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July, 2016: Tuba City Humane Society is Going Through a Major Transition!

The Director of Tuba City Humane Society, Sylvia Moore, and her husband Willie Moore, moved to Bend, OR, a year and a half ago. Now we are transitioning the running of the Humane Society, and we are seeking to create a broader foster network and more people to help transport animals between Tuba City and Flagstaff. If you can help us, please email us at tubacityhumane@gmail.com. Also, please visit our new web site at: http://www.tubacityhumanesociety.org, and join us on Facebook.

We are very, very proud and grateful to Sylvia and Willie for all of their hard work running the Humane Society, and their many accomplishments. Thank you, Sylvia and Willie! We will miss you!

More news to come soon. Thank you!

June, 2016: We Need Your Help!

rescued puppiesrescued puppies4 puppies from a location near the old Tuba City airport, rescued yesterday and today. All are emaciated and have sarcoptic mange, have been tested for parvo. Please help us pay for the veterinary costs to get these puppies healthy. We depend on your donations. It costs us about $5000 every 3 months to pay for rescue veterinary costs. Thank you to Dr. Holgate and her husband Elward for accepting these puppies into rescue and taking care of them! It really does take a village, and we could not do it without your support.

rescued German Shepherd puppyrescued kittensGerman Shepherd mix puppy was brought into the clinic on Monday. He is about 3 months old, and had a bad wound on his neck, very painful, and scared.

Female, 2 year old black and white Momma cat was found in a nurse's yard along with the kittens. She is very friendly and a loving mother to her kittens. She was spayed, given vaccines, dewormer, flea/tick preventative.

Please help support our ability to rescue. We are heading into summer when lots of animals need our help. We can not continue to rescue without your donations to help pay for veterinary costs! Thank you so much!

rescued kittens

May, 2016: Please Support Rescue in and Around Tuba City!

Emma This is Emma. Emma was dropped off as a stray and pregnant to Dr. Holgate and her husband Elward. Emma had her puppies, and was a great mother to her 7 puppies. Emma gets along with other dogs and doesn't care for cats, but she does fine with the indoor cats. Emma has been with Dr. Holgate since December 2015. She is very healthy and playful.

We rely on donations to fund rescue costs. Please continue to support our ability to rescue and help animals in need. We have depleted all of our rescue funds, and need your help in order to be able to continue to rescue and help stray animals in and around Tuba City.

We could not do it without you and appreciate your support so much!! Thank you!!


Quilled Dogs at Tuuvi Cultural Center, Tuba City, AZ, October, 2015

Porcupine Quilled Stray at Tuuvi Cultural Center All quills removed

The first photo is of a dog, one of four, that were porcupine quilled, in the area near the Tuuvi Cultural Center in Tuba City, AZ, in mid October 2015. The photo is courtesy of Bill Orman, who tried everything he could to rescue this dog, and also took the photo. It was a dire situation as the dog could not eat nor drink and was very afraid of people.

After many tries by several people, the dog was finally caught by another person and picked up and brought into treatment by Dr. Carol Holgate, veterinarian in Tuba City, where this dog began his rehabilitation. Another one of the quilled dogs was caught by Dr. Holgate, and another one was caught by another person, leaving one quilled brown dog still needing to be caught and rescued.

As horrific as the quilling was, this dog has several issues that need to be addressed, including Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumor (CTVT), a sexually transmitted venereal cancer that is completely treatable. He also has skin issues, and he needs socialization.

If you would like to support Dr. Holgate's ability to continue rescuing and rehabilitating dogs like that, as well as providing low-cost subsidized spay/neuter services for clients who cannot afford to pay the full price of surgery, please consider donating to Tuba City Humane by clicking on the PayPal button above. Thank you! We could not continue to help animals and people who care for them without your support!

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2014 End of Year Summary
In 2014, we rescued 162 animals. Out of these rescues, 142 were adopted through our placement partners, and unfortunately 20 had to be humanely euthanized because they were either too sick or injured. Through grant funds and donations, we were able to subsidize 268 spays & neuters.

Sylvia Moore, Director of Tuba City Humane Society, moved to Oregon at the end of 2014. Her work as Director continues, finding and acquiring grant funds to support subsidized low-cost spay/neuter services for residents of Tuba City and nearby areas, and managing donations so that Dr. Carol Holgate, veterinarian in Tuba City, and her husband Elward, can continue to rescue animals in need. Many times, tourists travel to see the beauty of the Navajo Nation, and are shocked to see the situation of begging, starving, and sometimes injured stray animals. They often contact Dr. Holgate to see if she can help. We rely on your donations and support to continue this vital work. And... we thank you so much, because we could not do it without you!

With Sylvia's move to Oregon, it has become even more difficult to keep up good communications about the rescue work that is happening, because Dr. Holgate is so busy providing veterinary services. The best way to keep up with us is on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TubaCityHumaneSociety. Our PayPal donation button up above is the easiest way to donate to us online. Thank you so much!!

Year End Letter: Accomplishments of 2013 and Thank You for Your Support!

In appreciation for you participation as donors we are sending out this news letter so that you know what we accomplished in 2013. This would not be possible without the dedication and work done by Desert View Veterinary Clinic (Dr. Carol Holgate and her husband Elward), our fosters and of course our donors who make all this possible.

We rescued 168 dogs including a few cats. 20 were humanely euthanized with serious injuries or illness. Our rescues now go to Second Chance in Flagstaff or Best Friends in Kanab, Utah for special needs animals. We are no longer reimbursed for vet bill but Second Chance & Best Friends are doing the spays & neuters to help with our expenses. All our veterinary bills are covered by your donations. Our time and vehicles to transport animals comes out of our own pockets. We put almost 5,900 miles on our truck this year.

We also received $12,725 in grant money specifically earmarked for low cost spays and neuters at $45. Whenever a client has an animal fixed Dr. Holgate gives them a 24 lb. bag of dog food or a smaller bag of cat food as an incentive.

Best Friends sent four 53' trucks from Swift with dog food. Best Friends did give us some cat food and so did Second Chance. The total donations came to $436,525.00 in food which we disbursed to rescues, humane societies, fosters, Hopi villages, Hopi Vet. Services and Navajo Chapter houses. Of course we kept what we needed for Dr. Holgate and the Tuba City Humane Society. Not having to buy food for the animals has been amazing because money we would have spent on that is used to rescue more animals.

Please check out our website and face book page. Like us and share with your friends.

Again, thank you for all your support and have a great 2014.


Sylvia Moore, Director

Tuba City Humane Society Distributes Dog Food for Christmas

Best Friends Animal Society and Swift Transportation trucks delivering dog foodOn Dec. 13, 2013 Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, contacted the Tuba City Humane Society stating that Blue Buffalo wanted to send 2 Swift semi trucks with 64,647lbs. of dog food. Best Friends also sent a truck from Kanab with 4 pallets of Purina dog food & 5 pallets of Nutri-Cal supplement. The total was estimated to be around $163,000.00. We prepared our regular crew of helpers, the Frank Begaye family from Tuba City and Dr. Holgate and her husband Elward. We were all on alert because we didn't know when the trucks would arrive.

The two trucks from Swift were to arrive on Fri. Dec. 20th at l:00 & 1:30. It had snowed during the night so the ground was all white. The first truck showed up around 11:30 so we called the Begayes to come out. The driver was a lady named Lou along with her 2 miniature Schnauzers, her son's Pit Bull that she is caring for while he is in the marines and a little Pug/Chihuahua cross named Corky that she got from a friend and was going to find a home for her. Frank's 2 boys were working and in school so he brought his two young daughters to help. Can those girls work and they knew exactly what to do. So between them and my husband Willie operating the Bobcat they unloaded the truck quickly. Lou also gave us hooks you attach to a pallet that the chain hooks onto to pull it out of the truck. Lots of times the pallets are in backwards so the pallet jack won't work or the pallet is crushed. Lou was a lifesaver with her two hooks. Then John Garcia from Best Friends showed up with his truck and we got him unloaded. Then he took off for Flagstaff to pick up some rescue dogs to take back to Kanab. Afterwards we all went into the house for a hot lunch and a long visit. Lou started talking about the dog Corky and Frank mentioned they were looking for a little house dog for their daughter Caris, so he went and checked Corky out and was impressed. She is 2 yrs., spayed, all her shots, trained and not a barker. So he let Lou present Caris with her new dog. We even put a bow on her collar. Caris was so surprised and thrilled. No doubt Corky will be well taken care of and have a good life with the Begayes.

Swift Transportation driver Lou with her dogsCaris with Corky

Then we started wondering where is the other truck? Lou started calling Swift and finally found out the driver of the other truck got sick so they needed to find another truck and driver in Nebraska. When that was figured out they determined the truck would arrive early Sunday but that didn't happen. Sat. we took off for Flagstaff because we had not done anything for Christmas yet. Sunday rolled around and at 6:00 am I called Swift who said the truck was overnighted in Santa Rosa, New Mexico because of the snow. Oh great!!. I called every two hours to track the truck and it finally showed up at 7:00 p.m. In the mean time the Begayes came over with their two sons this time and we had a big dinner while waiting for the truck to arrive. Around 6:30 the drivers called to verify the mile marker. They kept thinking we were in Tuba City but I told them we were 18 miles out in Tonalea. Then they really got mixed up. They finally showed up and it was pitch dark so we had the boys meet them at the highway and blink their truck lights at them. We took all the pick up trucks to shine their lights on the semi so it could be off loaded. The drivers were from Somalia and were freezing. It was in the 20's. One said to me, "I've been to Tucson and it was nice, why is it so cold here?" I told him northern Az. Is totally different. They were certainly impressed how everyone worked at getting the truck unloaded and kept telling me that. Then it was time for them to leave and the truck got stuck so Frank pulled the truck with his 3500 dually and Willie pushed with the Bobcat and they got them moving. We finished around 9:00 pm and everyone was frozen, came in the house to warm up and then went home.

Elward moving palletPicking up Food

All day Sunday we were loading up trucks with food from the first delivery. Then Mon. people came all day for their pickups. Tues. we had four more pickups which they had to hand load because the Bobcat needed to get back to the Holgates.

We distributed food to 15 animal rescues & fosters, 6 Hopi Villages & 5 Navajo Chapter houses. We were busy all through Christmas but isnít that what it is all about helping others?

Thanks again to Blue Buffalo, Best Friends, Swift, the Begaye Family, the Holgate family and my husband Willie who is basically my partner running the Humane Society.
--Sylvia Moore

See more photos on our Facebook page

Blue Buffalo Co. logo Best Friends Animal Society logo Swift Transportation logo

Huge Spay/Neuter Collaborative Event in Tuba City in November, 2013

Ford kissing Sherry Woodard This has been quite a weekend in Tuba City. Tuba City Humane, along with Dr. Holgate, our partner Best Friends Animal Society from Utah and Soul Dog Rescue from Colorado did a huge spay/neuter project in Tuba City. The beautiful Moenkopi Legacy Inn donated their conference rooms for the project. Everyone said it was the most luxurious facility they have ever used. 185 dogs & cats were spayed or neutered, 836 vaccinations were done, 24 animals rescued and transferred to Colorado. 5 with broken legs taken to Best Friends to be treated and 2 returned to owners after recover and the other 3 to be adopted. There was not a single problem. I will post an album later this week with more stories but wanted to get this out today. Picture is our puppy Ford kissing Sherry Woodard, a dog behaviorist with Best Friends. He and the four puppies went to Boulder to be adopted and were transported thanks to Soul Dog Rescue.

Thank you to Best Friends Animal Society and Soul Dog Rescue for bringing these much needed services to Tuba City, and working alongside Tuba City Humane Society and Dr. Carol Holgate. We are both proud and grateful to partner with you! Thank you to all of the vets and vet techs and volunteers who helped with this clinic, and to the people who love your animals and brought your pets to receive services. Thank you also to the Moenkopi Legacy Inn & Suites for hosting this clinic.

You can see a whole photo album from this clinic on our Facebook page.

Sounder"This is Sounder who was rescued during the Spay/Neuter Project. He was starving when his owners brought him in and said if we didn't take him they would dump him out on the range to die!! Dr. Holgate did a full exam on him including blood work and he has no physical problems, just needs lots of food. He is a handsome dog, about 1 l/2 years old, very friendly, playful and putting on the weight. Lucky boy. We are looking for a good home for him. If you are interested in him, please contact us Sylvia Moore @ 928 699 2492 for more information or email smoore@hopitelecom.net.


club footThe owners of this dog came to the S/N project with this dog that had showed up at their home 2 yrs. ago. They have been taking care of it but did not have the funds for surgery. The vets believe his leg had been broken or he had a club foot. Best Friends took him to Kanab for surgery (amputation) and after he makes a full recovery will be returned to the owners. He was one of 5 dogs with broken legs that BF was going to take to Kanab for surgery. This guy certainly is lucky and will have a much better life. Thank you to Best Friends Animal Society for helping this dog and several others like him!

Read about this event in an article in the Navajo-Hopi Observor, published December 10, 2013.


Recent Rescues: November, 2013

Hi, I'm Blondie! This female dog is 2 yrs. old, a terrier cross named Blondie. She actually looks like Benjie. She was found in Tuba City and has erlichea (tick disease) which is quite common here. Dr. Holgate is treating her for it and she is clearing up now. We have people interested in her and may adopt her out from the clinic rather than her going to Second Chance in Flagstaff. She is very sweet, playful and friendly. Doesn't seem to have any bad habits. Call: Sylvia Moore @ 928 699 2492 for more information or email smoore@hopitelecom.net

Hi, I'm Ford! Ford is 4-5 months old and has no physical problems so he should be ready to go after his second 5-1 vaccine. We also have people interested in him in Tuba City at Dr. Holgate's so unless someone adopts him there he will go to Second Chance in Flagstaff. He is very playful and friendly and has no bad habits. Update: Ford went to Boulder, CO, to find his home, as part of the spay/neuter event in Tuba City. See article above!

Hi, I'm Leaf! Leaf is a sweet female puppy rescued in Tuba City. She was wandering around all by herself. She did have mange which most strays have here but was treated and her last skin scraping came back negative. Because she was a stray and not taken care of she wasn't feeling well at first. Blood work and a distemper test were done which came back negative plus she is in good health now, her coat looks good and she wants to play and run around. Leaf is up to date on vaccinations now, dewormed, treated for fleas & ticks. She will make a great family member for someone. She loves to cuddle too. Call Sylvia @ 928 699 2492 or email @ smoore@hopitelecom.net for more info. Update: Leaf was accepted at Second Chance, and has now been adopted!!

October, 2013: Little injured kitten Dozhie, and an Appeal for Funds Needed for Veterinary Services for Rescued Animals


This is Dozhie, an injured kitten that was dropped off to Dr. Holgate, with her left rear leg missing at the joint. She is 6 weeks old now, eating & drinking very well, playful and full of energy. She can even walk on three legs. We are very lucky that Best Friends Animal Society accepted her into their special needs Angel program, and they will probably do surgery and remove the leg at the hip when she is healthy and old enough. Then she will be adopted as a special needs Angel. Also last week, Tuba City Humane received several calls about a dog that was full of porcupine quills, very injured and unable to eat, and hanging around at the Sonic in Tuba City, but no one was able to capture this dog. Dr. Holgate and her husband Elward were able to capture the dog, even though the dog was skittish and trying to bite. Unfortunately, due to extensive injuries, that dog had to be euthanized.

Often, when injured strays are rescued by Tuba City Humane Society and Dr. Holgate, we have to make very tough choices. Parvo is rampant on the Navajo Nation, and unless we have extensive funds available, we are not able to bear the expense of parvo treatment. Every rescued animal needs vaccinations, flea & tick treatment, exams, and sometimes deworming, treatment for mange and many need treatment for tick diseases, and sometimes antibiotics for infections. All of this, and then spay and neuter. Since many of the animals we rescue are often transferred to other rescue organizations to help find their permanent adoptive homes, we rarely even receive an adoption fee. We are asking for your help, because we want to keep rescuing animals and giving the animals the veterinary treatment they need. We would like to build up a veterinary care fund, so that when we are called to rescue, which happens often, we can continue to respond. Won't you help us? You can send a check to Tuba City Humane Society, P. O. Box 99, Tonalea, Az. 86044, or just click the donation button above to donate online to us through PayPal. Your donation would be greatly appreciated, and we literally cannot do it without you. We thank you so much for your support and for caring about the rez animals!!

August, 2013: Huge Blue Buffalo Food Donation and Distribution

Unprecedented donation of 161,280 lbs. of Blue Buffalo dog food worth $495,130!!

Blue Buffalo Food DonationBlue Buffalo Food Donation

Read all about it and see more photos.


May 5, 2013: We Need Your Help!

Three pups being treated for mange These three pups which were rescued and needed treatment for mange, are a good example of some of the special needs (and costs) we incur, in order to rescue rez dogs. These three pups were lucky enough to be accepted by Best Friends, so they will get whatever treatment they need, and find good homes. However, there are some recent changes that really impact our ability to continue to rescue. One of the groups that Tuba City Humane Society has worked side-by-side with for a long time has been Noah's Ark Rescue in Glendale, AZ. They would accept dogs from us, and then find them good homes, and reimburse some of the veterinary costs to us. Noah's Ark has helped literally thousands of animals. They have now decided to move on to other ventures, and we wish them well and thank them for so many years of service! Thank you Noah's Ark!!

At this point we are in need of donations to cover the veterinary bills for our rescues. We are fortunate that all our food is being donated by Best Friends so there are no expenses for food in the last 2 years. Any donation will help no matter how much. $20 covers a 5-1 vaccination (they need 2 before we can send them to adopters), $45 for a spay or neuter, $50 for a puppy package which includes a 5-1, dewormer, flea & tick preventative & mange preventative. 70% come in with mange and each treatment costs $34 and they need 2 or more treatments. We also deal with tick disease which with lab work and drugs costs up to $74. A dog over 3 mo. needs a rabies which is $10. We also rescue and humanely euthanize injured & sick animals which runs around $50. Right now we are not being reimbursed for any vet bills on our rescues by the adoption places but they both said they would take care of the spaying and neutering so that will help. 100% of your tax-deductible donations helps the animals. You can make a difference today by sending you donation to: Tuba City Humane Society, P. O. Box 99, Tonalea, Az. 86044, or just click the donation button above to donate online to us through PayPal.

Thank you for your help!!


May 1, 2013: Spring Low-Cost Spay/Neuter!

Low-Cost Spay Neuter Services for Cats and DogsDr. Carol and Elward Holgate
Dr. Carol and Elward Holgate

Dr. Holgate, of Tuba City Arizona, in collaboration with Tuba City Humane Society, is offering $45. spay/neuter services for dogs and cats, until grant funds run out.

Call Dr. Holgate for an appointment!

Download flyer.


April 3, 2013: Thank you Best Friends, for accepting Smiley!

SmileySmiley was one of three dogs rescued on the rez by EMT Lisa S. working in northern Arizona. Lisa tried to find homes for them but no luck and now she is being transferred to Phoenix and can't take them. One of the dogs went to Second Chance in Flagstaff, one is still looking for placement, and Smiley was accepted by and transferred to Best Friends Animal Society, in Kanab, Utah. Thank you, Best Friends, for accepting Smiley! We hope that Smiley finds her forever home soon! And thank you, Lisa, for rescuing and taking care of these dogs! Thank you for making a difference!


February 24, 2013: Funds Needed for Veterinary Expenses

We had two pups from a litter of 5 get parvo and their bills are over $500 each. If you can possibly help us, you can donate online by clicking on the PayPal button above. Thank you for all of your support! We could not continue to rescue as much as we do, without the help of people like you!

February 23, 2013: Tuba City Humane Society Now on Facebook!

You can stay in touch with what Tuba City Humane Society is doing by liking us on Facebook! If you've adopted a dog from us, you can share photos and give us updates on Facebook.

February 22, 2013: Update from Heidi and Ashkii, now Takoda

Takoda in front of the fireplaceTakoda on a hike
Takoda in the backyardTakoda on a walk
From Heidi, Ashkii/Takoda's adopter (see below for story of Ashkii/Takoda's rescue): "It's been almost 60 days now and I wanted to let you all know that Takoda is doing so great! I know everyone must feel that their dog is the most special in the world but I really do feel this way about Takoda. He is so smart and gives so much effort to everything we teach him. He is always there for lots of hugs and pets and can't seem to get enough going out for walks and hikes. He is learning to trust me and learning that his home is a good and safe place. I can now allow him off leash in the backyard and although he does jump the fence on occasion...he comes right to the front door looking for me. I take him to to a very large 5 acre open space park where he runs off leash through the woods and creeks and always returns to me even from about 300 yards now. What a great thing to know he is really mine and not just so long ago he was not sure where the next meal was going to come from. By the way, hamburgers continue to be his favorite food and he does get one every now and then. He is eating a high quality grain free food that he has adjusted well to for his main meals and also gets Starbucks cups of whip cream and dog treats from the bank where they love him too!
    It gives me great joy to see that you are getting help and donations from good organizations who continue to help with food and other needed items. I will continue to get the word out about your efforts. One of my very good friends who works in journalism is submitting our story to ABC and I hope to get some air time or at least a published article to let more people know what good is happening through people like you for the dogs and cats of the Navajo/Hopi Rez."


Update, Jan 29, 2013: Best Friends Animal Society has agreed to take Baby, so that she can get extended veterinary care! Thank you, Best Friends!

This little girl was found in the freezing weather and taken to Desert View Veterinary Clinic. She was malnourished, dehydrated, weak and in very poor shape. Dr. Holgate put her on IV fluids, trimmed her toe nails that were curled around, put her on antibiotics, did a blood test on her, a full exam and eye ointment. Then each day she got better. She walks around and loves her warm fluffy bed.

Baby is blind in her right eye. She is around many other dogs and cats in her foster home and is good with other dogs and cats. She is house trained.

On Jan. 3 she had dental work done to remove 4 bad teeth and also to remove a mass hanging from her abdomen. She had more blood work done which showed improvement and also Chemistry work. She came through the surgery with no problems. Now she needs a special home where she can get lots of attention. She likes to ride in the car, be carried around etc. She likes everyone, is very friendly and has no bad habits. We don't know if she has been spayed but it doesn't look like she has had any litters and has not come into heat.

Please contact Sylvia Moore at (928) 699-2492 or email at smoore@hopitelecom.net.

We have spent over $730.00 on Baby's care. If you would like to help us, you can donate online by clicking on the PayPal donate button above. We are only able to help dogs like Baby because of generous and kind donors like yourself. Thank you!!


More Food Donations from Best Friends Animal Society and Blue Buffalo!

Picking up donated dog food at Best Friends Animal SocietyPicking up donated dog food at Best Friends Animal Society

Best Friends Animal Society called last week and informed us they had 12 pallets of puppy food and treats from Blue Buffalo. On Saturday, we caravaned up with Dr. Holgate, 4 trucks and two trailers. Two trucks were our foster/rescuers from Kayenta, Cristy Twombley and Sondra Soter. Their trucks were filled so they can distribute to needy families and hungry dogs. Sondra also had a rescued dog with only one eye that Best Friends accepted in order to provide special surgery and adopt the really friendly dog to a good home.

We have already distributed food to the chapter house, families and we are taking a truck load to a rescuer from Blackhat Humane Society next week. We haven't had to buy food for over a year now and it has saved us from using rescue money to buy food. Thanks so much to Best Friends Animal Society and Blue Buffalo Co.. We could not accomplish what we do without your generous donations!!

Blue Buffalo Co. logo Best Friends Animal Society logo

First Two Rescues of 2013 to go to Noah's Ark Pet Adoptions in Glendale, AZ

Chill and MaggieChill and Maggie
Our first two rescues of 2013 to go to Noah's Ark Pet Adoptions in Glendale, AZ. These two pups were rescued by Amanda. The puppy Chill, 3 mo. old is very gentle but loves to play. He takes all his blankets out of his house and lays on them. He has already been adopted into a loving family. Maggie is 10 mo. old very friendly with humans and also with all other dogs and listed on Noah's Ark web site to be adopted. Both liked riding in the truck and are enjoying the weather in the Phoenix area.

January 15, 2013

Tuba City Humane Society just received a grant from PetSmart Charities and Best Friends Animal Society for $5,000!! This will allow us to continue offering low-cost spays and neuters through our veterinary partner, Dr. Carol Holgate of Tuba City, AZ. Thank you PetSmart Charities and Best Friends!!

January 1, 2013 -- Happy New Year!!

Progress update from Sylvia Moore of Tuba City Humane Society: 2012 was a banner year for TCHS! We rescued 174 dogs, a few cats and a few horses, more than twice as many as last year. 20 dogs and cats were humanely euthanized because of untreatable illnesses or injuries. All our rescues continue to go to Noah's Ark Pet Adoptions in Glendale, Az. All rescues are physically in perfect condition when they go to Glendale and are quickly adopted to their forever homes. In 2012, we took animals to Noah's Ark almost every week. Through Dr. Holgate's veterinary services, we spayed and neutered 422 animals in 2012. Thank you for your support!! We could not do it without you!

Rescuing Ashkii!
Missing Dog in Tuba CityHere is a picture of Ashkii. A wonderful lady from Littleton, CO, had traveled through the Navajo Nation driving a rental car and going to Flagstaff, and then Phoenix, and then flying home. Along her journey, she met this wonderful dog, bought him three hamburgers and two hot dogs. Because she was traveling, and due to fly home, there had been no way she could take him, but he continued to haunt her thoughts.

After she returned home, she contacted Sylvia Moore of Tuba City Humane and wanted to know if we could find him. If we could find him and catch him, she would come and pick him up. So Willie, Sylvia's husband, spent the first day for a few hours looking for him. The exchange took place through email, and after Sylvia described the Sonic in Tuba City, she said it was dark when she came through and there were no businesses around it so we finally figured out she was at the Sonic in Kayenta.

Sylvia called Cristy, a rescuer and foster in Kayenta, and told her to keep an eye out for him. Cristy continued to check every day with no sign of him, but low and behold on December 28th he showed up. Cristy caught him and Sylvia and Willie drove out to Kayenta to bring him to Dr. Holgate's clinic in Tuba City. Sylvia called his adopter and told her we had found and caught him.

Dr. Holgate checked him out and determined through blood work that he had tick disease so they started him on doxycycline, and dewormed him, gave him flea & tick medication. That night, Dr. Holgate's husband Elward called at 8:00 p.m. and said that the dog had jumped and climbed out of his 6' kennel and the 6' fence around all the kennels. So they were out on horseback trying to find him but lost his footprints on the rocks. Dr. Holgate called his adopter to let her know about his escape and she was pretty sad.

Every day Sylvia and her husband, and Dr. Holgate and her husband combed Tuba City, searching for him. Sylvia also put out flyers with his picture and his adopter put up a $100 reward. Thank goodness Cristy had put a blue collar on him which showed in the picture. On Christmas Eve, and on Chrismas day they were all out looking for him and every day after. Then, two days after Christmas, a lady called and said her son saw the picture at the post office and the dog was going towards the grocery store. Sylvia and Elward went down to the grocery store, but it was an Australian Shepherd with a blue collar, so they returned home disappointed. Then an hour later, Dr. Holgate's nephew came over because he was going to saddle up and look for the dog, and hoped to get the reward. Just as he was leaving, they got a phone call from a young lady just down the road from their place. She had just seen the flyer at the post office and realized the dog that showed up on Christmas, which they had been feeding and given him a name, was the one on the flyer. She sure was glad to get the reward. Elward and his nephew went and picked him up. We called his adopter and she couldn't believe it. He was put in a kennel run with wire all over the top and a cable on him too, just in case.

His adopter drove down from Colorado and picked him up to drive him home. Sylvia gave her a harness from Petsmart and a tie out cable. She has a 6' fence around her home but he can't be trusted yet. He will be neutered after his blood work comes back okay, which should also help. His adopter emailed along the road home, and let Sylvia know that their trip home was going fine. Ashkii loved riding in his new bed in the SUV and played with his toys she said. At 2:00 in the morning, he saw his reflection in the hotel mirror and started barking. Reuniting Ashkii with his adopter was a wonderful feeling, and we hope that many more travelers might see the goodness of a rez dog and decide to adopt one! Thank you, Heidi, for caring about a rez dog, and working so hard with us to give him a good home.

Ashkii with Dr. Holgate, Elward Holgate and Sylvia MooreHeidi with Ashkii


Huge donation of Blue Buffalo dog, puppy and cat food to humane societies and rescues across the Navajo Nation and northern Arizona in mid-2012


Who We Are

Tuba City Humane Society is a nonprofit organization founded in May, 1994, by a small group of community members who were concerned about the overpopulation problem of dogs and cats roaming the community.

Our objectives are: to rescue as many stray dogs and cats as our resources will allow and to bring them to a state of health for adoption; encourage and educate the community on the importance of immunizations and spay/neuter surgery for their pets; educate the community on the proper care and training of their pets.

Tuba City used to have a shelter, but it has been closed for several years. Our group is composed of volunteers and foster homes. All of our rescued animals are spayed/neutered by Dr. Carol Holgate and then set up for adoption through humane shelters or no-kill shelters in Flagstaff, or Phoenix, or adoption via petfinder.

Please visit Desert Animal Companions, a website for all of the groups working to help solve the animal overpopulation problem on the Navajo Nation. There is information on all of the groups, and updates on current activities.

Adopting a friend

We are seeking loving, caring responsible homes for our animals.

Where We Are Located

We do not have any facility to visit. Tuba City is 76 miles north of Flagstaff, AZ, on Rt. 89, and then East 11 miles on Rt.260. Contact us for more information on any of our animals, or to arrange a visit.
Tuba City Humane Society
P.O. Box 1016
Tuba City, AZ 86045

Phone: (928) 793-2364
Email: tubacityhumane@gmail.com
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