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SCRAM is a non-profit, 501c3 tax exempt, animal welfare organization. *We take in, foster and socialize cats/kittens to be good house pets. *We provide for vet care as needed and have the animals spay/neutered. *We prepare these pets for adoption to good homes where the animals' needs and nature are respected. *We educate about proper pet care. *We advocate for animal interests and to ensure animal protection laws are properly enforced. *We work with the media to bring attention to animal issues and raise awareness about the need for change. What YOU can do: *Spay/neuter your pets. *Keep them safely indoors when not on a leash or confined in a fenced yard.*Intervene when you see an animal being abused or mistreated. *Call SCRAM or your local humane rescue group if you find a lost, stray or feral cat in need of help. *Communicate with your elected officials about improving our animal protection laws and ordinances. *Volunteer your time and talents to help with animal causes or foster a SCRAM cat!

SCRAM has a nice selection of cats ranging in age from 10 weeks to 8 years. All cats are vet checked, vaccinated, tested and spayed/neutered (age permitting of course). Our cats are placed in foster care where the foster care providers are carefully screened. We do hold in-store adoptions at local Petco and Petsmart stores as well as place cats/kittens for adoption in the Love A Pet Center. Not all SCRAM cats are listed on our adoptable pet list as they sometimes get adopted before they are listed. We have found this to happen frequently. We have experienced an unusual number of stray kitten calls, most of them orphaned due to the severe weather displacing so many. If you are considering adopting a kitten please take into consideration that kittens are not toys for young children. If you have a small child/children please consider adopting an older cat who is more tolerant of a young child. Please teach your child/children that these are living animals and not toys and they should treat them tenderly and respectfully. Cats are wonderful, loving creatures who deserve the love of a family. We look forward to meeting you! Our Adoption Center is located in the Woodbury Petsmart Store in Tamarack Village.

Our sponsors, to name a few, include:Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract/Cat Attract Litter, The Hilton Corp., Royal Canine Inc., Hampton Inn, Hills Science Diet, Petsmart Charities, IAMS, Petco Foundation, IDEXX Corp, Bayer Animal Health, Pet Ag Corp., Boehringer Ingelheim Corp.,Purina ProPlan,The St. Paul Hotel, MyVaporclean commercial steam cleaners and the many private donors who support our mission. We thank them for their financial and product support! Without their generosity we could not continue rescue efforts of stray/homeless cats and kittens!

"COURTESY POSTINGS": We offer this service to private individuals who rescue stray cats, provide for the spay/neuter and vet care and need an outlet for adopting the cats into loving homes. This is extended at no charge for Petfinder does not charge SCRAM for this service.

Adopting A Friend

As with all SCRAM cats, we will not allow our cats to be declawed nor roam freely outdoors. SCRAM Principles: Animals are intelligent, sentient beings. Domestic animals should live in homes not cages or outdoors. They: *need human care and interaction, *learn and respond far better to affection and rewards than to pain, punishment and humiliation, *are best kept indoors to avoid exposure to deadly diseases, protect them from predators and prevent them from preying on other animals, *should not be subjected to cosmetic surgery (ear crops) nor painful surgical amputations of healthy bone and flesh (declaws and tail docking). Spay/neuter should be mandatory to decrease pet overpopulation. Those who violate animal abuse and cruelty laws should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Animal shelters should help curb pet overpopulation, not add to it by breeding animals for profit. All breeders and shelters should be licensed with the State, spot inspected twice yearly and shut down if engaged in cruel and/or unsanitary practices.


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