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 We DO have a paypal account: Peach State Pet Partners,inc.,in the event you may wish to make a donation to help defray vet costs for our animals; go to www.paypal.com  e-mail :pspp08@hemc.net


Adopting A Friend

ADOPTIONS   We will do adoptions between scheduled events with approved applications.e-mail at : pspp08@hemc.net if you need an application.


We will not 'hold' an animal without payment of the adoption fee.

OUR  ADULT CATS ARE NOW $50.00 !! APPLICATION APPROVAL NEEDED. This may allow you to also adopt a buddy for them,as many of our cats have feline friends in their foster homes. This is not required,though, as they will adapt to being without a familiar cat. Kittens are $85.00 and are also 2 for 1 !!

Dogs and puppies are $200.00. We do give a discount for 2 adoptions OR for animals over 7 years of age.Additionally, we offer discount to adoptions over 65 years of age AND added discounts to senior citizens if they adopt a senior animal ! Want 2 dogs ? First one is $200.00. second dog $100.00

 Not all animals attend each event,so call 706-776-3112 between 8am-7 pm,prior to the event to see who will be present. Adoptions can  be done at other times with approved applications.E-mail us  at  < pspp08@hemc.net >if you see a potential addition to your family from one of our animals.

Our animals are used to being part of the family in their foster homes,so please do not apply if you want a mostly outside animal. Cats go to only inside homes. If you are wanting more of an outdoor animal, many groups and your animal control shelters may not have those restrictions and we encourage you to adopt from those agencies for outside animals.We also have restrictions of baby animals to small children,as suggested by HSUS guidelines.


We do not select adopts based on a first-come basis,but what we think would be the best fit for a particular home.

We do hold adoption events at the Petsmart in Buford,generally at least 2 Sundays each month. We  do most adoptions mid-week with approved applications.For an application e-mail : pspp08@hemc.net

You must be 21 years of age to apply. You must be the signer on a lease or owner of the home.No matter what age, if you live at home with parents, they must approve.Please discuss ,and take in account,  these issues before wasting your time ,as well as ours, by inquiring or applying.

Our adoption application is simple...not multiple pages. It is our goal to place the right animal into the best home for that animal. We want this to be for life...not just temporary.We do conduct interviews and do check references. In most cases, we do a home visit with, or prior to, adoptions. We also will give a full refund or offer another pet,if within the first 3 weeks, the selected animal does not seem to be the best match once adopted.

Please-if you are applying with multiple agencies, narrow your search,and then contact us.Volunteers are UNPAID,and do not want to be spending valuable personal time doing application reviews if you are just 'shopping around.' We do not want to have to charge for an application. Come out to an adoption event and inquire about an animal rather than waste your time,your friends' time,and our time .

Animals are tested,as appropriate,given general deworming,rountine vaccinations,spayed or neutered,and microchipped.

Who We Are

WE are a small group of volunteers that are concerned with animal welfare,prevention of animal cruelty,and lowering the euthanasia rate of animals in shelters by offering new homes for unwanted animals.

We are not paid for our efforts. We  do NOT require donations to accept animals into our program.

We offer discount spay/neuter coupons to anyone asking,as long as funds permit. We also try to help low-income owners with vet emergency expenses,funds permitting.

Animals that have a history of biting or demonstrate animal aggression are not accepted.

If animals demonstrate instances of animal aggression or human aggression once in the program,they are euthanized by a veterinarian.

There is no such thing as a 'no-kill' shelter.

Other things in our past:

We were originally called Pet Partners of Habersham.

We hold both Petsmart and Petco adoption priviledges.

We have actively participated in an animal cruelty case,in which all animals were awarded to our custody. One member has been used as an 'expert witness' for this case.

 In 2007, we  supplied over 100 elementary classrooms in Habersham County schools with a year's subscription to 'Kind News .'

We have spayed and neutered all animals prior to adoption since 1999 and have microchipped since 2000.

We have financially helped with spay or neuter costs for owners since 1997 , totalling over 800 privately-owned animals helped.

We accept volunteers to help with adoptions,fostering,fundraising,ect...and will help those needing to do community or school service projects.

Call 706-776-3112 if interested or write : pspp08@hemc.net

Come Visit Us

We have foster homes, not one central location. We always need reliable foster homes for either dogs or cats !!

If you see an animal you like, e-mail us at the listed address for the animal or the main address of : pspp08@hemc.net. Once we receive the adoption application(must be requested),we will set up a time for you to visit with the animal if there is a potential good match.

We also hold regular adoption events at the Petsmart in Buford,across from the Mall of Georgia.

We do not ship animals and will not 'hold' and animal without payment of the adoption fee.

Contact PeachState Pet Partners,inc.


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