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If interested in any of our dogs, please email us for an application:

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Did you get a Bloodhound puppy for Christmas? They can be a handful! Please contact us if we can give you a hand.

As a part of the Michigan Coonhound Coalition, Sniffy Dogs is taking in a large number of dogs confiscated in Arkansas from a Class B research dealer under the new animal welfare act. The pictures will break your heart

There are an incredible amount of homeless Bloodhounds that need help all over the US. While we mostly adopt dogs in the midwest, there are wonderful rescues all over America.



If you are interested, fill out an application, so you are pre-approved when you fall in love.

We will cheerfully accept donations of "dog gear", i.e. crates, leashes. It doesn't have to be new.

Our Mission

.......We are a group of friends who decided to find loved bloodhounds new loving homes. All our dogs have a past, present, and hopefully a bright future.

We try to encourage open adoptions. This is an alternative to dropping a dog off at a shelter to take a chance on finding a home or giving it away "free" to an iffy home.

We are basically a "no" profit organization funded by private donations.

We are lucky to break even.

We don't sell dogs to labs and we are a "No-Kill" organization. We require a securely fenced yard for all our dogs. Invisible/underground fences won't work on these guys. They get a scent and are totally oblivious to anything around them......even traffic. Bloodhounds don't tie or chain well. We adopt dogs only as "indoor companion animals" not to be yard dogs or out in a kennel 24/7

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