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S.H.I.P. Rescue (Special Home for Injured Poultry)

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We currently have no chicks available for adoption. Please check back in the Spring when the chicks begin arriving at the farmstores.

Who We Are

S.H.I.P. Rescue is a rescue for injured chicks and other young poultry in need of rehabilitation. These chicks suffer from a variety of challenges including orthopedic or soft tissue injuries, birth defects, visual impairments and neurological issues. In addition, some chicks are simply weak and in dire need of individualized care, nutrients, and cozy environment to feel safe and regain their strength. Often, these chicks make a surprising Full Recovery! Once these chicks are well and healthy, they are offered for adoption to qualified homes. The chicks that continue to have challenges that need special care and accommodations to their environment become permanent residents of S.H.I.P. where they will be cared for and live out quality lives.

Adopting a Feathered Friend

Please email or call to request an adoption application. This will need to be completed and returned to us. If you have photos of your poultry housing and run, your application will be processed more quickly.

We are careful about the home the chicks go to because of all the care they have been given and the fact that they are getting a second chance. If you want to adopt a rescued chick that has come a long way to recovery, we so hope to hear from you! For some, this may seem like an involved process for the adoption of a little chick! But, a lot of time, effort and TLC has gone into the recuperation of these chicks. These chicks have been quarantined in a room of the house for 2-4 weeks at a minimum, which minimizes the risk of health problems to your own flock. During this time, their individual personalities also become apparent.

An adoption donation is suggested, but not required, to help with the cost of caring for animals in need of assistance. Because we work closely with programs of the Humane Society of Calloway County, donations are asked to be made to that organization on behalf of S.H.I.P., because of their tax deductible 501c3 status.

The amount is left up to you.

We do NOT ship any chicks due to safety and health risks.

Our Mission

S.H.I.P. Rescue is a rescue for injured chicks and other young poultry in need of rehabilitation. We do Not accept adults due to housing constraints and quarantine concerns. The baby chicks are isolated for at least a month away from the existing flock for health precautions and for their own rehabilitation.

A Forever Home will be provided to those chicks that have persistent special needs that require special care and accomodations.

Another aspect to our mission is to provide education to the public regarding the care of chickens, handling, their value as pets, appropriate and safe housing and the overall respect for poultry.

Visits to schools and other settings to introduce people to the wonder of chickens as part of the Humane Society of Calloway County Pet Therapy Team.

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Email: shiprescue@bellsouth.net
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