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Pet Meds

1-800-Pet-Meds is one of our newest corporate sponsors! Please check out their page to get lots of great deals on your pet's medications.

The UberDog Foundation

The UberDog Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization based out of Charlotte, NC. They have decided to adopt the Greene County Animal Shelter, and one of their directors drove over on Wednesday, April 13, with a truckload of donated food and kitty litter. This organization funds its efforts mainly through donations, so please visit their site, spread the word, and consider donating to their fund! This is a wonderful organization, that has helped (and continues to help) many forgotten shelter pets!


We are currently soliciting for donations of needed items for the shelter. Please look over the list below, and if there is anything that you or someone you know can donate to help the pets at our shelter, we would greatly appreciate it!

-Blankets, towels, etc, for bedding (these items do not need to be new, as long as they are still in usable condition)

-Stainless steel or galvanized metal bowls and buckets for water and feeding

-Bleach, laundry detergent, dish-washing liquid, and other cleansers which are SAFE for animals; Pine-sol is not safe for cats.

-Toys, treats, and chewies (as the weather warms up, the animals here at the shelter are looking for things to do and play with!)

-Dog, puppy, cat, and kitten food, both canned and dry (we are not brand conscious; we will gratefully accept whatever we are given!)

-And pretty much anything else you can think of that can be used for making life in a shelter more comfortable and "homelike"! :)

We are also volunteer-friendly!

Not a dog person? Well, we have some of the friendliest kitty cats around, and they would be thrilled to have more people come and visit with them! If you are interested in volunteering, just drop by the shelter during operating hours, and fill out a volunteer application form!

Greene County Animal Shelter also partners with Greene County Animal Partners, New Levels Dog Training, and Pitt County Humane Society in The New Leash on Life Program.

The New Leash on Life Program provides training for shelter dogs in order to enhance the dogs' adoptability.

Dogs selected for the New Leash on Life Program receive vaccinations, are tested for heartworms and are started on heartworm preventive. The dogs are also neutered/spayed prior to beginning their training.

The dogs receive personal training for ten weeks. Their training includes basic obedience, loose leash walking, socialization, and following cues such as "sit," "come," & "stay." The dogs also learn to perform with distractions and are taught some adorable tricks.

Four dogs are selected from the many dogs awaiting adoption or euthanasia. Younger dogs with pleasant temperaments are chosen every ten weeks.

The dogs begin training following the previous class of dogs' graduation. Each dog has a primary and a secondary trainer at Eastern Correctional Facility in Maury, NC.

Trainers are selected from a multitude of inmate volunteers. The trainers are trained by New Levels Dog Training of Greenville, NC and receive support from a sponsor from New Levels Dog Training.

At the end of ten weeks, the dogs are ready for their forever homes.

Who We Are

Greene County Animal Shelter is operated by Greene County Health Department. Every effort is made to ensure animals refuged at the shelter receive clean, safe shelter and adequate nourishment. While at the animal shelter, the animals' basic needs for survival are met by the staff. In addition, the animals receive loving touches from the caring staff and shelter volunteers. Unfortunately, Greene County Animal Shelter is a kill shelter, and time is limited for all of the animals here.

Adopting a friend

There are many awesome cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens from which to chose. An adoption fee of $26 is collected for each pet. The fee is payable to Greene County Health Department. Pets, if age appropriate, receive a rabies vaccine upon adoption. Greene County Animal Partners provide spay/neuter certificates for animals adopted. The cost of these certificates are: Spay for dogs--$50; Spay for cats--$35; Neuter for dogs--$25; Neuter for cats--$25. Spay/Neuter certificates enable responsible pet ownership and help decrease the number of unwanted animals.

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Map to our shelter

Greene County Animal Shelter
1985 Hwy 903 North

Snow Hill, NC 28580
Phone: 252-747-8184

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