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So Much Love for Valentine
Sounds of Silent Spirits Rescue wishes to thank all of the people who have already made donations to support the rescue and rehabilitation of Valentine, a pit bull who was horribly tortured. When we find an animal bound in tape, one paw severed, covered in road rash, it shakes your faith in humanity. But the support that has already come in for this dog is overwhelming.

We would like to use this space to offer sincere thanks from our hearts to PETCO AND THEIR RANCHO CUCAMONGA , CA WAREHOUSE for their years of dedicated work in helping small Rescue Corporations such as ours. Their tireless efforts in sorting and organizing donations have helped us in SO MANY WAYS to do our jobs better and easier in feeding our rescues and keeping them healthy & comfortable while we prepare them for their new adoptive homes. PETCO, your help and donations have been priceless!

Another huge round of applause and immense thanks go to PETSMART in VICTORVILLE, CA for their incredible programs that not only include donations of food and accessories whenever possible, but that generously give of their time and store space as an arena for our adoptions and placements of homeless pets. PETSMART, your compassion for helping animals and your devotion to our causes is an invaluable service that not only makes a pets life better but helps to make our jobs in rescuing and placing them, easier. WE THANK YOU ALL, PetCo and PetsMart, for helping us to better help our furry & reptilian companions!

ALSO A BIG SHOUT OUT TO DEL MONTE FOODS /FONT> for stepping up when they can and helping us out with Pet Food donations. Our Animal buddies are happy when we serve them the variety, treats, and the Kibbles n' Bits from this compassionate company. DEL MONTE, you really make the difference in filling the gap in our grocery bills with your generous donations!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

Hear & Bless the Turtles
Dogs & Birds
And Guard
With Respect & Tenderness,
All Things That Have No Words.


SPONSOR/ADOPT AN ANIMAL! ~ Can't have a pet but would like to share the life of a Farm Animal, Parrot or other Exotic Bird? Horse, Dog, Cat or REPTILE? Want to give your children the "feel" of a pet and it's Care Responsibilities before owning? ~ If you live in an apartment, have a crazy lifestyle or are simply apprehensive about caring for a pet, then our Sponsor/Adopt Program may be just for you! ~ We have kept it to a 6-month trial per animal rather than lock you in for a year as many Non-profits tend to do, so that you have plenty of time to learn and yet switch to another animal should you get bored or find that your choice is really not a good fit.

Each six month Trial is $20 per pet of which 100% of your donation goes to the care of your chosen animal. All publication & mailing fees are handled thru a generous Benefactor.

For further information or for our Brochure with a list of Permanent Residents and Application, please e-mail

Who We Are

We are a small, no-kill, Tax Exempt REPTILE & Exotic Bird Rescue. We receive animals from Sheriff & Fire Dept. Personnel, Veterinarians, BLM, Fish & Game employees and County Animal Control Officers. Some of these animals have been hit by cars or off-road vehicles, maliciously used for target practice, munched by dogs or cats and some have simply been abused or released inhumanely by irresponsible owners. Many of these unfortunate creatures are emaciated from starvation or dehydration, often diseased and, occasionally downright dangerous to handle.

Our Mission is to provide sanctuary & life-saving assistance to these silently suffering creatures. 100% of every dollar we spend directly supports our rescue efforts & our programs for animal husbandry.

As a completely Voluntary, Public Benefit Corporation, our foundation is rooted in expanding public knowledge through Education and income-generating programs through schools and public service announcements to enlighten people BEFORE they choose to buy or adopt a pet.

We are looking for permanent homes that are well-educated in the special needs of these animals

Adopting a friend

Our Adoption Fees range from $25-$150 with special consideration for seniors or hardship circumstances

Please Remember ~ Spay & Neuter Your Pets and DON'T BUY While Shelter Pets DIE.

All dogs & cats are altered and given their shot package before they are available for adoption.

Check out the new CA spay/neuter license plates!!!

We accept donations through PayPal. THANK YOU FOR DONATING!!

Sounds of Silent Spirits
Located in the Beautiful High Desert of ~

Lucerne Valley, CA


Mailing Address: S.O.S.S., P.O. Box 2198, Lucerne Valley, CA 92356
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