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WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT IN A POSITION TO TAKE ANY NEW DOGS INTO OUR CARE ~~~~~~~NEW CONTACT NUMBERS AND E-MAIL ADDRESSES: Whether you are a member of the public or are a shelter and you need help with placing a dog or finding a new family member please contact intake@qclabrescue.org or call # 815 871 4394. ~~~~~~~~~

The test of a true dog lover - of our commitment and loyalty, comes when life is difficult - to unselfishly do what is right for our dog in every circumstance. Anyone can do the right thing when its easy to do, It takes true character and unconditional love to do the right thing when its difficult.

Who We Are

Big dogs , particularly black ones are the hardest dogs to place into adoptive homes, but many large breeds fit easier into a home than smaller breeds who can be 'busy' and demanding. Labs are known for their loving, eager to please and versatile natures. Prone to unending enthusiasm for love, life and food, most labs can become model citizens both inside and outside the home when given enough love and exercise and taught proper manners. This is truly a phenomenal all round breed.

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. If we do not currently have a lab available that is the right match for you, we can maybe direct you to where there is one in need that maybe suitable. Online application form

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Administrative Snail Mail address for Donations and enquiries:
Q.C. Lab Rescue
P.O. Box 41, Eldridge, IA 52748

Phone: 563 343 7319

Email: info@qclabrescue.org
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