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Sunday November 19th ADOPTION DAY!

12:30 - 3 pm at the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains

Please consider giving one of our homeless dogs something to be thankful for this holiday season...adopt or foster!!! We have an amazing variety of dogs of all ages, sizes, and personalities looking for homes- come meet your new best friend! From shy hoarding situation rescues, to mellow well-mannered seniors, to happy friendly young dogs you are sure to find someone to match your personality... lots of chihuahuas, schnauzers, doxies, terrier mixes, pitties, shepherd and lab mixes and more- our foster homes are overflowing with great dogs in desperate need of homes. Please join us to spend some time getting to know these wonderful guys and gals. All have been spayed/neutered, updated on shots, and received any necessary vet care.

Our Next Bake Sale

Date: Sunday October 15th Location: FOODTOWN, Route 53, Denville, NJ

Please stop by to support our rescue and get some yummy treats, plus meet a few of our adorable adoptable dogs!!! Thank you so much to all the people that have supported us throughout the year by donating baked goods, purchasing baked goods at the sale, and volunteered to run the sale. A big thank you to the Dickerson family and Foodtown of Denville for allowing us to hold our bake sales at their location. Please contact us if you would like to help man a table or donate baked goods, or stop by to buy some treats and support our group in the spring! >

Our Featured Dogs

Hillary is a ~3 year old Chihuahua mix with gorgeous blue and brindle markings. She was rescued with 19 other chis from a hoarding/breeding situation and spent her whole life in a pen outside. She was the most terrified of all the dogs rescued and even her owners couldn't touch her or catch her to get her out of the pen. We sent her to "therapy" at the ASPCA's rehab center for a very long time and she finally made progress there and learned to bond to a few people, although she is still easily spooked and takes a long time to accept new people. She LOVES other dogs and loves to wrestle and chase them, and now loves to snuggle in bed with her foster mom. She is looking for a calmer adult home, preferably with just one or 2 women, and with at least one other friendly dog to help her feel comfortable (the more dogs the merrier and she feels more confident as part of a "pack"). She's about 12lbs full grown and once she opens up has a very funny playful enteraining personality and is looking for someone who is as amused by her as we are. Please email if you are interested in either of these special dogs.



GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

We are now listed as a charity on! Just designate Second Chance Pet Adoption League as your charity, and every time you use it as your search engine we earn a percentage of their profits. You can also GoodShop to raise $ for us anytime you order from a wide selection of online companies- just select our charity on and order through the link on the site, and help us earn funds while you shop!


We find senior dogs often make the most loyal and appreciative pets, and these sweet dogs are especially wonderful! They are past the puppy stage and they are housebroken and non-destructive in the house. They ride well in the car and love to be with their people. All they want is a forever home where they can live out their golden years and be a devoted companion to a special person/family.


We are a small non-profit organization of a few people dedicated to finding homes for endangered pets. We rescue most of our pets from local shelters/pounds that may otherwise have to euthanize them due to lack of space, and puppy mills where they live in cages neglected until they are no longer useful. We also accept owner surrendered dogs on a limited basis depending on space. We usually get new dogs on a weekly basis and try to keep our petfinder page as updated as possible.

We try to place our animals locally (no long-distance adoptions) because we need to monitor our pets' progress in their new homes, and make sure we get them back if they do not work out. We do not bring all our pets to adoption day every week because they are in foster homes. Please check with us (by telephone or email) prior to adoption day to see that the pet that you are interested in will be there. If you email us about a pet, please include your telephone number so we can call you if we are not able to contact you by email.


Since most of our dogs live in foster homes instead of kennels, we get to know their personalities pretty well and have an idea of the type of home that would be ideal for them. We do our best to match you with a pet who will work out in your household, which is why we ask you to fill out the application below. It gives us information about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a dog so we can find a match.

Though we hope every adoption will be a success, we realize that sometimes once the pet gets into a home problems could arise and you may realize this is not the right dog for you. We always take our animals back at any time in their lifetime if they do not work out. We do not want them passed around or ending up in other shelters. If you are unable to keep your adopted pet, we require that they be returned to us so they can return to the foster home to which they have become accustomed.

All of our dogs have been altered and given their vaccinations by our veterinarians at the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains. (check out their website Animal Clinic of Morris Plains ) Our adoption fees vary, generally up to $350 depending on the animal's breed, age, health, adoptability, and how much we have had to spend on them medically. All adoption fees are considered donations and go directly toward the medical care of our pets. We generally will ask a higher donation for puppies, small, and purebred dogs- this extra fee is a donation which helps to pay for vet care for our permanent foster dogs who are not adoptable for behavioral reasons and other dogs who may require expensive surgeries or medical care (heartworm treatment, dental, tumor removal, etc.).


Donations will be greatly appreciated as all our funding comes from our monthly bakesales, adoption fees, and donations. All donations go directly toward medical care and supplies for our animals and are tax-deductible (we are a 501c non-profit). We can always use volunteers to help with fundraising, handling dogs at our weekly pet adoptions, and foster dogs and puppies. Please call or email if you would like to volunteer.

Preadoption Application

We do our best to match the right dogs with the right households. In order to help us do this, we need to know some information about you. Please copy and paste the following application into your email and fill it out before inquiring about a dog. If you are having difficulty sending the application via email, please call us for a phone interview or simply email the answers to the questions on the application without copying and pasting.

SECOND CHANCE PET ADOPTION LEAGUE Dog & Puppy Screening Application

Date: _________ Name & Breed of animal interested in adopting:_______________________________________ Introductory Information: Adopter name: ______________________________ Home Tele.# ____________________ Work # ______________________Email Address_________________________________ Home Address:_______________________________________________________________________ Town:_______________________________State:_______ (Please note we do not do long distance adoptions.)

Have you ever owned a dog before? Yes No How long ago did you own your previous dog(s)?_____________ What breed?_______________ Were they spayed/neutered?_______ For how many years did you own your previous dogs?___________________ What happened to your previous dogs? Please explain.____________________________________________

Have you ever surrendered a pet to a shelter? Please explain.________________

Are there other dogs in the household now? Yes No How many?______ What breed? ___________________How old? ______What sex? M F Are they spayed/neutered?_____________________ Please describe their personality:__________________________

Do you have any cats or other pets now? Yes No What type? ______________________________________________ Are they spayed/neutered? Yes No

What happened to your previous cats/other pets? Please explain_______________________________

Who is the dog being adopted for?_______________ How many people are in your household? _________________________________________________ What is their relationship to you? ________________________________________________________ If children, what age and gender? ___________________________________________________________ Are all family members in agreement about adopting this pet?___________________

How many hours per day will the dog be left alone?_______________________ Is this permanent?_____________ Are you planning on crate-training? Yes No When and for how long will the dog be in the crate? Please explain.__________________________________________________Where will the dog be kept during the day? _____________________________ At night? _____________________ While no one is home?_______________

Do you live in a (place an X before one): ______Private Home_____Apartment______Condo______Other Do you rent or own your home? ____________Does the lease allow pets? Yes No Landlord?s name and telephone #: ________________________________________________________________ How long have you lived at this address? _________________________________________ If less than 2 years give previous address ___________________________________________________________ Is your yard fenced? Yes No What size and height fence? __________________________________________ If no fence, what method will you use to take the dog outdoors? ________________________________________ Will the dog be allowed to run loose outside a fence?________

What is your occupation? ___________________________How long have you worked there? _______________ Name and address of employer ___________________________________________________________________ What are your work hours? _______________________

What veterinarian have you used for past and current pets? Please include phone #. ___________________________________________________________________How often have your pets seen this vet?________________________ May we check with the vet as a reference? _________________________________________________________ Why do you want this pet? ______________________________________________________________________ What qualities are most important to you in this pet?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What problems would cause you to have to return this pet?_______________________________________________________________________________ Please describe your household. (ie: active, quiet, noisy, etc.) _________________________________________________ Will you have this dog's ears cropped/tail docked?_________________

Is anyone in your household allergic to pets?______________ Will you spay or neuter your pet? Yes No Do you realize the cost of food and veterinarian care? Yes No Are you willing to take responsibility for this dog for the rest of its life, possibly 10 ? 15 years? Yes No Will you take this dog to obedience class if needed? Yes No

Thank you!

IMPORTANT- PLEASE READ: We purchase martingale-style non-slip collars for all our dogs to wear while in foster care and send them home with them when adopted. These style of collars are escape-proof and should be worn along with our Reacue ID tag for life. All dogs should be considered flight risks especially for the first several weeks in a new home, and can easily slip out of buckle collars or harnesses of spooked. We strongly recommend all dogs wear these collars at all times for safety and we order the Premier style collar from

Click here to learn more about martingale style collars and order one now

Please send donations to:
Second Chance Pet Adoption League
P.O. Box 221
Oak Ridge, N.J. 07438

Come Visit Us!
EVERY Sunday 12:30- 3 p.m.
At the Animal Clinic of Morris Plains
3009 Route 10 E. Next to 5 Star (formerly Boulder) Car Wash, Morris Plains (Denville on GPS/mapquest)
Many dogs of all ages and sizes available, purebred and mixed
For more information call: (973) 208-1054
SUNDAY 12:30 to 3pm ONLY Call: (973) 366-2568

Second Chance Pet Adoption League
P.O. Box 221
Oak Ridge, NJ 07438

Phone: 973-208-1054


Don't see the pet you are looking for here? For cats or other available dogs, try the Jefferson Pound or the Randolph Pound

Meet Buster, our "Therapy Dog"!

Buster is a unique dog with a job- he is a therapy dog for dogs! He is a 6 year old neutered male mixed breed who LOVES all female dogs, and more importantly they love him. He has a special talent for getting just about any female dog- no matter how scared, aggressive, dominant, or aloof- to be his friend. He is the official greeter in his foster home, befriending any new resident and helping them adjust faster. He has even helped dogs in other shelters previously labeled dog aggressive- he breaks the ice and has gotten several formerly hard-to-place dogs to learn to be dog-friendly and even be successfully adopted into homes with other dogs!

Sadly, despite his talent, our Buster needs some therapy of his own. He was rescued from an abusive situation and was terrified and emaciated when we got him. His original owners never brought him to a vet and did not socialize him, caging him when visitors came and purposely trying to make him aggressive. Because of his rough start, he is very fearful of new people, and protective of his home and owner. Most shelters/rescues would have been had to euthanize an unadoptable dog with Buster's issues, but he is so happy living in his foster home and is very sweet-natured and gentle with the people he trusts. He is content having a job and will dedicate his life to continuing to enrich the lives of the homeless dogs around him. After the hundreds of dogs he has helped, we think he deserves a safe place in which to live out his life!

We are very sad to announce that our founder and president Diane Becker passed away 3/18/09. In her 25+ years with Second Chance she was responsible for saving the lives of thousands of homeless p ets from area shelters. She was a great person and friend and we are grateful for the opportunity to have known her, and are committed to continuing her work.

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