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Want an inexpensive, yet charitable way to show how much you love animals? Looking for the perfect gift for that animal-loving friend or family member? Order your Animal Rescue Car Magnets today from Pets4Adoption: (918)691-6231. At only $5 each, you can give one to all of your friends! Or, stock up and give them as stocking-stuffers next Holiday Season! And because 100% of the proceeds will go towards spaying and neutering, vaccinating, and feeding homeless animals, you can feel good about knowing that your purchase will help save the lives and care for our furry friends in need.

ATTENTION ANIMAL LOVERS: Due to the significant increase in requests from people with rescued animals in need of help, Pets4Adoption is currently seeking caring families (or singles! :) to help out by fostering an animal in need until we can help place him or her with their *forever* family. If you are interested, or know anyone who may want to take part in this very rewarding and heartwarming experience, please contact Pets4Adoption today at (918)691-6231. There are so many homeless animals out there who are depending on us all for help!

For more news about Pets4Adoption, the foster families, volunteer or adoption information, as well as educational and reliable animal-related web links, publications, etc., please contact Lyndsay Allison, the Pets4Adoption Founder, Coordinator, & Sitemaster at:,, or leave a message at (918)691-6231 (cell #).

Who We Are

Pets4Adoption is a non-profit animal rescue and foster organization dedicated to helping *ALL* furry friends in need of a home... and our amphibian & reptile friends too!!!

Pets4Adoption rescues and cares for homeless, stray, abused, neglected, ill, or unwanted animals through a network of foster families and veterinarians until the right *forever home* can be found.

If you have a RESCUED animal who needs a home, are interested in becoming a foster parent/family, or, if you are looking for a very special life-long furry friend to adopt into your family to love, please contact Lyndsay at Pets4Adoption today.

Adopting or Fostering a Furry Friend

Potential adopters are encouraged to first contact Lyndsay Allison with Pets4Adoption at (918)691-6231, or by email at to find out more information regarding complete adoption procedures, as well as valuable information about the health, tempermants, and situations regarding the animals currently up for adoption. Then, a visitation time can be scheduled to meet the potential new family member and his or her foster parent.
Please note that potential adopters must agree with and meet certain criteria in order to complete the adoption process. There is an Adoption Agreement & Contract, as well as a small adoption fee. The adoption fee is based on prior caretaking and medical costs for the individual animal, as determined by the foster parent. The minimum adoption fee is $50.00. Adoption fees are not to exceed $110.00 unless extenuating circumstances are involved. (See below). Copies of the Adoption Contract can be e-mailed or mailed upon request to any potential adopter for review prior to beginning the adoption process.

Pets4Adoption does NOT accept animals from breeders, or from those who have allowed their pet(s) to breed, into the adoption program. Pets4Adoption strongly believes that having pets spayed or neutered is the BEST way to combat the animal overpopulation crisis- one which has caused millions & millions of unwanted & neglected animals to die from euthanasia and homelessness.

Like many non-profit organizations, Pets4Adoption relies solely on the donations of compassionate animal lovers for all funding. Between June 2004 - September 2012, Pet4Adoption received less than $500 through donations and fund-raising efforts. All secondary costs (printing fliers, cards, running websites, ect.) are paid for out-of-pocket by the Pets4Adoption founder & coordinator so that *every donated penny* can go towards caring for rescued animals. However, over 100 rescued animals were available for adoption through Pets4Adoption during this time period. As a result, currently donated money is reserved only for the most serious select cases, and those who foster our rescued animals must often be willing to cover the expenses of their rescued foster-pet until he/she is adopted. Therefore, each animal's adoption fee is individually based, and is given to the foster-parent upon adoption in order to help off-set the costs of caring for the animal. This policy helps ensure that no monetary profits are made from the adoption of any animal. It also helps encourage those who volunteer to foster a rescued animal to do so again.

It is the policy of Pets4Adoption that no animal in need of a home be turned away as long as: a foster family is available to take the animal in OR the person(s) that rescued the animal is/are willing to care for the animal until Pets4Adoption can help find the animal a permanent home, AND the animal has been RESCUED.

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Animal Rescue & Foster Organization

Contact: Lyndsay R. Allison
Pets4Adoption Founding President, Director, & Webmaster

Phone (Cell #): (918)691-6231
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Mailing Address:
302 S. Santa Fe Ave.
Norman, OK 73069

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