Rabbit Rescue of Louisiana (RR/La)

Rabbit Rescue of Louisiana (RR/La)

A Rabbit, Small Pet, Barnyard Pet, and Fish Rescue

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We are not featuring many pets right now, as we are still trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina. However, if you are looking to adopt, or have a rabbit or other animal in need of placement, feel free to e-mail because we might be able to assist you.

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Easter & Bunnies, Ducks, and Chicks

Although the tiny baby bunnies, chicks, and ducks filling the pet stores at Eastertime are very appealing, they are part of a vicious cycle that repeats itself year after year. Rabbits and other pets are raised in much less than ideal conditions in "bunny mills," then sold to pet stores at an early age, almost always as "dwarfs," no matter the breed. The pet stores then sell the animals to anyone with the money to buy. Vet care is rarely or never provided, at the breeder or the store, and education and animal welfare are secondary to the sale. Babies who grow "too big" to be sold as pets are often sold as snake food.
The result is that many people buy these animals on impulse or as gifts, and the pets are discarded when they become a nuisance, develop behavioral problems, grow "too large", or the newness just wears off. They may be put in a hutch or the backyard and ignored, given away, abandoned, or killed outright. The lucky ones end up in shelters.
In fact, the House Rabbit Society estimates that 90% of rabbits never live to see their first year! Ducks and Chicks are even less fortunate.Of those that do make it that far, even fewer can expect to live the long, full lives that they should.
There is no reason to buy a bunny when so many rabbits end up in shelters. Thousands are euthanized each year because they do not have homes. If your local shelter doesn't have any rabbits, that's probably because either they don't handle rabbits, they don't offer rabbits for adoption to the public when they get them, or something else is happening to the unwanted rabbits in your area. Many millions more rabbits are killed, neglected, or abandoned because people misunderstand their needs. The rabbits, chickens, and ducks sold at Easter are NOT wild animals! They are completely dependent on their human caretakers.
Before you buy that Easter bunny, duck, or chick think about those who have to deal with the effects of Easter year-round: the shelters, rescues, and especially the animals. Of course, these points are not limited to Easter, and they are the same for other species.
If you think you can commit to a pet for it's natural lifespan, don't buy from a pet store. Adopt a rescued pet, or, if none are available, find a responsible local breeder.

Who We Are

RR/La is a no-kill rabbit, small pet, barnyard pet, and fish rescue that operates through the kind efforts of rescuers, shelters, volunteers, and foster homes. We were founded because of the real need for an organization to help primarily non dog/cat type animals, especially rabbits, who may tend to "fall through the cracks" in many shelters already overburdened with the needs of multitudes of dogs and cats. We also occasionally rescue guinea pigs (cavies), gerbils, hamsters, fish, mice, rats, and barnyard fowl, when foster homes are available.
If you or anyone you know is interested in helping us in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We can always use even the littlest bit of help! It goes a long way!

Adopting a friend

Rabbits have as varied personalities and need as much attention as a dog or cat, and do not do well when kept primarily caged, and isolated from the family. They should be allowed to spend time with the family, and to develop their personalities to their full potential.

All rabbits adopted through RR/La are litter box trained, spayed/neutered, and have been vet-checked and evaluated before adoptions are finalized. Adoption fees are $50 for a single rabbit, or $60 for a bonded pair. This helps to cover the cost of neutering, and helps with medical expenses. Adoption fees vary for larger groups of bonded bunnies. The bunny will be spayed or neutered before he/she goes to a new home. They must be allowed to exercise at least four hours per day in a bunny-proofed area, and we do not adopt out bunnies younger than 12 weeks of age, as they are too young to be spayed or neutered.

All small pets adopted through RR/La are handled, vet-checked, and evaluated before adoption. Male Guinea Pigs are neutered and both sexes of Rats are also neutered, depending on health/age. Small Pet adoption fees vary by species and age. Except for guinea pigs, they must be kept as indoor pets. We do not adopt any animals as snake food!!

All barnyard pets adopted through RR/La are handled, vet-checked, and evaluated before adoption. Their adoption fees vary by species and age. They must be kept in a manner appropriate to their species, and will not be adopted as food animals!

All fish adopted through RR/La are evaluated and watched closely to be sure that they are healthy. Their adoption fees and requirements vary based on species and difficulty of care. They must be kept in a manner appropriate to their species. We do not adopt any animals as feeders!

Come Visit Us!

We do not have a shelter facility at this time, due to Hurricane Katrina. We do, however, have a yahoo group for people interested in rabbit rescue, or who are looking to place or adopt a rabbit or other small animal.

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Rabbit Rescue of Louisiana (RR/La)
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