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Please visit our Home Site at TIGR You can learn all about our organization, adoption procedures, ways to help us earn money, and more..., Please support or current and future Rescue efforts by participating in our Events. Click on the Events page of our home site to see whats going on and whats coming up...... Check out our Happy Tails section by clicking the link in our Favorite Links section. You'll be able to see the faces of former Rescues now in their Adoptive Homes......

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New ways to help support TIGR!!!! ...... GO SHOPPING! Visit our home site at and click on our Shop to Donate page to see all the vendors who donate a portion of your purchase back to the fosters of TIGR. They donate only if you click the links on our site to access their stores.. So fill up those shopping carts and tell your friends to stop by too. TIGR often auctions off items on ebay to help cover medical expenses for our fosters. If you would like to place a bid on an item, look under seller TIGRESQ..... If you can help by donating blankets, toys, sweaters, etc., for the fosters, contact us for a mailing address...... If you can help by donating monetarily to help cover medical expenses and food, or sponsoring a particular foster, please contact us for where to direct your donation (we accept paypal!) Any and all help is always appreciated, and goes to help a Rescue Dogs foster stay possible.

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Triangle IG Rescue takes in abused, neglected, unwanted, or abandoned Italian Greyhounds and helps place them in approved, loving, second chance homes. We provide foster care, food, shelter, love, and all medical needs prior to placement. Triangle IG Rescue operates entirely on donations, pet adoption donations, and money out of our own pocket. If you would like to sponsor a Rescued Foster with your donation, please contact us. Even the smallest amount goes a long way! TIGR is a registered non-profit corporation and our 501c3 status is in progress. Please visit our Home Site at TIGR...,

Adopting a friend

Our first suggestion is, if you're not already familiar with IG's, go to IG Club of America..., , and read up on the breed and it's particular traits. IG's are absolutely wonderful! But, they aren't the breed for everyone, so it's best to do the homework and make sure it's the right breed for you. There are also a couple of really great books about IG's that we'd highly recommend - whether you're an experienced IG person, or just learning about the breed, we think you'll find them very informative - They are the Nuts & Bolts IG Book by Patricia Kelly, and The New Complete Italian Greyhound " by Lilian Barber (Amazon carries it ~ see link below in our links section). Also, the following are helpful links regarding IG's. IG Breed FAQS, and Litter Training the IG. It's important to fully understand the ins and outs of the IG breed before adopting. We want to do all we can to insure that each IG adopted through rescue is adopted into a well prepared forever home, and doesn't ever have to face going back in to a rescue situation. Making sure our potential adopters are well educated on the breed specifics is a first step to achieving that goal. After doing the homework, if you're still sure that the Italian Greyhound is the breed for you, then our adoption procedure is this... (Adoption Donations are $250) The first step is to fill out the adoption application (email to request one) and return it to TIGR. We'll look over it, call your references, and contact you to discuss any questions we may both have. If things look good, then we begin looking for a dog that best fits your home and life. We also arrange a home visit with you, just so we can meet and answer any questions that you may have, and also verify your application information. If both steps are approved, and we've found an IG that's a match for you, then we complete the adoption agreement and you'll be able to arrange pick up of your new IG family member. TIGR will remain in contact with you through out the initial adjustment period, and beyond, helping to answer any and all questions that come up. We prefer to stay in touch always, as we love getting updates, photos, and stories about the pets we have placed. They remain in our hearts long after they've moved into yours!!

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Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., ..., Please visit our extended Satelite Site at Visit TIGR..., Visit, Visit, Click here to see our Happy Tails!

Triangle Italian Greyhound Rescue
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