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Come meet us and our wonderful dogs at the following adoption events in Springfield, IL.

2nd Saturday of the month - PetsMart (11am - 4pm)
4th Sunday of the month - PetSmart (11am - 3pm)

You think you're doing him a favor by letting him run free?

Roaming dogs are often:
Hit by cars
More apt to bite someone
More apt to breed indiscriminately

If you love him, you'll keep him safely behind a fence or on a leash!

Who We Are

Pound Dog Rescue is a non-profit community based group organized in February of 2005. PDR rescues and finds homes for stray and unwanted animals in the Cass County Region. To do this, PDR relies on the support of our community. Here are a few of the ways you can help us help animals:

Give a Little Bit - Donate food, bedding, leashes, chews, food bowls, dog houses, or traveling crates.

Lend a Hand - Come to one of our meetings. Volunteer to help out on one of our adoption days.

Protect Animals - Report animal cruelty and neglect, as well as injured or stray animals.

Pets Are Friends For LIfe - Find that someone special at one of our adoption events.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner - Keep current identification on your dog or cat at all times. Spay or neuter your pet. We provide low cost spaying and neutering.

Money Donations - If you'd like to help us out financially, you may send donations to:

Pound Dog Rescue
P.O. Box 41
Virginia, IL. 62691
Or you may make a direct deposit into our account at Petefish Skiles bank in Virginia, IL. Thank you!

Adopting a friend

Adoption fee of $125.00 includes vet exam, parvo/distemper shot, heartworm test, microchip, deworming, de-flea treatment with Advantage, and rabies vaccination. All dogs are spayed/neutered. Our Animals may be seen by appointment or at one of our many adoption events, for more info email pounddogrescue.gifford@gmail.com. .

Alone Again

I wish someone would tell me what it is that I've done wrong.
Why I have to stay chained up and left alone so long.
They seemed so glad to have me when I came here as a pup.
There were so many things we'd do while I was growing up.
They couldn't wait to train me as a companion and friend.
And told me how they'd never fear being left alone again.
The children said they'd feed me and brush me everyday.
They'd play with me and walk me if only I could stay.
But now the family "hasn't time", they often say I shed.
They do not want me in the house, not even to be fed.
The children never walk me.  They always say "NOT NOW!"
I wish that I could please them.  Won't someone tell me how?
All I had, you see, was love.  I wish they would explain:
Why they said they wanted me, then left me on a chain?

Do I Go Home Today?

My family brought me home,
Cradled in their arms.
They cuddled me and smiled at me,
And said I was full of charms.

They played and laughed with me.
They showered me with toys.
I sure do love my family,
Especially the girls and boys.

The children loved to feed me.
They gave me special treats.
They even let me sleep with them,
All snuggled in the sheets.

I used to go for walks,
Often several times a day.
They even fought to hold the leash,
I'm very proud to say.

They used to laugh and praise me,
When I played with that old shoe.
But I didn't know the difference,
Between the old one and the new.

The kids and I would grab a rag,
For hours we would tug.
So I thought I did the right thing,
When I chewed the bathroom rug.

They said I was out of control,
And would have to live outside. 
This I did not understand,
Although I tried and tried.

The walks stopped one by one.
They said they hadn't time.
I wish that I could change things.
I wish I knew my crime.

My life became so lonely.
In the backyard on a chain.
I barked and barked all day long.
To keep from going insane.

So they brought me to the shelter.
But were embarrassed to say why.
They said I caused an allergy,
And then kissed me goodbye.

If I'd only had some classes,
When I was a little pup.
I wouldn't have been hard to handle,
When I was all grown up.

"You only have one day left,"
I heard the worker say.
Does this mean a second chance?
Do I go home today?

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Pound Dog Rescue
P.O. Box 41
Virginia, IL 62691
Email: pounddogrescue.gifford@gmail.com
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