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Candy was found during the hot months of summer in an apartment complex. She was caring for her litter of kittens behind a building and was very nervous and underweight. All of Candy's kittens were beautiful, healthy and were adopted quickly. Volunteers worked very hard for many months helping Candy adjust to the foster home. It took her awhile but eventually she was able to trust her human foster family. Candy is a special girl that needs a loving forever home. Candy is playful and affectionate...on her own terms that is :) She is very friendly and will greet you when you come home. She will wind around your ankles and come to you for attention. She is good with well-behaved children and other cats. She is looking for a warm bed to sleep in and a soft sofa to lay on. Candy is tired of being carted back and forth from adoption center to foster home...hopefully in 2010 Candy will find her forever home!!!



E-Bay has a new feature called Mission Fish through which you can donate a portion of the proceeds to Paws For Love when your item sells. Please consider donating in this way to help our kitties.

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Who We Are

Paws For Love Mission Statement : We strive to prevent unwanted births by spaying and neutering, help unwanted, abused or neglected pets find forever homes, and reach out to the community to help them place animals they have saved from the streets. It is our goal to help as many animals find forever homes with loving families as long as we are able.

We are a non-profit, all volunteer tax-exempt organization. We do not have a shelter or even an office. We rescue animals which have been abandoned, abused or neglected. We provide medical care, high quality food, a loving environment and a foster family until hey are adopted. All of our rescued animals are vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Our volunteers work diligently to assure all of our pets are healthy and friendly. Some of these pets come to us scared, starving, sick, or otherwise "unfit" for adoption. Volunteers dedicate time and love to individual animals in an effort to rehabilitate them both body and spirit! All of the donations we receive are used to provide veterinary care and high quality food for the animals. We do not have a paid staff, and all of our volunteers use some of their own resources to help the animals. Throughout the year, we will hold special fundraisers and are presently working on joining with other rescue groups and sponsors to make these events exciting and informative.

Adopting a friend

ADOPT A RESCUED ANIMAL, SAVE TWO LIVES. Our animals come in all shapes and sizes. They look very different on the outside, but they have one common thread--at one time they were unwanted or in trouble. Maybe they got out while in heat and wound up pregnant, or someone moved and "forgot" to take the animal with them. However it happened, the result was the same--they needed to be rescued and rehabilitated so they could find a forever home.

When you adopt a rescued animal, you actually save TWO lives. The one you take home is now assured that someone loves it and it will live its life protected from outside elements that would threaten them--other wild animals, cars and uncaring people. But you also free up space so that we can take in another animal in need.

Every animal we adopt has been spayed/neutered, is current on vaccinations, and is healthy to the best of our knowledge. We also recommend that you take the animal for a wellness check. Your records for your new pet will include the dates of all vaccinations and a medical record. All of this is included in the adoption fee: $30-50 for adults and $75 for kittens. Small dog adoption fees vary based on breed and age and are anywhere between $80- $140.

We are always seeking responsible and dedicated foster homes in which our animals can live until they are adopted. Without these homes, we cannot help the animals. If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please call Kate at 623-698-3780.

OTHER WAYS YOU CAN HELP: As with any rescue organization, we are always in need of contributions to pay our vet bills and medication costs. Spaying and neutering costs are our biggest expense. We will not adopt out any animal which has not been spayed/neutered.

Another way you can help save many animals lives is by remembering us in your will.

Your tax-deductible donation can be mailed to: Paws for Love Cat Rescue, 5707 W. Northern Ave., Glendale, AZ 85302.

Come Visit Us!

Our adoption location is:
5707 W. Northern Ave. in Glendale (southeast corner of 59th Ave. & Northern)
Saturday and Sunday, 10 to 4 p.m, PFL volunteers are on site.
Monday through Friday, cats are available for viewing and adoption during store hours of 9 am to 9pm. Speak with a PetSmart manager to adopt a cat outside of PFL weekend hours.
Paws For Love Cat Rescue Inc.
Phone: 623-698-3780 Click here for a list of pets at this shelter

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