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We are currently accepting only animals from the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter. This shelter is a kill shelter and the animals only have five days to find a home. For more infomation on the Broken Arrow Animal Shelter, call 918-259-8311 or view the website at or
We will also be accepting donations for the Shelter to help out with things like medicine for the animals or extra equipment to help out the officers. All monies are tax deductible and help out a good cause. Contact us to make donations, or contact the shelter directly. They are also accepting animal toys, collars, leashes, and anything else animal related. These items get handed out with adoptions to help the transition a little smoother. Look at the postings and save a life!


We are starting a new adventure that will hopefully allow us to rescue more animals. Look for some great changes coming starting in January 2008!

Who We Are

Pet Orphanage, LTD is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We focus mainly on pet ownership education and spay/neuter issues. We do not have a shelter to house our animals. We work mainly with foster homes to help us house them until they are adopted. Due to not having many foster homes right now, we do not have many animals for adoption. However, the animals we do have are still looking for loving homes. They are vet checked and either are sterilized or will be when they are aged appropiate. If you would like to volunteer to help out with either fostering or events, please email us and let us know. We will soon be very busy with activities and would love the extra help.

Adopting a family member

Adopting a new family member is easy! Simply contact us and we will send you an application. An adoption donation of $100.00 for cats, $100.00-$150.00 for kittens and $100.00 for dogs, $100.00-$150.00 for puppies is asked to compensate for the fees paid out to ensure your pet's health and sterilization. Please allow 3-5 days for us to review your application. We will notify you either by phone or email.

Help Us Out!

Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs Alleviate the financial stress associated with your petís unexpected medical expenses and generate funds for our shelter at the same time! Simply apply for a ShelterCare Pet Insurance Program by using the ShelterCare banner-link. Hereís how it works: ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs cover you when your pet needs essential veterinary care from an illness or injury. Also, every time a completed application for a ShelterCare program is generated through our shelterís website, we automatically receive a $25 donation to help cover common needs like blankets, litter and food. This donation is of no cost to you and provides us with essential funds. Make the right move and enroll today!
Pet Orphanage LTD
Phone: 918-259-1230

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