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Labs, Shepherds, and Beagle mixes too!!!!!

Pure bred dogs can be so beautiful and can make great pets, but mixed breed dogs can also make amazing pets also. We've had so many mixed breed dogs come through the rescue that were absolutely awesome, so when you are considering a new family member, don't forget about our mixes. We have some wonderful dogs that are full of love and ready to be part of a family!!


What better way to warm your heart and add some joy to your home than adopting a deserving kitty!! A deserving, loving cat looking for new place to call their own is a great way to add warmth to your life year round. Considering that the little kitten stage lasts only a short time, while the relationship over the lifetime of a cat can be 10 to 15 years or longer, you don't miss out on much by looking at our adult and juvenile cats. We typically have a large number of adult and young adult cats available for adoption, most of whom are growing up in foster care. While many of these animals are wonderful pets, most people only want little cuddly kittens. Unfortunately, the number of available adult cats far exceeds the demand for these pets. We get calls daily about nice young adult cats that need help, yet we are often unable to help because we are full with cats ourselves. If you are a cat lover and can find a place in your home and heart to add a new family member in the form of an adult cat (or two!), please consider doing so!!!! We have many kitties waiting in foster care for their new home!.

Top Dog Rescue Group is in need of foster homes! We need foster homes for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. The more foster homes we have, the more animals we are able to rescue! So, if you are interested in fostering a homeless, loving animal...please contact us!! Contact:; 248-680-1426


A big thanks to all for your donations this holiday season!! Stay warm and keep your pets warm and safe too!!

Also, a big Thanks to our supporters who held garage sales last summer and donated the proceeds to Top Dog Rescue. There are so many animals out there in need of help, and these wonderful people who have thought of us help us try to help as many pets as possible in these tough times.

Donations are needed! Top Dog Rescue Group is in need of loving, adoptive homes, foster homes for dogs and cats, and monetary donations to help offset the rising costs in veterinary bills and other expenses. Donations are greatly appreciated and always welcome! We can also use scoopable cat litter, dry cat and kitten food, litter boxes, dog and cat toys, dog and cat beds, collars and leashes, cages and crates, gas cards, heartworm medication and flea prevention drops. There are lots of ways to help!!

Come Visit Us!

We show (many of) our adoptable animals at the Troy PetsMart on select Saturdays from about 12:30 p.m. until 3 p.m.

Thanks to BISSELL Inc. for their donation of a new pet vacuum. We were able to raffle it off to help support our ongoing operations!

Pet Pictures with Santa!!!

Thanks to all that came out and supported our Pictures with Santa fundraisers over the years. Unfortunately, PetsMart discontinued hosting this event. Thankyou so much for the support, and for making a difference in the life of your adoptive pet!!

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give! How would you like to help Top Dog Rescue merely by surfing the internet, or buying things online? Well, you can. Go to the site above, and enter in Top Dog Rescue Group in the box for the charity you wish to support. Everytime you run a search via Goodsearch, we make a penny......really, it adds up when alot of people do it. Also, if you go through Goodshop on that same site when you click on the hundreds of retailers that are part of this program, Top Dog will also get a small portion of the sales price of whatever you buy. Want more ways to help? If you shop at Kroger and use the Kroger savings card, log into your Kroger account online and designate Top Dog Rescue under the community rewards section. If you shop on Amazon, access your shopping through Amazon Smile and designate Top Dog Rescue as your chosen charity. Both Kroger and Amazon will donate a small percentage of each sale to us. Thanks for helping us help more pets!!!

Happy Tails

We, the volunteers of Top Dog Rescue, wish all of our once homeless pets and their new families a lifetime of happiness! We also wish them all the best. Below are (some of) the animals that have been placed into loving, wonderful homes! !

Jack - a Jack Russell Terrier rescued from a pound in Ohio on his last day, came to us with heartworm. After going through the weeks of treatment, Jack was fortunate to find a new home!

Katy & Polly - two of the sweetest dogs you could find, who came to the rescue after an elderly owner could no longer care for them. They are absolute buddies, playing together and sleeping side by side. They finally found a loving home together where they can be happy and content!

Scotty, the English Cocker, had a hard life before he came into rescue and after patiently awaiting many months for his new home...he found it!! Scotty has been in his home for over a year now and is doing great - they just love this guy! We are glad Scotty found a place where he was meant to belong!

Hailey, the Lab/Beagle mix, has finally found a home after spending a long time with the rescue and she's doing GREAT!! We wish Hailey & her new family the best!

Molly, the Springer Spaniel, found a home after she was returned due to the death of her owner! She is doing very well in her new home and just loves being with her new family!

Kenya, the Shepherd/Retriever mix, found a new, loving home....they have a loving family, another dog, & now...Kenya! Congrats to them!

Rio, the Shepherd/Collie mix, found his new home recently with a great family and TONS of love!!

Who We Are

Top Dog Rescue Group (TDRG) is a Michigan nonprofit {501?3}, non-funded rescue organization dedicated to finding good homes for adoptable, homeless animals. We have rescued animals over the past 20 years and are staffed strictly by volunteers. Our high degree of commitment to our animals, and our long established high reputation have been recognized by local veterinarians, shelters, and through articles in most local newspapers and each of the local news stations. All funds received through adoptions or donations are used to directly support and rescue homeless pets. We believe that whether you are a veterinarian, business, organization, school or an individual, you can assist us in helping animals in need!

Our animals come from local shelters, private owners, and occasionally other rescue groups. We primarily rescue dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens. We will also provide assistance to other types of pets in need. Although we wish we could save every homeless animal, we are more than aware of the reality of pet overpopulation. While we understand the severity of the problem, we do not believe that all animals in every shelter must be destroyed. This population problem is due to the negligence of humans, and we feel compelled to do something about it! There are so many wonderful pets that are not given the chance to find a good home. We have proven over the past 16+ years that adoptable animals can be rescued from shelters and placed successfully into loving homes. Our goal is to rescue as many of these innocent animals as we can and provide them with a second chance at life. We also hope to educate the public about the need to spay and neuter their pets.

We are funded through the adoption fee that we charge for each adoptable pet. This fee helps offset the cost of rescuing the animal and its veterinary care. We also receive some donations, but are always in need of more! These funds help cover some of the costs of pet food, paperwork, show supplies, pet supplies, vet care, etc. It only takes one unexpected medical bill or other special problem to defeat our ?break-even? goal.

All of the animals adopted through our rescue are given a physical by a licensed veterinarian and receive all necessary vaccinations, heartworm checks, worming, etc. We also have our adoptable animals that are over four months of age spayed or neutered. Animals that are too young are adopted on a spay/neuter contract. It is the adopters responsibility to provide us proof of their pet?s sterilization by six months of age, or face legal consequences. All of the vet care is provided prior to the animal being adopted. We want to do the best to ensure the animal is in good health and identify any problems he/she may have. We are a no-kill rescue and will not euthanize any healthy, adoptable animals. In many cases, such as heartworm positive, eye problems, and instances where there is a surgical answer, we work with a veterinarian to provide the necessary treatments to save the animal and enhance its quality of life. We will not euthanize an animal just to make room for new animals. We are highly committed to the animals we rescue.

The animals we have for adoption are in our care. We are a private rescue and do not have a shelter. All of our animals are in foster homes or at one of two kennels, both of whom have offered their services to us. We are always in need of more foster homes so we are able to rescue more animals!

Finding loving homes for our animals is the mission of TDRG, so we put considerable effort into screening prospective adopters. Our animals are not commodities or consumer goods; they are living things that deserve to find a permanent loving home. Therefore, we will evaluate applications until we find the right situation for the pet. Please remember that completing an adoption application does not mean you have a finalized or guaranteed adoption. We reserve the right to deny any application for any reason. We must feel comfortable that the new owner can provide a good, suitable home for the pet. We take time to review each situation and verify certain points on their application. We believe these efforts add to the likelihood that the adoption will be successful! If you would like to see the process involved when adopting, please go to the ?Adopting A Friend.?

We are always looking for help! We are in need of volunteers to foster dogs and cats, help on show days, make phone call, do shelter or vet runs, fundraising, home checks, etc. We are also in need of donations (see ?Wish List? section). Any other help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Adopting a Friend

Top Dog Rescue has a policy of doing only local adoptions, for a variety of reasons.

Top Dog Rescue rescues both cats and dogs, and frequently has kittens and puppies. At Top Dog, you will find purebreds to mutts, large and small. You will usually not find us at large adoption events, as our focus is on quality versus quantity of adoptions. Our past experience, based upon numbers of returned animals and problem homes, has led us to conclude that the quality of adoptions, on average, done during these big events does not always meet our expectations. Therefore, we limit ourselves to showing our animals frequently at a local PetsMart and occasionally arranging private appointments. For more information about our group and our philosophy, please read the information under the heading "Who We Are".

Typically, the animals do not go directly home with the adopters immediately after the screening process, allowing us time to thoroughly review the situation and verify certain points such as the veterinary checks detailed below. Since we do not encourage "impulse" adoptions, this also gives the potential adoptors time to think the situation through. We believe these efforts add to the likelihood that the adoption will be successful and permanent.

? Prescreening- We interview the potential adopter to evaluate if the person/family can provide a good home, and if the animal they are interested in is best suited for their situation.

? Adoption application - This is a formal document filled out by the adopter, that attempts to further identify the suitability of potential adopters. This application can be acquired through e-mail or by fax, as well as at our showings. An adoption application must be completed prior to any private appointment.

? Adoption Contract - This is a formal, legal document signed by the adopter and a TDRG representative. The contract contains several basic provisions about care for the animal, including proper veterinary care and proper housing (indoors). The contract also contains a mandatory spay/neuter clause if the animal is not yet fixed, and contains a provision that the animal must be returned to TDRG if the adoption, for whatever reason, fails. If there is a breach (violation) of the contract, the adopter has three choices, at our option: 1. They can immediately correct the breach of contract 2. We will immediately repossess the animal 3. And we may take the adopter to court to enforce the terms of contract.

? Addendums ? There may be additional provisions that the adopters must sign and have completed by a certain date, such as obedience training for younger or high energy dogs, or fencing arrangements.

? All provisions of the contract are clearly explained to the adopter, as are all medical records of the animal.

? Veterinary checks - After all of the previously detailed elements of the adoption process are satisfactorily addressed, we contact the adopter's veterinarian (if they have other pets) to verify that their other pets are up to date on shots and are spayed or neutered.

To ensure the animal stays healthy and happy, we do ?follow up calls? to make sure everything is going well and to answer any questions the adopters may have. These calls are done promptly one week and one month after the animal goes to its new family. We also do follow-up calls more often as the need requires.

The base adoption fees for our animals are detailed below. Please note, however, that the adoption fee for some dogs and puppies may be higher. When applying to adopt a pet, please check with us to confirm the adoption fees for that specific animal.

Adoption Fees
Dogs $245
Puppies $245
Cats $125
Kittens $125

All of our animals are up to date on all possible veterinary care. The dogs & puppies also receive monthly preventative medication. Our animals are well cared for in foster homes or in a kennel. All of our animals are spayed or neutered. If you would like an adoption application to be sent to you through e-mail, please e-mail

Wish List

We are always in need of donations! If you would like to donate to us, which would be greatly appreciated, here is our wish list!

*Old/new blankets, towels, rugs, sheets, etc. *Dog/cat food (canned or dry) *Puppy/kitten food (canned or dry) *A monetary donation *Dog/cat collars (all sizes) *Dog/cat leashes *Food & water bowls *Pet beds *Crates (all sizes~ wire & hard-covered) *Cat condos *Free/discounted veterinary services *Free/discounted grooming services *Free/discounted printing services (banners, signs, etc.) *Your time for volunteering (18 years & older please!) *Your time & home for fostering *Paper towel *Newpaper (puppies) *Paper (any color~printer)

Any of these items or anything else would be greatly appreciated! Donations can be mailed to us or they can be dropped off at Petsmart (in Troy) on our showing days. If other arrangements need to be made, please contact us!

Top Dog Animal Rescue Group
P.O. Box 99313
Troy, MI 48099
Phone: 248-680-1426

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