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Our rescue group is in need of several barn homes for rescued cats who are semi-feral and will not be adoptable otherwise. They are fixed and vetted and food will be donated. We would like to be able to house them in a tack room for about a week to get them used to where they are and then let them out hopefully to stay around your home and help with the mice or other vermin. We would want to come visit and meet with you first. You will be doing such a great deed in giving them a chance at life and we want them to be able to have that chance also.

Who We Are

WE is ME. I have been caretaker of rescues for about 6 years now and wouldn't have it any other way. I am dedicated to rescuing and finding quality forever homes for abused, neglected, unwanted, and homeless animals. Finding foster homes is very hard so they all live with me right now. I own a split level home with 1800 sq. ft. and they all share it with me. I have a big garage with cat trees and lots of places to explore. About 16 or my rescues love being in the garage. All of my guys are healthy and comfortable with human kindness.

Adopting a friend

Adopting your forever companion here at Bark & Mew is a relatively painless process. Adoption fees for cats is $25 and dogs is $50. All cats have been given a combo test for FeLV and FIV. You will be responsible for shots although some rescues come to us already up-to-date on shots. All of the males have been neutered and most of the females have been spayed. All dogs are healthy. You will be responsible for yearly shots. Contact me by email and I can fax or mail you a short application form. The adoption fee reimburses me for spay/neuter and offsets food costs and overall care and also helps me to open my home to another animal. If at any time for any reason you can no longer keep an animal or it doesn't work out, you must return our friend to Bark & Mew. Home visits are also required.

Our Wish List

Donations in the form of food, blankets, cat trees, dog toys, cat toys, and, of course, cash or check donations are always very much appreciated here at Bark & Mew. We visit PetSmart once a week and could always use Gift Cards from there. Thanks so much for your support. "When you physically care for an animal, it bonds you in a special way, but when you emotionally and spiritually help an animal, it's a very deep connection." "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" -- Anatole France
Bark & Mew Pet Adoption
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