Taunton Animal Shelter consistently has an average of 20 or more dogs and cats of all ages, breeds and colors! If we do not currently have what you are looking for, please leave your name and number (and an application) for future reference. We may also know of a shelter who may have what you are looking for. The Adoption Fee covers the cost of the spay/neuter and required vaccinations.

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Go to https://vimeo.com/172748198 to see Bella in her Red Sox gear!


Dog of the Month

CHARLIE, The August Dog of The Month

CHARLIE is a male Mastiff/Am Staff mix, about 3 years old. He is a big, strong and handsome guy, with the unusual combination of one blue eye and one brown eye. He is full of energy from his head to his toes and would be best suited for an active person/family who will include him in lots of activities, walks/runs, and play time. He loves to "socialize" with the volunteers in the play yard and go for long walks. Charlie absolutely LOVES the water and will jump in the kiddie pool, splash all around, lay in it and just look up at us with those beautiful eyes of his and "smile" from ear to ear. :) He could benefit from obedience training and the use of a martingale collar and easy-walk harness when walking him - he is very strong and has a tendency to pull when walking, if not on a harness. Our trainer recently spent some time with Charlie, said he was a great boy and recommended continued obedience training. She has offered (1) free 1 hr consult and (1) free 1 hr training session to the family/person who adopts him. Charlie would prefer to be your one and only pet. He promises to give you enough love and affection for two and fill your life with lots of laughter and companionship. A fenced yard would be ideal - he would love a yard to run and play in. We were told that Charlie would do well with children, however, he would be too active for toddlers. It is recommended that children be over 12.

Charlie is hoping he will get to spend the rest of his summer in a new home with a new family. Enjoying lots of outdoor activities - long walks, hikes, swimming, running along a beach, cookouts, and relaxing in the warm sunshine with his new "best friend"

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language." (Martin Bauber)

Cat of the Month

AMELIA is the August Cat of the Month

I was one of 16 cats and kittens left recently by the side of the road in the woods near the shelter. I am shy at first, but am doing better with each day. Being in a dark box, taped shut and left not knowing where I was, is an experience I cannot tell you about with words. I am petite with kind and gentle green eyes. I love attention, yet unsure how to ask for it. Once you begin to talk to me, I love the attention and will roll with delight. Please come to meet me. I am not sure how to ask you to take me home, but I will try my best.

***EVENTS!!! Come join us***

For more information including upcoming events, view our PetFinder Event Calendar.

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    Sunday, September 18, 2016 from 11am - 3pm

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    The calendars will be available for sale starting in SEPTEMBER at our Woof Walk, the shelter, and other fundraisers. They will feature photos of dogs and cats adopted from/at the Taunton shelter. Further details coming soon...


    Would you like to feel loved and appreciated? Are you unable to adopt a pet, but would like to spend time with them? Would you like to get some exercise in the great outdoors? Are you interested in the veterinarian/grooming/obedience training fields? Do you love animals? Please call the shelter/come on down and ask about volunteering! The minimum age requirement is 13 years old. Everything from laundry to yard work, to walking dogs, grooming, feeding, fostering, etc... Volunteer Forms are available at the shelter or you may also request one by emailing paws4blue@aol.com

    The rewards are endless! The love received is unconditional. The happiness you can bring to the animals that you will feel in your heart at the end of the day is immeasureable!


    The Shelter is currently in most need of Martingale Collars, Easy-Walk Harnesses, Purina Cat/Kitten food, Canned Dog/Cat Food, Kongs, Disinfectant Cleansers,Paper Towels, Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer and Monetary Donations. (We have plenty of blankets and towels at this time and are unable to take anymore until further notice). Thank you!


    If you are having trouble paying for veterinarian care or food for your pet, visit massanimalcoalition.com/resources/pet-owners


    Please call the shelter for the most convenient directions. Alternatively, you may view the directions to Taunton Animal Shelter on the web.

    Taunton Animal Shelter
    821 W Water St
    Taunton MA 02780
    Phone: 508-822-1463
    Email: paws4blue@aol.com for DOG adoptions, questions and applications.
    Email: ds4paws@hotmail.com for CAT adoptions, questions and applications.

    Hours of Operation

    Sunday & Monday Closed

    Tuesday thru Thursday 12pm - 5pm

    Friday 12pm - 2pm

    Saturday 12pm - 4pm

    PLEASE NOTE: Since the shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday, phone calls received on those days will not be returned until Tuesday.

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