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The Schipperke Club of America, Inc. Rescue. The Schipperke Club of America Rescue and Health Foundation, soon to be a 501(c)(3) organization, works to help Schipperkes in need find new, loving, forever homes and families and provides funding for the costs of any Medical / Veterinary needs for Rescued Schipperkes while with volunteer Foster Care Families. Please contact the National Coordinator, if you would like to send a donation to the SCA Rescue Organization or for more information.

Adopting a friend

Adopt an older friend. Schipperke Rescue is full of older "Ladies" and "Gentlemen" who have been given up by their families for one reason or another. They are sweet, they are lovable, and all they want is a loving home for the rest of their lives. Since most Schipperkes are now living to be into their mid teens, an 8 year old to 12 year old is still pretty young. They still have a lot of living and loving to do for that special someone willing to give their heart and home. There are many advantages to adopting an older Schipperke. They are, in general, housebroken already. (and if they do have accidents, it is infrequently). They are more willing to sit with you to watch TV, read a book, work on the computer etc., without feeling the need to chew through at least 3 computer cords and one electric cord on a regular basis. They love to go for walks without trying to fill the desire to drag you down the street as fast as they can - pulling with all their might as if they were in a weight pulling contest. Older dogs still need a fenced yard, but are willing to come in when called - in case there might be something more exciting going on inside (or maybe a cookie awaiting). They have that "been there, done that" look in their eyes that tells you they have seen a lot in their life, but are more than willing to give you a chance to become their new "next best friend". Those of us who foster these fantastic dogs just can't understand why no one wants to take them into their lives. Skipper. He came into rescue at the age of 11. He was just too afraid of everything and apparently aggressive (turns out is has all been bluff) to be put into a permanent home, so he has stayed here with us. He has mellowed in his older age, though he is still very active. He is still pretty independent, and does his own thing most of the day. However, when it comes for "walk time" he goes nuts, running and jumping around like a two year old. He is now 14, and he still walks a mile a day. Yes, he sleeps a little more, his hearing is going some and so is his eyesight, but man, he can still walk that mile each day (keeps us both in shape). So, please don't forget about these older, easier to live with dogs when it comes to looking for the wonderful companion Schipperke

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Schipperke Club of America

Schipperke Club of America Rescue Org.
North Port, FL - SCA National Rescue Coordinator
Phone: 941-240-6584
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