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Skipper Skipper
Hi, I'm Skipper, and my foster mom calls me the world's biggest curliest Border Collie. I'm a lovable guy whose elderly owner had to find me a new home because he could not take of me anymore. I'm five years old, I love all people, but I can do without cats and little dogs. I tend to like chasing rabbits and birds, my moms yard is always protected from them. I sometimes get sit outside and guard my moms car to make sure it doesn't move. I don't mind being brushed and bathed but I'll wag and wallow on you so wear your bathing suit! I love to ride in the car.

You can watch my new video on to see how I love, love, love my foster dad. I took him to obedience class because MOM said he needed to learn how to mind his manners! I have all of my shots, and I'm microchipped and heartworm negative. I promise to be your faithful companion forever!

Skipper's adopters should have a fenced yard and invisible fence will not qualify. His adoption fee is $150, and he's being fostered near Morgantown WV. If you're truly interested in adopting this pet, please download an application from this website and send it to "corgirescue - at -" with your inquiry. We check references and always do a home visit. We now have a transport available that travels from TN, through VA, and on to the New England states that dogs can hitch a ride on for a reasonable fee. See for details.

A Princess Update!

October 12, 2010
It has been a healthy year for Princess. Her weight is consistently under 30 pounds, her thyroid has been stable, and her coat c ontinues to look better. Princess really enjoys her walks which we try to do every other day. She plays with her younger corgi brother Teddy in the back yard. When she visits her grandmas house, she tries to chase the squirrels but gets upset when they run up a tree. She is still vocal at times, whining to let us know she wants to take walk, food or just some attention. She likes to carry things around in her mouth.

May 31, 2009
Princess is down to 45 lbs, and loving life. She has been given a clean bill of health, and is a happy active member of her family!

Jan 11, 2009
Princess went to a foster-to-adopt home in December 2008. Her foster mom reports:

Princess goes on a walk about 3 times a week, she is able to go up and down our entry stairs in the front, back and garage without assistance. In the back, there are three steps that lead up to the porch and she has no problems with them anymore. On her walks, she stops only to smell things, not because she is tired. She no longer whines when she rides in the car. She continues to bring us her toy when she welcomes us home in the evenings. If she cannot find a toy to present, she will find a dirty sock from the laundry. She is fitting into the pack well, and is submissive to Teddy (our 2 year old Corgi) but tries to play with Ernie (the 8 year old Corgi). She is good with bathing, and she rolls over on her side everytime I get out the wipes to clean her belly.

Nov 1, 2008, Princess arrives at TSCR
Princess was turned over to rescue when her owner could no longer care for her. Weighing in at an eye-popping 75 pounds, she has surprisingly few medical issues -- other than her weight of course. She is currently enjoying the TSCR spa experience which includes a diet high in veggies and weekly trips to a medically supervised weight loss program (the vet's underwater treadmill) where she can work off those pounds safely. She is sweet and wags at everyone and carries her stuffed sheepie around with her wherever she goes.

Who We Are

Tri State Corgi Rescue concentrates on rescuing Corgis and Corgi-mixes. We don't have a shelter; we are individuals located in Ohio, Maryland, and West Virginia working together to rehome Corgis whether they are turned in by their owners or rescued from a shelter. Until we can match them with their forever homes, our dogs live with us or in foster homes where we get to know them. All of our dogs are vet-checked, altered, vaccinated, and microchipped before placement.

Adopting a Dog

If you are interested in adopting a dog, your first step is to fill out an Adoption Application. We will be glad to answer questions about a specific dog you have in mind. Your references will be checked and if your home seems like it might be a good match for the dog you are interested in, one of our volunteers will be in touch with you. We will arrange to have a home visit done before the adoption can be finalized. A signed contract completes the process, and the lucky dog becomes a part of your home, forever.

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee varies for each dog and we usually include it in the dog’s description. We try to recover the money we spend on the dog for veterinary exams, immunizations, spaying/neutering, heartworm tests, flea control, food, etc. Most of the time, we have to pay shelter fees for the dog we rescue and sometimes we incur expenses in having the dog transported to his/her foster home. Some dogs come to us with medical problems which need to be addressed before they can be adopted. We are not in this for money and we will always ask a fair price for each of our dogs. Typically, we charge $150-$200 for Corgi mixes, and $300-$450 for purebreds, depending on age, sex, and health.

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