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Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary

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Good to Know

What size is 'Medium'? For our dogs, small is under 30 lbs, medium is 35-60 lbs, large 70-90, X-large 95+. Dogs at the edges can go either way, so a chubby or muscled 65 pounder is Medium. A tall, leggy 65 lbs is Large. Most cats are posted as medium sized, but a 6 lb cat is Small, and over 12 lbs is Large. Puppies and kittens are posted for the size we expect them to be when fully grown. Please note: Newer arrivals may not have much of a description posted at first. Contact us for more info if interested!

Upcoming Events!

Ongoing Basic Dog Training classes now offered with Trainer Tristan Jolivette at our Training Center. Start dates are staggered and both beginner and Intermediate classes are available. Price per dog is $89.99 and Haven adoptees get a discount and only pay $79.99. Each class is 7 classes, and missed classes can be made up with the next group. Call for more info!

Volunteers! Come on over!

Volunteers needed for offsite adoption events!

(417) 835-3647.

Volunteers are currently needed for Rogers AR Petco. We can use additional help on our regular visit, which is the 3rd Saturday of each month. We would like to add the 4th Saturday of each month, but need people who could commit to that date each month. It takes dependable volunteers to transport our pets offsite and spend a day working to get them into good homes. Please let us know if you're interested. Our mobile locations are usually in Springfield, and Republic in Missouri, and in Fayetteville and Rogers Arkansas.

Volunteers are needed to commit to one weekend day per month to help with mobile adoption on certain Saturdays and Sundays. (See our schedule farther down this page.) It's a long day, but mobile adoptions are our best source of adoptive homes. The hours would be around 9:00 am to 6:30 pm. Could you help one day per month? Call if interested at (417) 835-3647. (Of course we need volunteers for lots of other things, too - scroll down)

Who We Are

We are a non-profit, 501(c)(3) facility offering long-term care to dogs and cats until they can be found a loving forever home. We are a true no-kill facility. Only suffering animals with untreatable conditions and those rare, unpredictably vicious dogs (average less than 1 per yr) are put down. (Feral and 'barn' cats are allowed to roam the grounds freely after spay/neuter if space permits). Located on over 11 acres near Cassville in Southwest Missouri, we have one Operations Manager and 3 staff members, and exist with a handful of dedicated volunteers and the good will and generosity of people who care about the welfare of animals.
Our cats live in Community Rooms with plenty of space to climb, play, and hide, and are caged only when in need of isolation to maintain good health for all. One room has an outdoor area, with plans for more.
Our dogs live in large, outdoor pens - most 16 X 16 for 2 dogs, and 30 X 90 fields holding 3 dogs each. They enjoy access to fresh water, food, shelter, and shade, with swimming pools during warm weather.


To rescue the abused, abandoned, and dumped animals in the area. To provide loving care, medical attention, and socialization in as homelike an environment as possible. To provide sanctuary to those deemed "unadoptable". To educate the public on humane treatment of animals and the importance and impact of spaying and neutering dogs and cats. To do our part to put an end to pet overpopulation, abuse, and inhumane treatment of animals. Euthanasia is necessary to be humane to a pet, not to control population.

Adopting a Friend

** Our cat adoption fees are $75 for kittens under the age of 6 months, $65 for felines over the age of 6 months. Dog adoption fees are $125 for puppies under the age of 6 months, $90 for dogs age 6 month-5 years old, $75 for dogs over the age of 5. Special rates may apply for special needs orphans, and dedicated pairs.
** All orphans are up to date on combo vaccines and Rabies vaccine if old enough. Cats are also tested for FLV. Dogs also receive Bordatella (kennel cough). Pets are on a monthly flea/tick/mite preventative, and are regularly wormed (though no one wormer covers all worm types - adopters may need to repeat worming after adoption).
** All are spayed or neutered as soon as possible after arrival.
** All pets are microchipped.
** Haven orphans shall be returned to us should they not be able to remain in their homes. Refund of adoption fee - less $10 - if the return is within 30 days.
** We urge adopters to visit orphans in their natural setting here at Haven where they show their true colors. Many can be quite shy at busy offsite adoption days.
** There is a large 60x60 pen for getting acquainted with you and your other pets!
** See driving directions below. Not all mapping websites show us in the correct location.


Dates and times are from 11am till 3 pm unless otherwise noted. Schedule is subject to change for weather, holidays, or lack of volunteers.

Volunteering and Donations

Volunteers are always needed for any humane group, so if you can't help us here, please help a group near you. Volunteers are needed most to brush, feed, walk, and visit with the orphans. Bring a good book, grab something to sit on, and read to timid dogs or cats. Organize our office, wash some dishes, answer the phone or make some calls. Have a Garage Sale, Chili Supper, Car or Dog Wash. Approach your employer to match donations, sponsor orphans or events, post our Newsletter, or challenge their workforce to fix their pets with some help from the company. We try to make use of Donations of any kind, but what is most needed is, of course, cold hard cash. We can always use Bleach, Laundry soap, Cat Flea Collars and toys, Copy Paper and Card Stock Paper, Printer Ink, and your time. If there isn't an orphan needing costly treatment at the moment, the next could turn up tomorrow. Any donation earmarked for a special purpose WILL be used for that purpose.

If you don't feel comfortable with how your donation might be spent by any humane group - offer to spay/neuter the pet of a friend/neighbor/relative! Everything you do - from simply passing on knowledge to opening your home to a needy pet to volunteering or sending a check - is a donation to animals in need of compassion. Find your niche. We ALL can do something, and together we will make the world a better place

Come Visit Us!
Sun-Sat 9am - 4pm
We close at noon on major holidays.

Haven of the Ozarks Animal Sanctuary
9617 Farm Road 2190
Washburn MO 65772
near Cassville
417-835-DOGS (3647)

Please don't use Bing or MSN LiveSearch to find us - they both have us in the wrong place!

From Joplin: Hwy 71 south to Hwy 60 East (Neosho). Turn right on Hwy 86 East. Turn right on Hwy 37 south (Cassville). 1.8 mi to FR1090 then turn right (sign on corner) then 1 mi turn left (another Haven sign). You'll see us! 

From Springfield: Hwy 60 west to the Republic Exit - then turn left to remain on original Hwy 60 (New Hwy 60 under construction - not sure where it will end up). Turn left on Hwy 37 south (Monett). Go 1.8 mi past intersection of Hwy 37 and Hwy 76/86 to FR1090 then turn right (sign on corner) then 1 mi turn left (another Haven sign). You'll see us! 

From Branson: Hwy 76 west to Hwy 37 south (Cassville). 1.8 mi to FR1090 then turn right (sign on corner) then 1 mi turn left (another Haven sign). You'll see us! 

From Arkansas: Hwy 62 east or west to Gateway AR. North on Hwy 37 to FR1090 (just past MO Dept. of Transportation) and turn left (Haven sign on corner). Then 1 mi turn left (another Haven sign). You'll see us!


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