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Politically Incorrect Commentary from our Cats

(Not necessarily the opinion of management.)

We know times are tough for some of you humans out there. Some of our friends have been dumped or abandoned because their people lost their home. You might think you are doing us a favor by dumping or leaving us and not taking us to a shelter, but consider this: Some of our friends who were dumped or abandoned were hit by cars to suffer on the side of the road before dying, mangled by dogs, slowly eaten alive by parasite larva or starved to death. We don't like the word euthanasia much, either, but our friends who have died in horrible ways would have said it would be easier to die humanely in the hands of a caring shelter employee. Don't fool yourself into thinking if you dump us we will be picked up by some miracle and find a great home; most of us will die painful deaths. If we go to a shelter, we do have a chance to be seen and adopted or die more humanely. Thanks for doing the humane thing, taking us to a shelter.

Comment two: WE ARE NOT VEGETARIANS! We need meat protein. If you want to be a vegetarian, fine, but don't impose your views on us. God created us as carnivores, and if you can't live with that, you don't have to live with us! Health problems will ensue.

To our cat-loving and adopting viewers . . .

Please call to make an appointment to visit! It is very difficult to get good pictures of kitties and you certainly can't get an idea of their purr-sonalities without meeting them. I have had several people say "the pictures just didn't do this cat justice". All the cats are treated like pets in our home, so please understand we can't do walk-ins. We do welcome visitors by appointment on weekends and sometimes weekday evenings, so please give our cats a chance at a great forever home. Thanks!

Who We Are

Riley's Ark is named for a beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier who died at the age of 15 with cancer. She was so good with so many types of animals that we chose to honor her in this way. Riley's Ark is located in Harrison County, Indiana. Animal control in this county is often "if it doesn't belong on your property, shoot it." Our rescued cats live under foot in our home with lots of other animals and human socialization. We like to say they are "pre-spoiled". Cats, a 50-pound Bull Terrier Mix and pugs are used to living together. When the cats live with us, we feel we are better able to assess each one's individual needs.

Adopting a friend

Adopting a cat is a lifetime commitment. All adoptable cats have current vaccinations and been spayed or neutered except for courtesy postings, which can vary. As a potential adopter, you agree to maintain appropriate medical care and any necessary licensing, and to provide proper nutrition and housing for your new family member. If any circumstances arise that make this no longer possible, you agree to contact us and we will arrange to find a new home for the cat. A home visit is required, along with references, so if you are not willing to give us this information, please don't contact us. A non-refundable adoption donation helps to defray costs of medical care, housing and feeding and varies depending on the cat's situation. Please email or call for specific adoption costs. You will find that we are quite reasonable compared to many rescues and shelters, and since our cats are kept under foot, rather than in cages, they are often better socialized, too. Please consider if you can't afford the adoption fee, how will you afford: A lifetime of food, litter and toys? Vet bills for yearly check-ups and vaccines? Emergency treatment, should it be necessary? Other expenses of caring for a cat?

Come Visit Us!

You can visit us by appointment. Call us anytime (812) 737-2018 about adoptions and leave a message. We'll call back. We do not take pet surrenders.
Rileys Ark
Phone number: 812-737-2018, leave message

Donate a Bed
Our cats love to sleep on Kuranda cat beds, but we don't have enough for everyone. If you would like to donate a bed at a special wholesale price for a another cat to sleep in comfort, please donate a Kuranda cat bed.

We would greatly appreciate a donation through the donation button below. The money will help us pay for spay/neuter, vet bills, feeding and housing. It costs $5 a week to keep an average, healthy cat, so imagine what it costs to take care of the many cats who come in sick and/or injured. We go through 200 pounds of litter, 100 pounds of food, plus various medications every month! Thanks for your support!

Please support our sponsors!

Riley's Ark uses and recommends Melaleuca chemical-free cleaning products for your home, which are safer to use around pets and your family. They are based on Tea Tree Oil. Call or email me for more information and to become a preferred customer! Avoid possible liver damage or skin problems to you and your pets and kids from harsh chemicals found in many commercial household cleaning products!

We also use and recommend the Oreck line of vacuum cleaners. If it works in a house with 18 cats, imagine what it can do for you!

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