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Aside from escalating and never ending vet bills we appreciate any help for the rescued pugs.

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HELP OR NEED TO SURRENDER A PUG IN NEED? We rescue pugs throughout NJ. We even help pugs from surrounding states!.

If there is a pug in need of help or a home or if you have to surrender your pug contact Pug Planet Rescue at:

Email: PugPlanet@aol.com

PUGS! PUGS! PUGS! Welcome to PUG PLANET!! Would you like to help the Pugs? Fostering a pug IS Helping to SAVE a Pug!

Pug Planet NEEDS Pug Loving Foster Homes in ALL areas of NJ! Fostering a pug until a forever home is found is a very rewarding experience. Please email us for info. PugPlanet@aol.com

Meet our Mascot: RAMBO! We appreciate any help for the pugs in rescue! It's very difficult to find special needs pugs a forever home. We make a commitment to pugs like Rambo until the perfect home is found. Your support helps us care and take in more pugs that need our help. Rambo has a long story we hope you'll read about his courage, strength, perseverance and love!! Rambo wasn't named Rambo for nothing!
Rambo (photo on Right)& his sister Scarlet(Left) were found abandoned in a box in the streets of Philadelphia to fend for themselves. These poor pups had serious deformities on their front legs. Definitely a genetic flaw. This left the pups unable to walk on their paws so instead they are crawling on their forearms w/ their butts high in the air to get around. However they are not in any apparent pain. They have learned to get around pretty quick. They wag their tails and love to play. Scarlet eventually found a forever home!

Rambo remains with us in rescue and he is now 9 yrs old. Continue to read throughout his years in our care he has had hip surgery and surgeries on his knees yet continues to amaze us every day! He is just like any other pug despite his "disabilities" should see how fast he can boogie around ! His front arms have deformaties but if that were not enough Rambo had hip surgery on 2-26-09. He had Leg Perthes Disease.This is a genetic disease found in young pugs. The blood supply gets compromised in the hip and there is a fracture as a result of this genetic disease. The orthopedist took him right into surgery created a hip joint for Rambo as well as fix the blood supply and remove any diseased tissue. These first 2 weeks were restricted to just doing his "business" outside. The following 4-6 weeks physical therapy. Staples will came out in 10-14 days. (Below is Rambos full story).

OCT 2012:Poor Rambo can't get a break! He started having trouble getting around since he had hip surgery for Legg Perthes Disease and we though the other side of his hip was the problem but it's his knees!! Yes both knees! The right is worse then the left. They are called "trick knees" or luxating patellas. Both his knees pop in and out but the right does not pop back in. So the plan will be to start with Rambo's right knee to surgically correct it. He will have a long recovery. Surgery involves deepening the knee cap groove and realigning the knee cap with the groove. Typical recovery time (for dogs walking normally on the front legs) is approximately 2-3 months. It might take Rambo a little longer given his front leg issues. So the plan will be to start with Rambo's right knee to surgically correct it.

:RAMBO HAD THE 2nd of TWO KNEE SURGERIES ON MONDAY, FEB. 27th 2012!! Pretty soon he will be able to stand up on both back feet again! ** Rambo was happy to be home. He cried several times through the evening. The following night he made it through w/o any cries. He cannot have any activity except for bathroom breaks for the next 2 weeks. During these 2 weeks he will receive a strong antibiotic and 2 pain meds that also help w/ inflammation. Inflammatory med will continue for the next month. Ice packs 3x a day will also be applied given he tolerates it. Like the other knee he had surgery on in October this one also has pins. The stitches come out in two weeks and therapy begins for the next 6 weeks. Part of his therapy we will gradually try to get him to walk 1-3x per day. He cannot play, run or jump and no stairs though his abilities are limited due to his elbow luxations anyway. Play time will be hard to avoid and his other pug buddies certainly don't understand.

Rambo continues to amaze us with his strength, courage and unconditional love. Every one that meets him is amazed how happy he is, good spirited and has no idea that he is different from the other dogs. Rambo always has a smile on his face and kisses to give to all that meet him!~~~~~

HELP for a Pug? If you know of a pug in need or have to surrender your pug contact Pug Planet at: Email: PugPlanet@aol.com

Awwww, Those Cute Little PUGS!!

Looking for a Pug? Did you know pugs shed ALOT? They snort and snore? Are easily prone to eye injuries? Need their wrinkles cleaned daily? Can be gassy and will never excuse themselves? Cannot tolerate heat or cold well? Can be stubborn and hard to train? Can be yappers? Can live on average of 12-15 years but can live as long as 18 years! Are you ready for this committment? Pug Planet LOVES Pugs! They require a lot of time and attention. They were bred to be lap dogs and it is their greatest pleasure to be your companion.They will not be happy as your jogging partner. They over heat very quickly and will result in respiratory failure. Pugs love to eat. In fact a pugs favorite word is FOOD! No matter how lovingly they look at you with those big brown eyes it is very important not to overfeed your pug.They can become overweight easily and overweight pugs have a difficult time with breathing. They need a high grade quality food we have several we recommend. OK, Are you ready to be owned by a pug?


Pug Planet Rescue covers all of NJ. We will help abandoned, abused, and unwanted pugs of all ages and from surrounding states as well. They are rescued from shelters, other rescues, and owners having to relinquish their pugs for many reasons. They are fostered in our homes and are provided veterinary treatment which includes vaccinations, spay/neuter, heartworm testing, micro chipping and any other necessary medical care, plus lots of love. We evaluate behavior, get to know their personalities, traits and temperament as well as helping to train them. We strive to make each pug learn what love and compassion is all about.


Requesting an application by E MAIL is the first STEP in adopting from Pug Planet. Tell us something about the home you are able to provide and PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS otherwise we will not be able to send you an application! Please read each pet's bio ALL the information is posted. Some may be in the process of adoption by the time your application is approved.

Once your application is pending approval a home visit and interview will follow. Please NOTE: Submitting an application does not mean you are approved to adopt the pet you have applied for. You will be notified if you have final approval. The final step in adoption is the adoption agreement and bringing your new pet into your home.

***Please note we are NOT a shelter so the pugs cannot be visited until your application is first approved.***Pugs are fostered by volunteers throughout the state of NJ not at our mailing address.

*****IMPORTANT INFO*****Our goal is to match each pugs needs in finding a forever home for every rescued pug. The pug you apply for may not be the best candidate for your lifestyle or living situation. It is the decision of the rescue and that pugs foster parent(s) to decide if your application is a match and therfore we will contact you to proceed with a homevisit.

Pug Planet is a private run rescue and receives no municipal, county, or state funding. All medical needs including daily prescription medications that some pugs require, medical surgeries, spay/neuter, vaccines, heartworm check, monthly heartworm prevention meds,fecal check, micro chipping,Flea/tick prevention, premium quality food, special needs food for allergy prone or sensitive stomach pugs, treats, toys, neccessary supplies and more. Remember some pugs do and will require more extensive care then others! Pug Planet will always take back any pet where the adoption does not work out and it is required that all adopters agree to return to us if a problem should ever arise for the life of the pet.

ADDITIONAL INFO/PLEASE READ: We rarely get pug puppies but we do have wonderful pugs of all ages waiting for wonderful homes. Younger pugs and females always generate the most applications. Younger pugs are typically surrendered because families did not have the time to work on training. Please note when thinking about adopting a young pug. If you are not willing to commit to house training a pug please do not apply for a younger pug. Typically pugs over the age of about 5 yrs are housebroken and are being rehomed due to families that need to relocate or in such cases as divorce and resort to seeking help from pug rescue.

Until our rescue builds up the much needed members and volunteers adoptions are limited to NJ UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED in a pets bio. This ensures that we can cover the state of NJ to perform homechecks and should any problems arise w/ any pug that has been previousely adopted. Please remember our small group of members/volunteers have jobs, families and pets of their own in addition to their volunteer rescue efforts they provide. Scheduling homechecks and approving applications can take time especially when there are many pugs in rescue and only a hand full of volunteers! We appreciate your patience. If you cannot wait we recommend you search shelters in your area where there are many wonderful pets available. If you decide you can't wait and purchase from a pet store just be aware of where your puppy is coming from and please do your research. Type "PUPPY MILLS" in a search box. You will be surprised and shocked at where pet store pups come from. Every year we get sick pugs that were purchased from pet stores that have developed health issues. It's your choice. Rescue & Adoption is the option!

**PLEASE NOTE: Although we cater to Pugs, Pug Planet may have other needy dogs and cats posted on this site that may or may not be directly in foster or involved with our rescue. You should contact that person or organization listed on that pets description page. Pug Planet Rescue is not responsible for those adoptions not in our direct foster care.

PUG ANGELS There are many ways to help the rescued pugs. Special needs and senior pugs remain in rescue longer. Our rescue costs are extreme. We all work very hard in dedicating ourselves to the rescued pugs. Please consider sponsoring or being a PUG ANGEL. If you would like to sponsor a pet and become a virtual foster parent for any pet listed in Pug Planet Rescue until they find their forever home. You will receive photos, updates, Pug Planet E News, general Pug Planet Rescue updates as well as a little gift from Pug Planet!

PUG PLANET RESCUE: P.O. Box 593 Forked River, NJ 08731


Some stay in foster much longer then others largely due to medical reasons or because they are seniors. Some were very neglected or abused and need to be reassured that there are good people in the world and they can learn to trust again. With time and lots of patience we will find a forever home for each dog that comes into Pug Planet Rescue. WISH LIST: Aside from the medical bills and daily medications are the much needed items such as quality food ,toys, beds, harnesses, treats and chews like Nylabones! Frontline or Advantix flea/tick treatment,Donations of any kind are appreciated and welcomed. Gift cards to online suppliers DrsFosterSmith.com, Petco, E gift certificates through Petfinder,or direct payment to our doggie doctors are appreciated as well. We are always in need of paper towels too!

****PUG LOVING FOSTER HOMES NEEDED IN NJ****We can always use compassionate and dependable foster homes in order to accomadate more pugs in need. Please email us for our foster appliction if you can help.****

MORE WAYS TO HELP-Are you Crafty? Have a special Talent? Can you contribute artwork needed to help us in making items such as t shirts, stickers, and educational literature? Seamstresses, knitting, crotchet, needlepoint talent? Can you create quilts, bedding and pug clothing,or anything unique? Sometimes we run E Bay auctions to help w/ rescue costs. Dog related items like dog sweaters and jackets, collectibles, artwork, or any home made items that you can offer. If you have special talents we would love to offer these unique creations as well.


It was time our little friend

Our hearts have broken once again

but to know you were loved

Heaven sent now back above

Your spirit will always remain

and fondest memories of you forever in our hearts.

Foster Mom to a Special Little Hero


Jan. 2007'-Sept. 30, 2008"

Jelly Beans full story on Pug Planet Rescue site; http://www.petfinder.com/petnote/displaypet.cgi?petid=8234372
Please help support our friends. Donations are tax deductible: NJ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals http://www.njspca.org


Email: PugPlanet@aol.com
SURRENDERING YOUR PUG? We realize it can be a very difficult decision for those families having to give up their pug. There are many situations that responsible owners are faced with. If you know of a pug in need of rescue or have to surrender a pug E Mail. PUGPLANET@aol.com . If there is a pug in need on craigslist or other classified ads please contact us to help. A pet should never be given away using classified ads!

Pug Planet Pug Rescue, PO Box 593, Forked River, NJ 08731

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