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5.5 miles toward Boonsboro to 7728 Old National Pike behind the Antique Market.


Promise Animal League

Low Cost Spay/Neuter and Vaccinations for your Pet!

Promise Animal League owns and operates a licensed veterinary practice in Maryland, our low cost clinic is open by appointment for surgeries and open to everyone regardless of income, location or if you are a shelter/rescue group. Our non-profit organizations purpose is to assist animals in need of veterinary care. Our clinic is located at 7728 Old National Pike in Boonsboro, Maryland behind Antique Market.

Vaccination walk-ins welcome!

Vaccination walk-in dates go to

For spay/neuter appointments
email: or call 301-465-9473


Rabies 1 year $12

Rabies 3 Year $15 (with certificate proof of prior rabies vaccination)

Package B (dog): Rabies, Distemper 5-1 $30

Package B (cat): Rabies, Distemper 4-1 $25

Package C (dog): Rabies, Distemper 5-1, Kennel Cough $40

Microchip $20 w/ free lifetime registration

Cats: Female Spay and Rabies vaccination: $65.00 with e-collar

Feral Spay/Rabies $60

Male Neuter and Rabies vaccination: $45.00

Feline Distemper 4-1 $12.50

Feline Idexx FeLv/FIV Combo Test $25.00

Feline FeLv vaccine $20

Canine Idexx Lyme/Heartworm/Erliciosis Test $25

Heartworm preventive $20 to $30 for 6 month supply

Lyme Vaccine $20

Panacur wormer x3 doses $10 to $20

Revolution Flea/Tick treatment $10 to $20

Ear Mite Treatment (cats) $5

Dogs: Female Spay and Rabies vaccination:

Dog Spay 2-10lb $75

11-20lbs $85

21lbs-40lbs $105

41lbs-60lbs $125

61-80lbs $135

81-100lbs $145

over 100lbs $165

Dogs: Male Neuter and Rabies vaccination:

Dog Neuter 2-10lbs $65

11-20lbs $75

21-40lbs $95

41lbs-60lbs $115

61-80lbs $125

80lbs-100lbs $135

100lbs and over $155

Dog E-Collars $5 to $10 depending on size, used after surgery to prevent licking or chewing of incision area

No extra charge for over-weight, in heat (cats only) or pregnant. Crypt orchid extra $30. Hernia repair (only at time of s/n surgery) $30 (males only)
Other limited services also available.

All animals are given pain medication, ear cleaning and nail trim at time of surgery at no extra charge.

PAL Clinic supplies needed!

Rubbing Alcohol
Towels (old)
Paper towels
Absorbent Pads (puppy pads)
Equipment: Heating Pads
Pet Crates (small, medium, large wire or plastic)
Copy Paper


Our thrift and gift store needs your donations of any gently used items. We are located at 11000 Bower Ave Suite 11 Hagerstown Maryland across from Rita's Ice on Virginia Ave. Our hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 10am to 5pm, Thursday closed, Friday 1pm to 5pm. Monthly raffles and free pet treats! All proceeds go directly to our low cost clinic to help families in need give veterinary care to their pets.


Who We Are

Promise Animal League, Inc was formed for the prevention of cruelty to animals and educational purposes by a group of individuals who have been helping animals in the local community for over 25 years.  Our group of dedicated volunteers provides a small pet food bank for other shelter/rescue groups in the 4 state areas, owns and operates a low cost spay, neuter and vaccination clinic in Boonsboro, Maryland.

Our Wish List

IPad for Thrift Store can take charge cards
Trailer for hauling donation pickups
Old Dog Houses or igloos for sheltering Feral Cat Colonies
Canned/dry Cat Food
Straw for feral cat bedding
Cat/Dog Crates or Carriers
Humane Live Traps

Donations are greatly appreciated and can be dropped off at our clinic in Boonsboro, Md or you can call us to make arrangements for a pickup.

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, donations to Promise Animal League, Inc are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Donations and Correspondence only can be mailed to:
7728 Old National Pike
Boonsboro, Maryland 21713

Call or Email:
Phone: 301-465-9473