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Latest News...

1/11/07 - We are helping a SC rescue in placing 31 chihuahuas that were dumped in a shelter by the state. They will be available for adoption on March 1, 2007 pending veterinarian care. These babies will need to be an ONLY pet in a household with NO children under the age of 15. They will need patience and a lot of tender loving care. If you're looking for a perfect rescue animal, there is no such thing as one. Rescue animals all come with baggage and some problems you will have to help them work through. For more information email or call 704-248-6846.

11/01/06 - Because of the rising prices of Vetting, we have had to raise our adoption donation as well, to help offset some of our expenses. Our site may not reflect this yet. See the bottom.

8/3/04 - We have moved to North Carolina. Our new name is Lake Norman Rottweiler Rescue. Also, if you'd like to list an animal on our site, contact any of the email addresses at the bottom of the page or call us.

We Need Your Support...

The veterinary care in this area is so expensive and community support is almost bare. We need your help! If you would like to sponsor-a-rott or donate to LKNRR, visit our main website at and click on our PayPal button to donate. We can't survive without your help! We have tried to get businesses to let us put donation containers in their establishments, but they have turned us down. One mention of "Rottweiler" and it's all over. We may end up closing. If we do, there will be even more rottweilers dying in shelters. Please help us!


LKNRR's Mission Statement...

"Lake Norman Rottweiler Rescue specializes in rescuing, vetting, spaying and/or neutering, retraining and rehoming abandoned, shelter or owner surrender rottweilers and to educate the public about being a responsible companion animal guardian."

We focus on Senior Rottweilers ( 5 yrs and older), if possible. We will occasionally rescue younger rottweilers if they are in danger of being euthanized (as Cami was). We also take in other breeds and cats as well, if there is room available.

Note: Shelter animals in "kill facilities", have first priority of being taken into our rescue program. This doesn't mean that you should take your rottweiler to a shelter in order for us to take him or her into our program. We can not pull every Rottweiler out of every shelter. Space is very limited until we can find more volunteers and foster homes.

We do not take Rottweilers with a bite history or "ANY" aggressive behaviors. Aggression is a learned experience that is taught by "irresponsible pet owners" who did not take the time to take their companion animals to obedience training classes or did not choose to. NO animal is born with aggression. That is a fact!

LKNRR's Coverage Area...

LKNRR's coverage areas include, but are not limited to: NC, SC, VA and KY.

**Coverage Area means the areas we will pull from shelters. Not the area we adopt to.

We will only adopt to NC, SC and Southern VA. If you are in another state and need help locating a rescue near you, email and we will be glad to help you.

LKNRR's Adoption Donation...

Due to the excessive cost of veterinary care in this area, we ave had to raise our adoption donation. We depend on community support to offset the difference. To completely vet a male it costs us $458.00 for a female it costs us $492.00

Our Adoption Donation includes:spay or neuter, fecal check (for parasites in dogs and cats), flea treatment (we use frontline), deworming, heartworm test, first shots (in pups), 7-in-1 shots (for adult dogs), all shots for cats, rabies (cats and dogs), FeLV (cats only), FIV (cats only), FIP (cats only), ear mite treatment if needed (in cats only) and all dogs are on heartworm preventative (we use heartguard). We also microchip our Rescue Animals. You can be sure that your adopted, rescued companion animal will be fully vetted and up to date on all of his or her vaccinations/shots as well as spayed/neutered & microchipped for their safety and your peace of mind. Adoption fees are as follows unless otherwise posted.

Dogs: Rottweilers - $300.00
Small/Toy Breeds - $300.00
Cats/Kittens - $125.00

On Our Website...

Due to financial restrictions we have had to close our main website We will have an alternate one up as soon as time allows. Right now we are working with the chihuahuas that just came in. If you need to, call us.

Lake Norman Rottweiler Rescue
Lincolnton NC

Contact Info:

President/Founder: Jo Bousman
Vice President: Randy Blankenship

Please choose the right email address for your inquiries: for general questions about adoptions for Randy Blankenship

Phone: 704-248-6846
*Note - if we are out on a shelter run or helping a rescue transport then our voice mail will pick up. Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can.

Care for their future, spay or neuter!

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