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The Nature Network, Inc.

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Our website is It is under construction, through the generous donation of a corporate web designer. He will be designing a new look and completing our site in the coming months.

Our Featured Pet

Our featured pet is JAKE. We rescued Jake along with two other pups, during what were to be their last hours of life, from the South Central Los Angeles Animal Shelter. Jake was so overjoyed (he seemed to understand his predicament), that he used his right front paw like a hand and pulled open the gate of the meeting enclosure where we met for the first time, as if to say, "Let's get out of here!" He was much taller and handsomer than his picture on the shelter website. He is a Doberman, Pointer and Black Lab cross. His mom and dad must have been whoppers, because Jakey weighs 75 pounds and is as tall as a small Great Dane. Jake's veterinarian exclaimed upon first meeting him, "What a dog!" Jakey is a little scared of people and other large dogs and is sometimes a little defensive. He doesn't realize how big and impressive he is and is very much like a German Shepherd guard dog in a Pointer/Doberman body. He would be great protection for a person living alone.

Nature Network News

Our recent news story is.... We rescued four wild animals in Woodland Hills all within a week:
Number One was a Pipperell Bat, the tiniest bat in North America. He was sleeping on the ceiling of an outdoor hallway at a middle school, and students were trying to wake him up by throwing things up at the ceiling.
Number Two was a teenage Opossum. The maintenance supervisor at the same school found her when she had fallen into one of the trash bins placed around the school campus. She was very dirty from her experience but cleaned herself nicely after being rescued.
Number Three was a beautiful Black Rock Dove, an unusual pigeon with yellow feet like a chicken, federally protected under the Endangered Species Act. She had a fractured wing. It was not bad, and did not need to be taped, so she is together with other doves and pigeons recovering from their injuries in a special aviary.
Number four was a tiny baby Raccoon, left behind when owners chased her mom and other siblings out of their attack. We climbed up a tall ladder to the roof to find her very cold and almost dead. But she came to life on our lap on the way to our wildlife rehabber and recovered in a special incubator.

Our Upcoming Television Show

We are set to produce another wonderful television show about the rescue and protection of dogs, cats, domestic animals, and wildlife, and the preservation of animal habitat. We and all of our guests have the greatest, fascinating, and moving, true stories to tell. We first produced our twice award winning show "Nature Network News" in the nineties--six seasons and 120 half hour shows, broadcast for three years in the local Los Angeles area.

Who We Are

The Nature Network is a non profit 501c3 tax exempt federal non profit corporation, and also a California State non profit corporation. We exist, function, and are grateful for the kindness and generosity of our donors and sponsors who love animals of all kinds, both pets and wildlife. We not only rescue dogs and cats on their last days at city and county shelters, and from starvation and injury on Los Angeles streets, but we also rescue many kinds of wildlife and birds that have been injured or orphaned, from around the Los Angeles area. We are on call when the Department of Water and Power find injured or orphaned baby wildlife that need rescuing. We have been listed on the Animal Help pages of Pet Press news magazine since its creation in 1999. Many animals have been saved because we were contacted through Pet Press and stepped in to rescue animals in need. We always need and welcome donations. We use financial assistance to pay for many large vet bills, special diets, medications, and medical supplies for older and sick dogs, cats, and others, dog kennel boarding (which is a minimum of $350-$450 per month per dog), top quality dog and cat food, and dog training and behavior modification classes. We also appreciate donations of blankets, towels, comforters, animal supplies and accessories, and items of value which can be auctioned at fundraisers.

Our Animal Rescue Sanctuary and Education Center

We are at this time organizing sponsors, donors, and raising funds to purchase an old ranch in the San Fernando Valley which is the perfect candidate for our animal rescue sanctuary and humane education center. We already have $27,000 in place, per month, for property costs, maintenance and overhead. All that is needed now is the downpayment. We will be seeking grants from school districts and the state and federal government to implement our education programs and update the extensive facilities.

Adopting a friend

To adopt an animal......Just email us and tell us what you are looking for, what other types of pets you have, if you have children, and send us an email. If we have a pet you would like to meet, we'd like to speak with you on the telephone before you come for a visit. This way we can be sure that you and the pet would make a good match, and save you a trip and valuable time if it would not. Most of our pets already live in a foster home or get to switch from their kennel to a home regularly to prepare them for family home life. We always caution that the best house trained pets sometimes have accidents in the first few weeks at their new home, simply because they are unfamiliar with their new surroundings or don't know yet how to signal that they need to go outside. We are always available for advice and counseling after you adopt your pet from us.

Come Visit Us!

If you have important or helpful information about pets or wildlife and would like us to feature it on our website, please feel free to send it in an email. We can also help you place your animal if you send us a picture with your email. We will screen prospective new parents. We do not however, have any room to house extra pets since we are already overflowing.
A Nature Network, Inc.

P.O. Box 66790
West Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone: 310-358-6668

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