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Date this page was last updated: 2-13-12

Who We Are

The Feline Haven is a very small foster home rescue group located in Cleveland Ohio. This means that all of our cats and kittens are in homes and not in a facility or shelter. Every cat and kitten we take in is safe.They stay with us until they are healthy and we are able to find them suitable loving homes. We volunteer our time, our homes and hard earned money to care for our rescue animals. We are dedicated to helping unwanted and abandoned felines. We rescue small bottle baby's, mommas with litters,strays, the sick, and some that are set to be euthanized in shelters.We do on occasion as space and time allows rescue smaller dogs in dire need. We believe that every animal deserves a second chance to have a loving family.

Since we get phone calls and emails daily from people who want us to take in their cats for one reason or another....we just simply can not help most of you, we are a very small foster home group, we can only take in as we adopt out.Here is a link of other shelters and rescue groups in Ohio who may be able to help you!They are listed by city. Good luck. Click here for a list of other shelters and rescues in OHIO

Whats included with our adoptions!!

Adoption for a cat or kitten includes:
1. Examination by a veterinarian
2. Age appropriate vaccines
(some have their Rabies vaccine)
3. Feline Luekemia/FIV(Feline Aids) testing
4. Spay or Neuter(some are adopted out with spay/neuter contracts due to age)
5. Treatment for parasites (fleas,earmites, and worms)
Advantage or Revolution treatment
6. Medication for any illnesses if needed
7. A folder including historys and records
8. Shelter Care pet insurance for 30 days for only $1 (totally worth it!)

We are in need of:

1. Monitary donations to help with veterinarian visits and daily care
2. Cat/Kitten chow and Cat/Kitten can food
3. Lots and Lots of LITTER
4. KMR (kitten milk replacement) and kitten baby bottles

The Feline Haven is NOT a shelter and is independent from any national animal welfare or humane organization which makes our task even more difficult. We do not receive any financial assistance from these groups or from the government. We rely on adoption fees and donations, but mostly the care we provide comes directly from our pockets to help the needy cats and kittens.We have such a limited budget and we need your help so we can help other animals in need! Your donation will help the animals that are currently in our temporary foster homes and the future ones to come! Please click the "make a donation" button! Every little bit helps.

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Our Featured Pet's of the week!

Please adopt Casper!!!

Casper has been waiting quite a while for his new home and he is hoping to find a family soon!: Caspers Profile!!
and Benny the most wonderful dog's profile!!

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting one of our lovely animals please email Melissa at for an adoption application .We are located in Cleveland OHIO. Visiting is by appointment only, please note that if you would like to visit you must fill out an application before hand..Please email to set one up!
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I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter....the castoffs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness and betrayal. And I was angry. "God" I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something?" God was silent for a moment and then spoke softly, "I have done something" was the reply, "I created you" ~Author unknown
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