more dogs is that we have too few foster homes. Every day we get calls from people asking for help with dogs, but due to limited space, we have to say no, more often than not.

We are always in need of more foster homes. Fostering a dog and preparing it for a new home is very rewarding. You get to see first hand success stories. It is work, but worth every minute of your time and efforts. Please considering opening your home and heart to a foster dog.

Our approval process for fostering is the same as the approval process for adoption. Email Passion for Pooches at for an application to adopt. In the blank "Name of Pet Applying To Adopt" type "Foster Application".

Adopting a friend

We have a comprehensive adoption process that requires completion of an application, contacting references and whenever possible, home visits. When a home visits isn't possible, due to logistics, we request pictures of the adopters home, yard, fence, gates, and etc. This helps us see what type environment our little friends will live in. The home visits/pictures aren't used to determine economic status, or how clean your home is. We use them to look for safety concerns, for the most part. It is our goal that homes in which we place our animals are "safe havens" for these deserving dogs.

The Texarkana Arkansas Animal Control and Adoption Center

Please remember that there are many homeless pets at the Texarkana Animal Control and Adoption Center that are looking for forever homes. Consider visiting the center to see if your perfect match may be there waiting on you.

When you go to the center looking for a pet, remember these things:
1. The animals are in a stressful situation and they may not display their true personality. Taking them outside or in the visitation room may give you a better idea of their true nature.
2. A good bath and grooming can reveal a much more attractive pet.
3. Bad skin conditions are common, due to poor diet and care. With a visit to the vet and some good nutrition, skin problems can be overcome.
4. Always take a newly adopted pet to the vet for a check up. This is the best start on a new life that you can give your pet.


Nash, TX 75569
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