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Triangle Iguana Rescue is based in North Carolina, and Iguana FIRST is based in VA. We have a few affiliates in surrounding states. Our main focus is education. We strive to equip iguana owners with information to enable them to learn how to properly care for their iguanas. We also provide limited adoption and rehabilitation/rescue services. There are far more iguanas needing placement than we can ever take, as they are housed in individual foster homes rather than a shelter. Numerous iguanas have been on the waiting list for a foster home for several years. Many times, we are able to offer advice on husbandry practices that make it possible for the iguana to stay in the home and once again become a member of the family. We require a detailed application, available upon request. We also require a home visit before the iguana goes home with you. We do NOT ship. The adoption fee varies, mostly based on the size of the iguana. We do not have a shelter. We are a network of foster homes scattered throughout NC, VA, SC, and TN.

Foundation for Iguana Rescue Safety & Training, Inc (FIRST, Inc)
PO Box 8122
Virginia Beach, VA 23450


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