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Who We Are

In the fall of 1998, PAWS was established by Dr. Bridget King of Homestead Veterinary Clinic in Aldrich. In the year 2000 we became a non-profit organization. If you have an animal concern that you feel may need PAWS help, contact Dr. Bridget King for the monthly meeting dates. Anyone interested in our organization is welcome to attend. PAWS has over 110 members and is not limited by county lines.

Currently, we have members from Cass, Crow Wing, Ottertail, Todd and Wadena.

Every animal that PAWS takes in is checked by a veterinarian, is wormed and vaccinated. All cats are tested for Feline Immunodeficiency (FIV) and Feline Leukemia. Adult dogs are tested for heart worms and Lyme disease. They are then placed with a foster family to be cared for until they are adopted. Adopting families usually have one-on-one contact with the foster family and are able to learn about the pet's behavior, attitude, likes and dislikes, and any training that animal has received.

Adoption Days

Our Programs

PAWS programs are primarily limited to the local areas.
All of our programs are funded by donations.

Neutering Specials

Neutering Certificates

Trap, Neuter & Release Program

Foster Homes

PAWS is in need of some more foster homes! These homes can be for short term placement, relieves for other foster parent, or longer term placement until adoption. While in foster-care, the pets are evaluated for health, aggression and personality, as well as kept up on their shots and neutered if of age. Their food (and litter) will be provided until a forever home is found.

If you think that you might be able to offer foster care to PAWS,
please call Dr.Bridget King, DVM @ 218-445-5497.

Adopting a Friend

If you find a pet that you would like to adopt, we will give you all of the information that we currently have about the pet. You will have to sign a contract acknowledging the full responsibility for the care of your new pet and saying that you will give the pet the proper medical treatment that it needs in the future including neutering if the pet has not been neutered yet.

You will need to pay an adoption fee along with the contract. Adoption fees vary based on the medical expenses invested in each animal. You will have a two-week trial period to get to know your pet and to make sure that it is a good fit with your family.

Contact Us

All adoptable PAWS pets are living in foster homes, they may be seen by calling:

PAWS phone @ 218-639-7297,
Sally Robben @ 218-924-2272,
Dr Bridget King, DVM @ 218-445-5497

(Longer calls to our DVM are suggested to call after 5pm, or to leave a message so that we can get back to you sooner, and with less stress on all parts.)

Contact information for the foster parents of a specific pet are listed on our pet list, and can be seen by visiting the page of the pet you are interested in.

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