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Thanks to our personal friends, pet lovers across the country and Petfinder.com, we have found loving homes for all our adoptable pets. None had to go to an uncertain future. Drifter is now protector and companion to ten Indiana University students who share a house near campus. Indy is going to a forever home in Mass. as soon as we can formulate travel plans with his new family. Wag returned to her previous owner whom we know will find the best future for Wag. Big Foot went to Ft. Wayne, Indiana and a loving couple who had recently lost their Newfie and offer four acres and a pond to the big boy. Tippy is staying with us. She is losing weight, getting around much better, and has adopted US as her family, picking fights with Leah every time she sits down for a rest. We are sending a personal pet, Wilson, to my eldest daughter and her husband, who have always loved Wilson. We had to keep our personal pet number to four in our new home. As to our new home, we are only six miles from our previous location, in a lovely 3 bedroom/2 bath brick home on one acre, not conducive to rescueing. However, we have heard from two no-kill rescuers in this area and a property owner with 12 acres to offer to the rescue venture, along with several willing to offer personal time and effort toward the continuance of animal rescue in our area. So, with time and reorganization, we may be able to announce that we, along with many friends, are back in saving and finding homes for the lost babies here. We are keeping our Petfinder site so as to update and inform as things alter. We send love and prayers to each of you who care for and protect the voiceless, human-dependent but unwanted animals in this world. More later. Toni & Leah


This is a list of our current volunteers. These wonderful people have done a tremendous amount to help us raise funds and to improve SCARF's facilities. It's a short but important list: Laura and Terry Tyler, Tricia Anderson, Kelly and KW Davis. Thank you, friends! We couldn't do it without you.

Substantial Contributions

Phyllis Newman, Bill and Julie Lauderdale, Tricia Anderson, Terri and Rusty Caldwell, Laurel and Kevin Collins, Elaine Ferguson, Gerald Hammond, Daryl Garmon, Rob and Leigh Wiseman Thank you all! Your support is deeply appreciated.

Who We Are

We are a mother/daughter team of animal lovers who have taken in animals that have been thrown away in our area, and we have gone to local kill shelters to adopt personal pets. We realize there are thousands of animals out there needing homes, many pure bred, and there is no need to go to a breeder for a loving companion.

Adopting a friend

We like to do a five minute interview to make sure that the dog you want is going to be a good fit for you, energy and personality wise. We also like to do a home check, which is just a quick inspection for things that a particular animal might have a problem with and to make sure the setting is compatible for the energy level of that particular dog. Finally, we like for potential adopters to visit the pet of their choice for at least an hour. We want you to have a dog, or two, (okay, or three), but we want to make sure you and the dog(s) are happy for life. It hurts to give up a pet, even if it is a bad fit, and it hurts the pet too. All adoptions have a fee, which not only helps defray the cost of spaying, neutering, shots and daily upkeep of running a facility but it also prevents unscrupulous people from getting dogs to sell to animal-testing labratories. We have many dogs who need loving, smoke-free forever homes. :o) We are always here for you to answer questions and to assist with training needs. We highly recommend "The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan" on the National Geographic Channel as an exellent source for training information and for learning about animal behavior and animal language. You can visit his website here: www.cesarmillaninc.com


We need blankets, doggie beds, towels, pet shampoo, crates, collars, leashes, rubber toys, rawhide and pork chews and of course, cash so we can pay the vet. (NOT AT THIS TIME)

Come Visit Us!

We can be contacted by personal cell phones at 850/585/0901 or 850/585/4053
Spencer County Animal Rescue Friends
7148 E. county road 1350 N.
Lamar, Indiana 47550
Email: SpencerCARF@gmail.com
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