Helping Beagles & other hounds find homes,
one at a time
(or two if you wish)

Silverwalk Hounds is a foster home for Petfinder listed rescues needing help to save Beagles, Coonhounds, and senior dogs. . I seek to share, promote, crosspost, and champion Beagles, other hounds, and senior dogs in need. All dogs are spayed/neutered and up to date on shots. Since Silverwalk Hounds is a sanctuary, both the remaining dogs AND any formerly adopted dogs from Silverwalk Hounds in need are welcome to stay for their natural lives.
Please adopt or foster.

Perryville, MO

Silverwalk is a small, home based dog sanctuary just outside of Cape Girardeau, MO
specializing in the fostering of Beagles & senior dogs.

Founded in memory of Goldie, Oliver and Emma, the first 3 rescue dogs of my adult life who are now entertaining God
Inspired by 7 Bells (Cole Camp, MO)

Thank you for your trust w/these dogs - please adopt, donate, foster so others may be rescued, fostered, and live.

We look forward to helping you adopt
our wonderful dog and directing you to those for whom we foster.

All Silverwalk dogs live in and out of the house with access via a dog door to the yards/field.
All dogs are up to date on shots and needed medical treatment
as well as receiving basic obedience training.

The wonderful vets at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital, and LaCroix Pet Hospital in Cape Girardeau
make sure these dogs are healthy, wealthy in spirit, and perhaps wise :).

"arrooo arrooo!"

Please see Raggedy Ann, Elvis, and others
who are waiting at the Rainbow Bridge under Happy Tails/RIP.
Because we also have senior dogs,
we must acknowledge that death is a part of life.
We know these dogs had a loving home for the last months/years of their lives.

"Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable -
they may be a bit out of shape and worn around the edges,
but they fit so well."

All dogs adopted from and through Silverwalk Hounds will be neutered or spayed prior to adoption - there is no exception.
Please check out this video for a humorous yet very serious plea to spay and neuter your pet: HELP! Cat Music Video

Please EMAIL & REQUEST an adoption form. Email Thank you. An application does NOT obligate you to adopt a dog but helps us get the process started
Vet and personal references are necessary prior to adoption.
Silverwalk Hounds's goal is for both the dog and the adopter to be very happy for a very long time.

There will be a binding adoption contract to be signed and an adoption fee of $100-$200 cash paid at the time you receive your dog. This fee may be adjusted by the rescue sponsoring the foster dog at Silverwalk Hounds.
This fee in no way covers the cost of caring for a dog till adoption
but is meant to indicate how seriously Silverwalk Hounds values life.
It also helps support those dogs who are not sponsored.
Limited transport help is available.

References are available from adopters - please ask.

Silverwalk dogs will appreciate any donations of cash, blankets, dog food, dog beds, laundry detergent, crates,
anything that may make a dog's life more comfortable as he awaits his forever home.

Keep up to date by following Silverwalk's blog Dodging Drool


Beagles on the Web: a 10+ old website devoted to Beagles, their owners and their care.
Has listings for Beagles and Beagle mixes needing homes. I list many dogs here!

Petco of Cape Girardeau, MO: our local Petco is very rescue friendly, going overboard to assist new adopters & local rescues.

St.Louis Senior Dog Project: this is a blog from the owner/director of St. Louis Senior Dog Project.
Wonderful people and great dogs who need homes
St. Louis Senior Dog Project blog

Southeast Missouri Humane Society: local humane society - is rescue friendly. does euthanize.
seeks adoptions as first option
Southeast Missouri Humane Society

Busch's Kennel: where my dogs stay if they cannot stay at home and don't need to be at the vet's.

Boomerang Tags: these are the best tags and collars you will ever find.
I personally prefer the collar tags. Take a look! You won't be sorry.

VISIT/CONTACT/Credits/Mission Statement

Since this is a home based sanctuary, please e-mail for an appointment and directions to Silverwalk.

Roberta Beach
Silverwalk Fosters
1695 PCR 816, Perryville, MO 63775
Please email or text only:
If you would like to receive email updates about Silverwalk Hounds, please sign up below

Mission Statement of Silverwalk Hounds:
"The mission of [Silverwalk] is to foster, re-home and rescue primarily Beagles, other hounds and senior dogs; other types and ages on an as need/as able basis depending on room and sponsoring rescues; to collaborate with other rescue/shelter operations both local and national i.e Humane Society of Southeast Missouri and to enhance the education of the public re: the need & rationale for spaying/neutering, training, general good pet management, adoption in the home and community with an emphasis on dogs and potentially horses; to work with local entities beyond rescue/shelter including Petco, Busch Pet Products, Pet Pals and Sports Dog Group to enhance the adoption of our dogs through adoption days and community education, to utilize them as service dogs in local communities or as needed perhaps by USDA (contact is in progress re: the use of Beagles) and the Prison Pups program, and to present our dogs as trainable and desirable for adoption into homes for a very, very long time. to be financially sound and fiscally responsible in order to continue the mission of [Silverwalk]. [Silverwalk] currently is headquartered in one home with the dogs having access to the yards/field daily and treated as family members. Dogs are welcome to stay for their natural lifetime or until illness/aggression necessitate sending them to Heaven. It is a no profit organization incorporated by State of Missouri and has no paid employees.

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