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Occasionally, Absolutely Purrfect will help families needing assistance finding homes for their pets. Although an Absolutely Purrfect volunteer may be the initial contact, these pets are considered private adoptions and Absolutely Purrfect is not responsible for anything other than the service of posting the pet on our adoptable pet list.

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Adoption Days & Events

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Petco in Allentown at the Tilghman Square Shopping Plaza from 12:30 to 3:00pm.

Map to our Petco Adoption Site in Allentown, PA

Petco in Wyomissing at the Broadcasting Square Shopping Plaza from 12:30 to 3:00pm.

Map to our Petco Adoption Site in Wyomissing, PA

Who We Are

Absolutely Purrfect is a non-profit rescue concentrating on assisting homeless cats and kittens rescued in Lehigh, Northampton, and Berks Counties. We are a devoted network of volunteers who have opened our homes as a temporary sanctuary for these furry friends.

We believe that every homeless cat - whether he has been abused or abandoned, or she is unwanted by her owner or a lonely stray - deserves a safe and loving "Forever Home," and it is our principal goal to help each and every one of them we rescue find one.

What We Do

We are dedicated to improving the welfare of our stray and abandoned rescues while we help them find their purrfect forever home.

Unlike traditional animal shelters, our fostering network provides unique, open and loving homes, where our feline friends can thrive in a healthy and loving environment until their purrfect forever home is found through the Petfinder website and Adoption Day events.

How We Do It

Fostering is the key to our successful placement of homeless cats. By knowing how our feline friends behave in their foster homes, our volunteers know what type of forever home will suit the individual needs of each and every one, making it possible for us to help each of our feline friends and his or her prospective family find the right match.

Purrfect Homes for Purrfect Companions

The success of our fostering and placement programs depends largely on working one-on-one with each of our fosters and his or her prospective family. So, if we seem a bit overprotective, that's because we are!

We work with only a few foster cats at a time, so we naturally develop a strong relationship with each of them but this is our key to ensuring that each cat we rescue will find the best home possible, and that his or her new family has found a purrfect feline companion.

And we also know that as soon as we say "Goodbye" to a fostered friend, we'll be saying "Hello!" to another in need of a forever home.

Adopting a friend

To begin the process of adopting your new feline friend from us, you'll first need to select him or her. You can do this by visiting our Berks county Petfinder website, or our Lehigh and Northampton county Petfinder website where you can browse photos and descriptions of our available fosters. Or you can visit us in person at our adoption day events, and meet your potential friend one-on-one.

Please note, however, that we do not generally allow same-day or out-of-state adoptions. Although we may occasionally permit such adoptions after we conclude a preliminary reference check, such cases are an exception, and not the rule. These restrictions provide us the time and logistics to do home visits, which are essential to ensuring a purrfect forever home.

Once you make your choice, you'll need to complete an application. To get an application, simply send an email to the contact designated on our Petfinder website for the cat in which you're interested, ask one of our representatives at an adoption day event, or download it right to your computer.

After we run preliminary reference checks, we'll let you know whether or not you're approved for the adoption, and work with you from there to complete the process of welcoming your new friend to his or her purrfect forever home.

Our Adoption Donation and Medical Care Package

Your adoption donation goes directly toward medical care for our rescues. Each of Absolutely Purrfect's foster cats receives the following health care prior to adoption:
  • Spay or Neuter
  • Distemper combo (FVRCP) Vaccination
  • Rabies Vaccination
  • Feline Leukemia/FIV testing
  • Flea & Tick Treatment
  • Worming Medications

    We medically evaluate all of our fosters before they are available for adoption. If any medical problem arises, it is addressed by our vets. We try our best to keep our fosters healthy, but we cannot guarantee they won't encounter health problems at some point in their life. Having a vet you trust is the most important step in maintaining your cats' health.

    If a cat tests positive for FIV, that information will be indicated in the cat's description. Cats with FIV can live long lives, and the risk of viral transmission to other cats is extremely low if the cats are not fighting. See our page on FIV for more information.

    If a cat tests positive for FeLV, we usually try to place the cat in a home with no other cats, or with other FeLV-positive cats. These cats are not usually listed for adoption, so if you have a suitable home, please contact us for more information.

    Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs

    If you have strays in your neighborhood, become part of the solution to end animal overpopulation: SPAY & NEUTER! There are several low cost spay/neuter programs in Berks and Lehigh Counties. These programs make it affordable and as easy as possible to have cats spayed/ neutered and vaccinated.

  • Dog & Cat Hospital's Low Cost Clinic (Berks Co.): 484-336-6763

  • Peaceable Kingdom's Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic (Lehigh Co.): 610-432-2532

  • No Nonsense Neutering (Lehigh & Berks Cos.): 1-866-820-2510

    Can't Adopt?

    Of course, we understand that not everyone who wants to help homeless felines can adopt a cat or kitten. There are lots of reasons why adoption isn't always possible. But don't worry! If you can't adopt a feline friend but still want to make a difference in the lives of our feline friends, there are many other ways you can help out, by donating supplies, pet store gift cards, iGive or Amazon Smile contributions, or your time!

    If you shop online, please put our iGive account or put Amazon Smile to good use! Absolutely Purrfect can benefit from your purchases online. Simply visit iGive and help us raise money for our furry rescues!

    Shop on Amazon often? Please help support us visit Amazon Smile

    Please remember that any donation you give will help us continue our mission to provide help for homeless cats. We are a no kill 501(c)(3) rescue group, and we provide more vet care than kill shelters. Vet bills for sick or injured rescues, routine medical supplies, feline leukemia tests, flea and tick treatments are all costly and increase dramatically when there are a number of cats in your care. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

    Please mail your tax deductible donations to:

    Absolutely Purrfect
    PO Box 11
    Lenhartsville, PA 19534

    You may also contact one of our volunteers to arrange for us to receive your donation, or even better, stop by one of our adoption days and drop-off your donation in person. (Who knows? You might even meet a new feline friend who'll change your mind about adoption!)

    Accepting Homeless Cats

    Our first responsibility is to the cats currently in our care. Unfortunately, this means that we are not able to take in an unlimited number of cats and kittens, which would overwhelm our volunteers.

    In order to provide top quality and consistent care for our rescues, we can only accept intakes when room is available.

    If you are interested in becoming a foster home for Absolutely Purrfect, please contact us for more information:

    Absolutely Purrfect
    PO Box 11
    Lenhartsville, PA 19534

    Email: absolutelypurrfectcatrescue.org
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