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Who We Are

South Atlanta Guinea Pig Rescue is a home based and family run rescue.

We started as a foster home for guinea pigs that had been taken out of bad situations. We kept them on a temporary basis until established rescues could take them in and find permanent homes for them. During this time we met many other rescuers in other cities and realized the need for such a rescue here. While I was considering whether this was an option or not, other guinea pigs were finding their way to me with the help of some volunteers, so we decided that we had to establish ourselves as a rescue. Our household consists of two Boston Terriers, and our own guinea pig herd of four, and three children.

Many of the guinea pigs that we have rescued have been animals that were left at shelters by their owners. Most people that dump their pets at shelters do so because they were not educated on the care of a guinea pig or expected their children to care for it only to find that children lose interest before the lifespan of a guinea pig, which is usually 5 - 7 years, but they can live as long as 10 years.

This is why adoption is such a wise choice. We can help educate you on the care, cage selection, veterinary referrals and offer ongoing support and information for the life of your new pet. We will only adopt to families as children’s pet if the child is over 6 years of age and ONLY if the adult realizes that the responsibility for this animal will ultimately be the adults. They also make great pets for adults who want a furry friend.

Things to Know About Guinea Pigs

The proper name for a guinea pig is a cavy. They need Vitamin C, fresh water, plain high quality guinea pig pellets, unlimited hay, and fresh vegetables every day. Female guinea pigs are called sows. Sows can become pregnant as young as 4 weeks old. A guinea pig needs a cage that has a minimum of 4 square feet of floor space for one cavy, and you should add atleast 1.5 square foot per additional cavy. Wire bottom cages can not be used, as these hurt their feet. Aquariums are also not appropriate due to limited floor space and poor ventilation.

For more information on raising healthy cavies go to

Adopting a Friend

If you are considering adopting one our animals, we do require an interview so that we can learn about you, and so you can be sure that a guinea pig is right for your family. It is our goal to place all of our animals into loving, caring and responsible forever homes.

All adoptors will be required to sign a contract that states our animals will not be bred and will live inside in a cage that is appropriate for the number of guinea pigs that you have.

Our adoption fees for guinea pigs are $20 for one, or $30 for a pair. We encourage adoption of pairs, as they are herd animals and are much happier when living in pairs or more. Our adoption fee helps us with the cost of care for these animals such as food, bedding and Veterinary care. With every adoption a spot opens for us to take in another animal that may otherwise die in a shelter. Donations of supplies or food are always needed and greatly appreciated! If you wish to make a donation to help our shelter without adopting, you can do so by clicking the make donation button below. Every little bit helps save a life.

Ask about our package deal. You can adopt a guinea pig or two and we can build you a custom cage for a fraction of the cost of a store cage. Store cages are usually much too small for a guinea pig to live in. Check out some of these type cages at!

Come Visit Us!

You are always welcome to come by and visit us, our guinea pigs always welcome extra attention, but as we are a home based rescue, we do ask that you make an appointment. We are located in the South Atlanta Metro Area off of I-75S. Please call for directions.
South Atlanta Guinea Pig Rescue
Phone: 678-409-2744


Page updated August 19, 2004.

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