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We would love to help you find the right cat in need to match your home environment. Submitting an adoption application is free and starts you on your way to adopting a pet in need.

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Persian Rescue was formed in June of 2001. We work to find new loving homes for rescued Persians and other animals by approving homes and rescuing pets in need from shelters or assisting homes that can no longer care for them.

Who We Are

Thank you for considering a rescue pet. Persian Rescue is dedicated to finding loving forever homes for Persians and other animals in need in the northeastern United States. While the Persian breed does require additional maintenance in the form of regular grooming practices, their loving temperment is well worth it. And check out the other wonderful pets in need of new homes from our Pet List in Petfinder.

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting a pet from Persian Rescue, please email us at in order to request an adoption application. Until we have our own web site, adoption applications will be provided by email.

If you are writing from an address, please also include a phone number to reach you since we have had problems sending email to AOL accounts. We respond to ALL email messages, so if you do not receive a reply back, please assume we have not received your message.

The adoption fee is $200 per cat. Please remember that the adoption fees include neuter/spay, up to date on routine shots, and a vet exam within the past year. We strive to keep our adoption fees low, however our cost for caring for an animal in rescue and ensuring neuter/spay, up-to-date vaccinations, grooming, and exams exceeds our adoption fee in most cases. Whether you can adopt a pet or not, you can make a difference in the life of a rescued pet by sending your tax deductible donation to help the rescued animals to Persian Rescue, PO Box 1557, Wakefield, MA 01880. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We believe that all pets have priceless amounts of love to give but we are often asked if some of our purebred Persians are the same type that breeders sell for thousands. The answer is yes, so why adopt from a breeder when you can adopt a beautiful cat in need for a fraction of the cost? Then you can use the money you have left over to spoil your pet rotten. Also remember, adopting a cat rather than a kitten allows you to find a pet with the personality you are looking for without the guess-work. Persian Rescue is happy to work with approved homes to find a cat that meets their needs - from cuddly lap cat to outgoing toy chaser.

Contact Us!

As we are a 100% volunteer not for profit organization caring for rescued pets in foster homes, we do not currently have a location for you to visit in person prior to being approved. You can view our available animals online at and contact us by email at Whenever possible we will attempt to provide an online picture of the animals we have available for adoption.
Persian Rescue
PO Box 1557
Wakefield, MA 01880-5557
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