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Miss Katie is a BEAUTIFUL Malamute and she was not in a good situation. The shelter contacted me about her and Miss Katie was being held on an abusive/starvation court case. We waited almost a year to get her and the judge finally released her after 1 year and 17 days in the shelter! I was so glad to finally get her and get her in my care! She came terrified of men and little kids, and me. But I worked with her faithfully and knew in my heart that she was wanting love! I would sit with her for hours on end working on her trust! Finally I was able to get her to trust me and she came into my acre fenced yard to play. She only came to me. We had her in the house and she slept by my bed. Totally housebroke and great with all my dogs here! I was so proud of her. I really wanted to keep her, but I was not the best home for her. Too much activity and she needed more mellow surroundings. Well, I found the perfect home for her and let her go. That was one of the hardest placements, but one of the best!! She is in a home where the man of the house in home a lot and the lady only is part time working.....Needless to say, Miss Katie is now happy, playing with both of the them and trusting them completely. This makes me soooo happy and proud to be able to say, I rescue dogs!


You can mail a check or money order WSSR, inc.(PO Box 792 Sagle, ID 83860 ) :

Our new rescue name is Western State Siberian Rescue, inc. as a 5013c and am proud of my accoomplishment:
bubbleskjh@gmail.com as alpenglow email has been closed down due to personal reasons

Thank you in advance for everything, including the prayers for these dogs!
Thank you for looking at my site!

SANDY is a sweet, shy, lovable little angel girl who needed a little TLC and she got it, she loves her new Mom and Sister.....

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Sasha's Legacy of Western State Siberian Rescue, Inc. tries to help with Montana and Wyoming shelters as well as Idaho. Also most Northern Breeds are welcome to ask for help and I will see what we can do. My name "sashaslegacy" is for the first dog I was able to have as we were not allowed to have dogs growing up. Sasha was my first dog who was my soul mate and I loved very much and still miss her. She was an Alaskan Malamute and perfect in every way. Sasha was the one who helped me help other dogs as she also welcomed all the dogs I found with open paws. Sasha was the why I started rescue.

We are a private group who loves the Northern Breeds and are willing to help with word of mouth, fostering, transporting, and finding homes for the ones that are unwanted. This rescue welcomes the dogs into warm environment of the home setting, getting used to home life, kids, and if they want a buddy or not.

There is an application that I require that I can mail/fax/email. After reviewing and we talk, there is a contract that I require to have signed and agree with on the new adoption. If possible, would like to have new adopters meet the dog before adopting. There will be a home check also before the adoption is completed.

Please scroll down for the Potential Rescue Dog Adopter Information.

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This is a private group and will give directions as needed. The owner is near ID/WA and there are others out there in nearby areas too that are part of the rescue and help.
Sasha's Legacy of Western States Siberian Rescue Inc.

Sandpoint, ID
Phone: 208-255-6331
Fax: 208-263-6732
Please email first before faxing or calling.
Email: mukel@aol.com
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Wonderful log dog beds for sale! This size fits my Alaskan Malamute old girl and she LOVES it! It is only $115 for this size! I know have 3 and it is still not enough for all the dogs, but don't have room in my garage! All sizes available! Please email for more information and pictures. Website: www.geocities.com/htmlguy2000 Email: IdahoArcher@hotmail.com

"http://www.cesarmillaninc.com" This is an excellent site, and I recommend watching Cesar Millan's shows! I have learned a lot by Cesar's ways to help animals! I use Cesar's practice along with my own to get the very scared/timid dog to be able to be a dog and proud again! These practices also helps any of the rescues I bring in! Amazing what love and affection and attention can do!

Potential Rescue Dog Adopter Information Thank you for your interest in our dogs. We would appreciate your answering the following questions so that we can more easily test and select the right puppy/dog for you. All information is confidential. Thank you for your cooperation and help in answering our questions. (If no phone number is given, this application will be discarded.)
Your name __________________________
Address ______________________________
City _______________________________
State ______
Zip _______________
Phone Numbers: (home) ____________________ (work) ___________________
Good time to call if we need to reach you: ________________________________
Email address: ______________________________________________________
Alternative email address:______________________________________________
Family Data:
Are you ______married or _______ single?
If Married, does your spouse approve of getting this dog? ________
Your age: ______ Children ________ Ages ________________
Occupation of adult(s) in family ____________________________________________
Others in household who will have contact with the dog _________________________
Why are you interested in obtaining one of our Alaskan Malamutes/Siberian Husky’s? __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________
What qualities do you like in the Malamute/Husky? __________________________________
What don't you want to find in a Malamute/Husky? _________________________________
Have you ever owned a Malamute/Husky before? ___________________________________
Are you committed to caring for this dog for its lifetime? _______________
Where will the dog stay during the day? _____________ The night?_____________
Are you interested in a puppy?____ Older dog ____ Acceptable age range________
Male_____ Female _____ No Preference _____
Do you have a fenced yard?_____ (required)
How high?____________ ( chicken wire not acceptable and describe the fencing material___________________________________________________________)
Previously owned dogs:_____________________________________________________
Dogs present at home now (breed, age, sex):________________________________ _____________________________________________
Are they spayed/neutered?____
Other pets currently owned: ______________________________________________
Name of your vet: ________________________________________________________
Have you ever raised a puppy before?_______
What books have you read on dog care and training?________________________________________________________
Would you be willing to obedience train a dog that you got from this rescue organization if it was recommended or required as being in the best interests of the dog and you? _______________________________________________________
Would you be willing to allow a rescue member to visit your home by appointment? ________
How did you hear about this organization? _____________________________________
Please list 3 references of name, address and phone number below:
1.____________________________________________________________________________ 2.____________________________________________________________________________ 3.____________________________________________________________________________
Please add any other information you wish us to consider in placing one of our Malamutes/Husky’s with you. We would appreciate it if you would give us a little insight into the expectations you may have for this new addition to your family.
Thank you again -- your interest is deeply appreciated. Please Return to Karen murkel@aol.com