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We will post all dogs in fosterhomes in the next couple of day's to find them forever homes. We will always help with finding rescues for your dog so at will not ending up at Animal control . logo logo

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Hello Everyone - I am the coproducer of a video called "The Faces of Chihuahuas". This video covers the special bond between Chihuahuas and their people, and it also discusses responsible pet ownership and the problem of homeless Chihuahuas. We feel very fortunate to have received permission from the music publisher to use the theme song from the movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" in the video. The excellent photography and videography for the video were donated by Rafy Ruiz of Hayuya Pictures in Phoenix. Chihuahuas, sadly, are the second most popular breed in animal shelters. We hope through this video that we can provide education on having a Chihuahua as a pet, but also on the importance of spaying and neutering. Filming for this video was done at the annual Chihuahua Races in Chandler, Arizona, as well as at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control in Phoenix. The video was produced for HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. HALO is one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in the Phoenix area. The video is intended for animal rescues, shelters, and Chihuahua advocates everywhere. We hope you will forward the video link to all the Chihuahua lovers you know as well as post the link on your website and Facebook pages!!!!!!
We welcome your comments about this video.
Sincerely, Beth Lockhart

"The Faces of Chihuahuas"


Everyone needs a helping hand now and then..
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. My name is Isabella Marie and I was born on October 23rd 2011, as you can see from my pictures I am one cute kid. I was sold to my new family on December 27th, 2011 and I was taken to the vet for a free checkup and that was where my story goes wrong. The vet diagnosed me with a heart murmur and he said it was bad.
Further evaluation showed it was both Systolic and diastolic indicating mostly lik...ely a parent ductus arteries. A heart vessel defect occurred during the early stages of my development when I was still in my Momma.
The vet said I will need to get an echocardiogram to confirm his suspicions. The wonderful rescue that is helping me is going to get a second opinion and will try to consult with the University of TN Vet's.
Update will follow.

UPDATE: 12/31/2011 She saw Dr. Holt (one of the rescue's regular vet) today, he advised she will need to have open heart surgery to repair the hole in her heart. He is going to call UT Vet Hospital in Knoxville for an consult and to see if they will accept her as a patient. He is awaiting a reply back from them to see how long she has to wait to have her surgery. He did advise we are looking at "BIG MONEY" for this surgery, several thousands of dollars.

Please use the Chip In button below to help us help Isabella. Thank you.

UPDATE: 2/8/2012
Isabella - Marie had her check up today with Dr.Nicole Piscitelli at Blue Pearl . The echocardiogram shows that she has PDA (patent ductus arteriosis) a birth defect. Dr. Kevin Au will perform Isabella - Marie's surgery next week Thursday ( 2-16-2012 ). She needs to stay for about 2 days in the hospital and if everything goes well she can go home. Recheck will be a month later and she will have a normal life after surgery. Without surgery she will die in a couple of months. So this was the good news. The bad news is estimated surgery cost is between $ 3000.00 and $ 3500.00. We have so far raised $ 2140.00 in donations. Today her bill was $ 500.00. Please crosspost this article widely, so we can get the rest of the money together. I don't need to put another mortgage on my house.
Additional Story on Isabella Marie

Isabella getting echocatdiagramIsabella getting electrocardiagramEKGIsabella getting electrocardiogram

Thanks to Dr. Nicole, Dr. Kevin and the staff of Blue Pearl for saving my life Kisses and Hugs from Isabella-Marie
I had my surgery yesterday the 16 of Feb. 2012 and I got back home today, My mommy say I'm looking sooo good and my appetite is good too. I'm on pain and antibiotic meds for 2 weeks and I can not jump run or get wet. Mommy has to check my incision every day and make sure they stay dry and don't get infected. In 14 days the stitches/staples are coming out and in 3 months from the day of my surgery, I need to go back for a follow up appointment, just to see how I'm doing and how my heart is. Thanks for all the prayers and get well wishes and kisses and hugs to everyone how donated and helped with raising the money for my surgery God bless you, your family and all gods 4 legged companion.

Isabella surgery staffIsabella surgeonIsabellaIsabella after surgery

Update 2/27/2012
Dr.Dawn Neal from Animal House Vetclinic in Clarksville ( our rescue-vetclinic ) took my 13 staples out on Monday, I have a very small scar and my hair is coming back. After mom called Dr. Kevin Au my surgeon, Blue Pearl and he gave her the O.K. that I can now go back and play with Sophia , that made me very happy. Dad say, his 2 girl's are back to there old tricks and kisses. We always asked mom first for our treats and than dad give us them too since we always go and give him some kisses and loving. I have to go back in 3 month for my first check up and than 6 month later again. My entire vet bill comes close to $ 5000.00 and mom and dad say " I'm worth every penny"

IsabellaIsabellaIsabellaIsabella and friend



Bonnie takes "The Last Plane to Clarksville "

On Saturday morning I received a call from my dear friend, Noah's Wish region 5 volunteer and Boston Terrier owner and lover Betty Donnelson, who deployed from Southern California and is in Conway Arkansas helping the 4 legged victims of the tornadoes. I wanted to deploy on this disaster, but knew in my heart that the emotional roller coaster of dealing with the disaster was more than I could handle, so ANYTHING I could do from my home I welcomed. When I heard she needed help, I was thrilled that there was a job for me. A Boston Terrier needed a home, and could I find a Boston rescue that might take her in or near Conway. So from California I got busy on line and on the phone and found 3 Boston Terrier Rescues that cover the Arkansas area. Two of the rescues did not have phone numbers, but Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee did, and miraculously when I phoned I got a real live person, Joe, but he was in the Smokey Mountains of Eastern Tennessee . Joe, said "hang on to her and we will come and get her." Later that day I received a second call from Joe telling me to let Betty know someone named Inge would be contacting her. I e-mailed the phone photo Betty sent me and somehow it got to Inge. With in a day or so Inge Irby from Second Chance Happy Tails Rescue did call Betty, however the flooding made it impossible to drive to Arkansas to pick up Bonnie. But that did not deter Inge, she quickly went to work and the next day Betty got a call that Pilots and Paws had volunteered to pick up Bonnie in Conway and bring her back to Clarksville This morning Brenda and Betty both Noah's Wish volunteers drove Bonnie to Cantrell Field in Conway to meet Jim Carney, Bonnie's ride. Jim is a volunteer with Pilots and Paws and fly's all over the country helping rescue dogs in need. Bonnie is now Tina-Marie and is en-route to Clarksville co-piloting with Jim. Thank you to everyone who made this happen, it truly does take a village.

UPDATE: 5/11/11 Once she arrived in Clarksville,Tina Marie was taken to the vet for her checkup and was tested for heartworms. Sadly it came back positive. She is currently undergoing treatment but we are asking for your help in paying for this expensive treatment which is approximately $300. Anything you can donate will be greating appreciated.

Region 5 Volunteer


Johnny CarsonTina MarieMolly


Please if you DO NOT want your dog or cannot keep it for any reason, PLEASE call a shelter! Don't just abandon them or drop them out on the interstate. They will almost certainly be killed. Without food and especially water, they will not survive this weather.


Morgan was found off Exit 4 on Sunday ( 7-11-10) She was full of fleas and ticks and very dusty and hungry, her entire body had scratches. The good Samaritan gave her food and water but would not let her come in to the house to cool off. She called me and stated that she had dogs and did not want them to catch anything from her, so I meet her half way and took her home. We gave her a medicated bath, something for the flea and ticks and a safe place to sleep. I called AC this morning and reported her as lost & found and sent them via e-mail, some picture of her. If nobody claim her in 1 week , we will get her fully vetted and find her a forever home. In the meantime we are looking for a FOSTER HOME for her. If you can help PLEASE contact us immediately.

white poodle pomeranian

We are a no-kill organization. "I am the voice for the little dogs. They are all God's creations, and so long as the animal still has quality of life, that animal will have a home with me." - Inge Irby, Founder, Second Chance & Happy Tails

For more information on what we do, pictures of other rescues, our application page, the rainbow bridge, wish list, thank you page and more, please visit our alternate site at
"Second Chance and Happy Tails."

Second Chance & Happy Tails is a non profit organization, relying on donations and fundraisers to maintain our much needed service. Most of the animals, including River, come to us either abused, abandoned and/or neglected. Many need extensive, long term care and cannot be adopted. Because we are a no kill shelter, we keep any animal that we are unable to adopt to a good home.

We are currently housing over 40 dogs and puppies, all of whom need regular medical care, grooming and of course daily care. (feeding, laundry, bathing etc) The vet bills alone can reach in the 10's of thousands of dollars every year. We simply can't do it alone.
Will you help us?

Please remember, applications are not automatically, nor always approved. What is best for the dog, determines whether an application is approved or not.

PLEASE READ the section "Adoption Application Approvals" below before calling. Thank you for your understanding.

leash leash


If interested in adopting, please fill out and send an application first. If you have any questions, we prefer email inquiries. Everything we know about a dog is listed in the pet description section. We will adopt to out-of-state residents if their application is approved. After we receive an application and review it, we will be in touch by email. Every question on the application MUST be completed; incomplete applications will not be considered.
Sometimes we do not approve an application because we receive several for the same dog. We choose the family/individual we feel is the best match for the dog's breed and personality and the one that can provide the type of home environment best for that particular dog.

Adoption fees vary between $ 175.00 and up. All fees include spay/neuter, heartworm test, up-to-date heartworm prevention, rabies, vaccinations & Bordetella. All animals are spayed/neutered prior to adoption, no exceptions!

An adoption contract must be signed, which requires that the animal be returned to Second Chance & Happy Tails if at any time & for any reason the family can not keep the animal. Transport assistance may be available for an extra charge .
Inge Irby Second Chance & Happy Tails 931-503-8300 Clarksville TN
Second Chance and Happy Tails Online Application

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"My dogs and cats aren't spoiled ... I'm just well trained"

"Don't breed or buy while homeless die."

"Spay and Neuter!!"

" Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened "

36% of pets in shelters are purebred. Over 12 million pets are put to DEATH each year due to overpopulation. Adopting from a shelter or rescue group saves a life!

Please note that email is preferred. Calls are accepted at 931-503-8300 only Thank You.

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