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Finding Homes for Stray Cats,
Through Fostering and Adoption Assistance

About Us

kittenOfficially, Stray Cat Blues, Inc. is a no-kill, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing rescue and placement to stray and feral cats. Personally, SCB is a small group of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to find loving, life-long homes for abandoned cats. We are professional in our practices, but we are emotional on the subject of homeless cats, and the ways in which we humans can work to prevent this epidemic of strays.

Stray Cat Blues actively works to recruit permanent homes for the stray cats in our program. All the animals are screened for feline leukemia, inoculated, sterilized and wormed when they first come to us. Healthy, adoptable cats are then housed through our network of foster homes. Our kittens and cats are exposed to the pet-loving public at our 3 different adoption cage locations to facilitate adoptions and to provide visibility for the organization.

kittenIn addition to placement of sociable cats and kittens, a major focus of Stray Cat Blues is to place feral and unsociable cats in qualified barn homes. Like our house cats, our barn cats are delivered to their new homes by a Stray Cat Blues volunteer. We provide our barn cats with a cozy "cat condominium" to live in for the first few weeks of life in their new location. The crate allows the cats to acclimate to their new home without the danger of having them run away in search of their old stomping grounds.

We are willing to go to great lengths for our cats - quite literally! We will gladly travel to approved barn homes within an approximate 100 mile radius of the Lansdale and Montgomeryville area to deliver our helpful mousers.

Most of our cats are strays and their offspring that are rescued from area locations. Many of these strays are more than willing to be helped by our volunteers. But for those animals that are more wary of humans, especially the feral cats, we utilize humane traps. Many of our kittens are born to mother cats that we have rescued.

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How to Adopt

archeeWe require a $95.00 fee for adoptions. There is no charge for barn cats but a monetary donation is very much appreciated. Donations assist in defraying the considerable costs of neutering, veterinary care and supplies such as food and litter. Donations are tax deductible. We conduct follow-up assessment to ensure that everything is going smoothly with the placement.

litterAll cats adopted from Stray Cat Blues have been spayed/neutered, are litterbox trained, have received age appropriate vaccinations, and have been tested and found negative for FeLV and FIV (unless specifically noted in their cat listings). All other necessary vet work has also been done. When you adopt from us, you receive a tracker form with details of all vet work and care completed by us.

If you are interested in adopting, the first step is to file an application. Once we have that in hand, we will be better able to respond to your questions about particular cats or kittens.

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Additional Information

Visit our website at!

There you will be able to find additional information about adopting, Trap Neuter Return, helpful resources, and news about our group.

Contact Us

Stray Cat Blues, Inc.
P.O. Box 8
Colmar, PA 18915
Phone (215) 631-1851
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