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WELCOME to our NWAL Herding (Shetland Sheepdog) Dog Rescue website.  We hope you all will find it interesting and helpful especially if you are looking for a sweet Sheltie to adopt, need to find a home for your Sheltie or would just love to read about Shelties and why they are so loved.  We will be updating our site often, so keep checking back in, go to www.sheltierescue-nwal.org and visit us on Facebook to LIKE our page....


As of January 1, 2017, NWAL Herding Dog Rescue will now be a long- term foster homes and Rescues for Shelties..  We will still be rescuing Shelties  in AL and WV, on a smaller scale, but not taking in so many in WV.  Our foster homes are still available for taking in Shelties.  Our Director, Karen Bordonaro, is semi retired and has many Shelties presently that are unadoptable and she is working with them to make them adoptable.  This is for our WV location only.  Once the Shelties are available for adoption, she will take new ones in on a limited basis. due to the semi-retiring of our Director, Karen Bordonaro .  However, we have arranged with several of the surrounding states to WV to take in Shelties that we have been contacted about that need our assistance until we are available in WV.   Thank you all for being there for all the Shelties.

We still have forever foster homes operating in Alabama, Kentucky, and South Carolina and Ohio.  All fostered dogs are located in wonderful homes with a fenced yard and considered part of the family.

However, we still have lots of beautiful doggies for you to look at in their long term foster homes.  Please check out our other websites for past dogs that we have adopted and more information on Shelties.

www.sheltierescue-nwal.org (this website is being revamped and will soon be available with new Shelties.)

A really neat way to get your dog supplies and give a donation to our group:

Shop at www.chewy.com with the code below and they will donate $20.00 for each person who places their first order through them, to our organization.  Thank you

www.chewy.com/rp/1300 or

www.smile.amazon.com, please sign up under our group and check out our Wish Lists as well under Karen


There are several other ways to donate to our group without actually donating your own money, please contact us for further information. nwalherd@gmail.com 

Thank you.






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Who We Are

 NWAL Herding Dog Rescue, Inc. is a non profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) all volunteer organization .  We rescue homeless and abandoned Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties), and mixes thereof and rehome them to loving, responsible and approved forever homes.  Founded in 2003 in the State of Alabama, now located in Alabama, we take in approximately 200-250 Shelties, and mixes thereof, no matter the age or problem, each year.


We are not a brick and mortar shelter facility.  We are a network of foster homes, located in AL,  that allows us to get to know the dog’s personality and character, along with any special needs, they may have before adoption.  Each dog is treated accordingly, then spayed/neutered, brought current on shots, wormed, heartworm tested (and if positive - treated) , started on Interceptor/Sentinel Heartworm Prevention, microchipped, treated for fleas and ticks and groomed.  


As with any responsible rescue, we are committed to our animals for life.  If for any reason the relationship with your adopted Sheltie, or mix is not working, or if your situation changes and you are unable to keep or care for this adopted dog anymore, we have an unconditional return policy.  Do not take this rescue to a brick and mortar shelter facility, please call us to arrange to have your adopted dog transported back to any of our foster homes that is closest to you. 

Come Visit Us

We are located in Summers County of Alderson, WV, Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio and South Carolina.   Please call before coming to make an appointment and for directions.




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