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First and foremost; this Rescue is not in the business of buying and selling dogs. The Adoption fees are designed to recoup part of the vetting expense for each furkid.

We are an all-volunteer group. No one is paid a salary or compensated for their time.

There is NO facility and NO browsing hours. From beginning to end, each adoption takes multiple hours for us to complete. We thank you for respecting all of our volunteers' time and energy spent to rehome our furkids.


Adoption fees vary in general from $150 to $250, depending on the age of the dog.

(In reality the cost for vet care for the older dogs is much higher than for puppies. Puppy adoption fees help defray the cost for the older dogs.)

Average expense for each dog;

Spay/Neuter: $100+

Dental: $80+ (Extractions are extra, ~$40 each tooth)

Bloodwork: $75+

X-Ray: $45+

Office Visit: $40

Heartworm Test: $40

Rabies Shot: $20

Yearly Booster Shots: $20

Heartworm Preventive: $15 per month

Flea Preventive: $15 per month

De-wormer: $15

Food: $25+ per month


Our adoptions are specific to each dog.

Our adoption process is designed to help carefully match a pet with both your lifestyle and well as their individual needs in mind.

Our emphasis is placed on the quality of our adoptions rather than quantity of adoptions completed. We are not in the business of selling pets and as such we are not a cash and carry rescue.

In place of a required home visit, applicants must provide at least one reference from a pet professional (ie: veterinarian, animal trainer, or local humane organization).

We require ALL current pets in the home to be spayed/neutered. If you are applying for one of our dogs from out of state, please note that we DO NOT SHIP OUR DOGS. You must be willing to make the trip to meet us and your potential new family member. We expect the entire family to come, including any other current canine companions to assure compatibility of all fami ly members.

Most of our dogs require a securely fenced yard (they are at flight risk) unless noted otherwise. We do NOT approve of electric/invisible fences, dog runs, or tie-out chains.

Home Questionnaire/ Adoption Application

Who We Are


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About Home for Disposable Pets

We are a Kansas registered Not for Profit, no kill, Rescue Sanctuary dedicated to rehabilitating retired breeder dogs. Although our main focus is helping  ex breeder dogs in need, if space allows we wi ll help with owner surrenders on occasion.

There are no salaries here for what we do. We get paid with sloppy kisses and a warm body to snuggle up with while they are with us. Our emphasis is placed on the quality of our adoptions rather than quantity of adoptions completed. We are not in the business of selling pets and as such we are not a cash and carry rescue.   Our main goal is to rescue & rehab retired breeder dogs and to place them into permanent loving homes if possible or offer them a place to call home here with us. 

There is always a shortage of funding which directly impacts our ability to rescue animals. Please consider donating towards our endless expenses.

Our mission;

Our mission is focused on the rescue, rehabilitation , and lifetime health and happiness of the dogs placed in our care.


Our vision

We envisions a day when companion animals are no longer being neglected or abused

; no longer exploited by human greed, (bred for the almighty $ while merely existing in a tiny caged prison)

; when no healthy or treatable shelter dog or cat is lead from its cage to die, only to make room for another.

We work for the day when our efforts are no longer needed.

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Most of us here came from commercial breeding facilities.

Our Vet expense is usually quite high because we never receiving any vet care.

Some of us have ongoing medical issues, some have special dietary needs.

Some of us will call the sanctuary our home because we are not  able to adjust to being pets ( this big ol world out there is just to scary) or medical needs beyond most peoples capabilities..........

The Rescue relies on donations to save/rehabilitate/care for us, with out your support it is not possible.

Everybody can help/do something. Volunteer, foster, donate, help with items on the wish list, sponsor one of us..........the pawsibilities are endless.

Donations go directly to the hands on care of us 4legged ones, no one around here gets paid.

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