Glynnis's Guineas is a small home based rescue for Guinea Pigs and occasionally other small and fuzzy friends. We take in piggies from both shelters and from people whom for one reason or another can no longer care for their piggie. It is our goal to find the best safe and loving home for each furry friend.
At Glynnis's Guineas have never bred Guinea Pigs, however have cared for piggies from birth due to pet shop error and owner accidents. None of the Guinea Pigs on this site are for breeding purposes. Too many animals don't have homes already.
Glynnis's Guinea Mission Statement: To help Guinea Pigs in need by provideing a Safe Home Environment until an approved is found. We also focus on Education about Guinea Pigs and other animals to promote better living situations as well as fewer unwanted pets.
Prior to contacting us we require you do preliminary research using the links below! Thank You!
Adoptable Pets
Supplies and Cage Recommendations
Adopting a friend!
Single Guinea Pig- $15.00
Same Sex Pairs- $ 25.00
Same Sex Trio- $ 30.00

Other Animals then Piggies will be listed in the petfinder listing!
Pets that Found Their Forever Homes
About Glynnis's Guineas
Links for other Guinea Pig related sites
Suggested Donations
Please feel free to contact us if your interested in Adopting a new friend, or have any other questions.

Glynnis Fowler, Head of Glynnis's Guineas

Located in South Whitehall/Allentown

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Donations are not tax deductable at this time.
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