Tuesday, August 4, 2009

About Rodney's Rescue Connections

Welcome to Rodney's Rescue Connections
We are a very small rescue/educational/event group. We do not have a physical shelter and fur babies that we have for adoption are normally housed in boarding facilities.

We are an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the humane treatment and respect of all companion animals and wildlife. We promote our cause through rescue, outreach, eduation and events that promote companion animals as part of the family and wildlife as creatures to be respected.

Because of limited funds and facilities, we are not able to take in any fur babies, exotics or wildlife from the public

We are a non profit organization, subsiting only on the income of the director. We are are a Texas recognized non-profit organization, but we are not yet a federally recogonized non-profit (501 C 3). We are in the process of submitting our application to the IRS.

We are in need of donations. Any monies sent to us will be used only to help sick injured animals, or to provide education, information, supplies to help keep pets in their home or to help others who help strays. We also promote events that promote dogs and cats are part of the family in a hope to keep animals at home with their families - and keep them off the streets.

Until we gain our federal non-profit status, any donations to our organization are not tax deductable. If you would like to Donate to a 501 C 3, check out Pause for Paws Pause for Paws Home Page . Another great organization is Love for Pause
Another organization that needs help is the San Antonio Chapter of Dogs Deserve Better. They help to get dogs off of chains/tethers.

Donations to our organization can be sent to:
Rodney's Rescue Connections
P O Box 33241
San Antonio, TX 78265
Phone: 210-649-0391
Email: rescue.connections@yahoo.com

Click here for a list of pets at this shelter
Because of very limited funds, we are unable to take in any fuzzy, feathery, or scaly friends at the moment. It's a sad fact that many animals in San Antonio are stray, homeless or lost and most shelters/rescue groups are overflowing. Please see below for resources

Shelters and Rescue Groups in San Antonio and surrounding areas