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Our Custom Made Rescue Ribbon Magnets are Here!

Show you care, display our beautiful four-color custom Paw Print Rescue Ribbon Magnet and help our four legged friends too!
It's two magnets in one. The large 8 by 3 1/2 inch paw print ribbon reads, "Support Rescue" and the 2 by 2 inch heart within the ribbon reads, "Have a Heart, Save a Life"(The heart can be popped out of the center and placed where ever you like.)
Display one on your car, and one at home. Either way, it's a great way to show you support animal rescue!

Through visible awareness, this ribbon could mean one more animal getting adopted and going home from a shelter or rescue!
Our rescue magnet makes a great Gift for someone you know who is in rescue or supports it!
Both of our magnets are UV protected and will not fade, chip or peel.

Our Custom Rescue Ribbon Magnets can be ordered here for a donation of $6.00 each.
Please remember to include your shipping address so that we may process your order quickly.
To place an order, please send a check or money order with the correct amount to:
Paws For Life Coalition
PO Box 253
Clementon, NJ 08021
"USA sales only, please!"
Please include in the memo section of check the words: Rescue Ribbon. All Orders are mailed out within three business days of receipt of donation.

Our new custom Spay/Neuter tailed rescue ribbon is also available for a donation of $6.25. This ribbon was custom designed specifically for us to help raise much needed funds towards our spay/neuter program and to help us with funds to spay and neuter all animals in our care.
Our custom Spay/Neuter ribbon measures 8 x 5 1/2 and is brightly colored.

When sending a check, please state in memo section Spay/Neuter ribbon.

Our little Miracle!

Little Phelicia is our little neurological deaf kitten. She was a rescue from a local shelter where her 5 other siblings died from panleukopenia, she was the only survivor. We nursed her around the clock from near death. She has fully recovered from her ordeal and is a real pistol. She continues to learn to compensate for her disabilities and now does some home animal therapy visits with us.

Click here to see our Happy Tails!

Featured Animals...

Shellie's Favorite!

"JIFFIE - a very vocal & active kitty"

Jiffie is a sweet, active 6 year old looking for her forever home!

Sponsor a Rescue Animal!

Maybe you can't have one of your own, or maybe you have enough all ready...but you can certainly have a cat if we keep it.
Below are some of the animals in our care that have either special needs and require extra treatments or medicines, or some that still have to find their "special" forever homes, and yet others that are semi-ferals "in training" to be good indoor kitties. They will all have a home and all the love they want and need - even if this is their forever home.
With your help we can continue to care for these kitties!

Faces You Can Sponsor!

Dabbles-Special Needs Kitty!
Maryland-Special Needs Feral!
Keno-Enrolled in "Good Kitty" Classes!
Shot Put-Chronic Special Needs!
Mira-Special needs
Mr. Chips-Special Needs- Daring Semi-feral!
Little Reds-Goofy Semi-feral!
Owlbert - Special Needs

M.J. - Semi-feral!
Emily- Special needs Kitty!
Tita-Our BIG Special Needs Girl!
Morgan-Special Needs
Jessica-Special Needs!
Winky-One eyed Semi feral
Pumpkin-Special Needs-Asthmatic
Tigger-Semi feral learning the ropes!
Trista-Striking Semi feral
Peekers - The Sock Thief Special needs
Phelicia - Special needs Doll Baby
Cadbarry - Semi-feral
Merla - Blind Special Needs
Kayla - A Semi feral Beauty
Nimba - Special Needs - Inoperable Tumor

Consider sponsoring one of our rescue animals to help with their daily routine care, veterinary visits, quality nutritional foods, behavioral counseling, a spay or neuter. We will email you information and a photo of an animal in our care that needs you the most.

We are an all-volunteer organization and rely completely upon donations to assist dogs, cats, and ferals. All donations we receive go 100% back to the animals in our care for spay & neuter, medical attention or medicines, food, litter & kitten replacer milk. Donated monies for the ferals go towards their neutering, vaccinations, a ear tipping (for identification purposes) and returned to their colonies for continued feeding, housing and looking after.

Our Fizzies Fund was created in honor and memory of one of our favorite special needs rescue cats "Fizzie".
A fund in her memory will help other animals that have extra ordinary needs or treatments.

We take pride in the fact that we care for our animals on a one on one basis. We are a small network of private volunteer foster homes. Our animals are loved & treated as our own until they find their forever homes, or in the case of our long term fosters, are given the best treatments and care even if it means going into the red to do just that!

It takes a lot time and funds to maintain some of these special needs guys or new comers with debilitating illnesses or injuries.

Some may need to go into emergency services in a moment's notice. Fizzie's Fund will be earmarked for animals with extraordinary medical expenses above and beyond our normal spay/neuter, routine shots, testing, flea treatments, and worming.

Consider donating to the "Fizzie's Fund" as emergency and continual care bills continue to grow and so does our credit card bill. We will always do whatever it takes to get our animals well, ready for placement, or continue to maintain their health and daily requirements.

Some current special needs kitties that would love a Sponsor for their care!
Emily on special food and is given special shots every couple of months due to an extreme allergic skin condition.
Murphy & Morgan have gotten Bladder stones in the past, which had to be removed. In order to help keep them from ever getting them again, we have them on special diet foods to help prevent this.
Tita needs a few different kinds of special meds to help keep her from going into convulsions and for her asthma meds.
Stella, Engee & Dabbles are on a daily heart medicine for her murmur.
CadBerry needs special food for his IBS. (Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome)
Both Nanulk & Pumpkin are each given eye medications daily for, in Pumpkin's case, a dry eye condition and for weepy eyes in Nanuk's case. They both need a shot every so often when their allergies flare up.
Merla is blind and needs daily high blood pressure medicine.
Shot Put has daily meds given for his asthma and a clean air machine was purchased to help him breath better.
Phelicia is on a special diet, and meds to help keep her healthy from a slow failing renal problem.
Peekers is a diabetic and is given insulin twice a day and also on a probiotic script for IBD along with special food.
Mira is incontinent and on special food.

For $25 a month you can:

Sponsor an animal in our carefor one month. Your gift will help us feed and maintain all of their regular daily needs.

Sponsor a feral cat. This will help us spay or neuter a feral and give them their shots or help feed ferals in a TNR'd (Trap-Neuter-Return) colony.

Sponsor a special needs kitty in helping with their daily medications or treatments.

Sponsor an animal that has extraordinary expenses either from a new injured or abused arrival or an emergency from one of our foster kitties.

Donations for Faces You Can Sponsor or to Fizzie's Fund can be sent to:
Paws for Life Coalition
PO Box 253
Clementon, NJ 08021

Paws For The Soul

Our new Animal Assisted Therapy Program visits regularly to area senior centers with dogs and cats, putting smiles on many faces and to share the incredible importance of the human-animal bond.
Ways you can help!
* We are always looking for more volunteers and certified critters for our visits. If you are interested in helping to touch the hearts of our area seniors who can no longer have animals of their own, but really light up when one of ours comes to visit with them, please email Ask how to train for certification in Animal Assisted Activities or Pet Therapy.
* Offer to make favors or small crafts for the seniors that we visit, especially for holiday visits.
* Donate film, 35mm or inexpensive 4x6 frames for use when we visit.
We always develop our film in duplicates, one copy for our file and one to frame to take back for those we've visited when we return the following month. Our seniors love to have the pictures with the animals in their room.
If you would like to donate items to our Animal Assisted Therapy Program email
Monetary donations to:
Paws for Life Coalition
PO Box 253
Clementon, NJ 08021
Specify in memo section of check "Paws for the Soul" or "Animal Therapy Program"

Click here to view our team in action!

Fundraisers for the critters!

A Penny for Your Web Search!

What if Paws for Life Coalition earned a penny every time you searched the Internet? Well, now we can! is a new search engine that donates half its revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. You use it just as you would any search engine, and it is powered by Yahoo, so you get great results.
Just go to and be sure to enter Paws for Life Coalition as the charity you want to support. Just 500 of us searching four times a day will raise about $7300 in a year without anyone spending a dime! And, be sure to spread the word.
Help us raise much-needed funds with just a click of a button. Check it out!
Thanks so much!
From all the Paws for Life Coalition critters and volunteers!!


Collect Purina weight circles!

Collect Purina weight circles from both dog and cat dry food, even Tender Viddles boxes, and Purina prescription dry food. It's the little round weight circle on the bag or box, or inside the plastic tub lids, not the UPC bar code.
We have to collect a bunch to help benefit our rescue, so look on your Purina dog or cat foods and start saving them for our animals.
Send them to:
Paws for Life
PO Box 253
Clementon, NJ 08021
Thanks so much!

Calling all used laser cartridges, ink jet cartridges, fuser cores, old laptop computers, circuit boards, computer bases (cpu's only) & cell phones!

Turn in your used laser or toner cartridges, ink jet cartridges, fuser cores, old laptops or computer bases, circuit boards and old cell phones to us. We can turn them into cash for our critters. Please email for information as to where to bring your collected items, or we may be able to pick them up if you are in our area.

We recycle Aluminum cans and some scrap metals!

We recycle all aluminum cans whether they are soda cans or aluminum cat or dog food cans and their lids. We wait until we have a pick up truck full and turn them into cash for our fur kids. We also recycle copper, aluminum pipe, doors, chairs, or windows. If you live in the general South Jersey area, please email on how to drop off saved cans or scrap metals for our program. Possible local pickups may be arranged for larger loads.


Our custom made Rescue Ribbon Magnets will help get the word out and show that you care!

Get one for yourself and one for a friend. They are two magnets in one. Our beautiful large 3 1/2 by 8 inch paw print ribbon, reads, "Support Rescue" and the 2 by 2 inch heart shaped magnet within the ribbon reads, Have a Heart, Save a Life". The heart can be popped out of the center to make a beautiful rescue magnet by itself. All proceeds from this ribbon benefit all the homeless animals in our care and our high veterinarian bills.
Rescue Magnet ribbons are for a donation of $6.00 each.

Please include your shipping address so that we can process your order.
All orders will mailed out within three business days of receipt of donation.

USA sales only, please!"

Send a check to:
Paws for Life Coalition
PO Box 253
Clementon, NJ 08021


Order a new collar and leash, a "Udder tug" or other cool stuff and 10-50% of your purchase will go to our rescue! Choose us when you check out, under section asking what rescue you would like to help (We are under the All-Breed Rescues section).
Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!

Help raise funds for the animals in our care from and get some really good stuff at great prices too! There are tons of participating stores in IGIVE.COM to choose from. Please click the link below to help our animals. Thank you from all who can't say it themselves.
I Give.Com

Sell something on EBay and donate any percent of the winning bid or set price to us!

EBay Giving Works - List your item directly through EBay. Fill out the section with our full name - Paws for Life Coalition and the percentage amount of the winning bid you would like to donate to us. Your donation is fully tax deductible., which is EBay's giving works provider, will provide a tax donation slip for your donated amount. You can also visit to look up nonprofits benefiting from Ebay sales.
We just ask that you are tasteful in the types of items you are selling for our rescue.

Seasonal Section!

Click here for Holiday Danger's to Animals

Upcoming Events We Will be at!

Foster Parents!

We are always looking for experienced foster parents to help with housing & bottle feeding motherless kittens, taming feral kittens for adoption, housing nursing mom cats, housing special needs kitties and fostering dogs in need.
Due to the unpredictable illnesses a new arrival can bring into a household we are looking for the following:
We are looking for experienced fosters that have a separate room in their home for foster kitties. They have to be kept away from current animals, as we do not want to give your animals anything that the new ones may bring in. If you are considering fostering a dog, the above applies, but also we need a separate yard area for the foster dog to relieve himself or herself. We wouldn't want your current dog(s) to pick up any parasites from feces out in the yard.

If you are interested in helping us do more for the animals, and live in the South Jersey area, please email us at so we may discuss all of our requirements for fostering.

Feral Caretakers!

We are looking for dedicated people to help out with daily or relief feeding, trapping, temporary housing or transportation to & from spay clinics for feral colonies.

There are many colonies in need. We are trying to get as many colonies as possible under a spay/neuter & continued management program. We cannot do so unless we have the people power behind us.

We can greatly reduce the number of kittens born in the wild, & end the needless suffering of the feral felines in our area. Please help us help those who have been forgotten.

Are you working with a feral cat colony in your neighborhood?

Here's a helpful informational link to get you started and on the right track in dealing humanely & responsibly with your colony.

Feral Cat Info from HSUS


We are looking for farms to take responsibility for a few feral cats that are in need of relocation.

All cats are spayed/neutered, wormed & get their rabies and distemper shot before they go to their farm home. They make great mousers, are low maintenance and used to being outside.

All you need is a sheltered area, (barn) where they can be confined for a few weeks to get adjusted to their new surroundings. All they need is dry cat food, fresh water daily and a safe, sheltered area for bad weather. WE WILL LOAN YOU A CRATE, LITTER, BOWLS, AND FOOD for a specified time confinement period. We will deliver and set up the cats for their confinement period and instruct you on their care and release during this period of time. "Best of all, you will be helping to save the lives of these beautiful working cats and share their life with you on your farm!"

Help save a life & give a few cats a job!

Who We Are

Paws for Life Coalition is a N.J. based, 501c3 Non-profit foster home volunteer group, dedicated to reducing the number of unwanted animals on an individual basis.
While in our care, we are committed to providing personal, loving care for abandoned, orphaned, injured and forgotten animals through a small foster network and are a viable and compassionate resource for animals in need.
We find, through adoptions, responsible permanent and loving homes for our companion animals and provide permanent foster care for ones that will never find homes (our special needs critters).
We work with other rescues, shelters, and transports of like mind to help place or transport animals.
Our services include: rescue, foster, rehabilitation, adoption, and animal therapy visitations to area senior centers. Special focus is on developing humane animal education and TNR workshop programs.
We provide information on new or existing spay/neuter programs in our area.

In the past, we were involved in rescuing the abandoned cats and kittens at the Garden State Racetrack in Cherry Hill, that closed in the early 2000's. All the adults were spayed or neutered, given shots, & wormed. Once given a clean bill of health, farms were located for them to live on. All the kittens were socialized and re-homed in permanent loving indoor homes. All cats and kittens were successfully re-homed from the Racetrack and our total number rescued was 92.

We have also been a part of numerous rescues in our area, helping many animals in need.

We appreciate all donations to help us continue with our efforts.
We have many friendly cats and kittens in foster care that are awaiting their forever "indoor" homes only. Check our site for many of these grateful kitties.
Some of the cats, and dogs on our site are up for adoption directly through the independent rescuer or foster who rescued them. Please keep in mind that we do post for individual rescuers and fosters that provide their own screening process, adoption fee and contract. We will post for them as long as their rescued animal is of good temperament, they have had their rescue animal spayed or neutered, have taken care of their medical needs, had their shots, have an adoption fee set and notify us when their rescued animals status has changed. There may be various adoption fees with these postings and at various places. We do not ask for any fee to post for their adoption. We are just happy that they are willing to find a good home and place their own rescue without having to put their rescue animal in a shelter that may euthanize them due to lack of space.
We will supply a general application, and a general adoption contract for those who need one. See section below marked "Important Information - Adoption Forms & Agreements for Caretakers" for general adoption applications and contracts!

Adopting a friend

If you are interested in adopting a cat, kitten, or dog, please contact the appropriate phone number, email address or location for the specific animal you are interested in.

We do not have a public shelter. Most of the animals are in private rescues or foster homes until they are adopted, and some are at a few public locations as stated on a particular animal's description. All animals in foster homes can be seen by appointment only.

We are happy to respond to requests for information on particular animals via email and will provide as much information as we can about personalities and backgrounds of animals in which a potential adopter has interest. Please keep in mind that we do post for individual rescuers and fosters that provide their own screening process and adoption fee. We may not have detailed information on those animals and contact would have to be directed to the particular email or phone number listed under that animal.

Please note: We adopt our animals to people who live within a four county area of Camden County NJ. If you live farther away, we encourage you to visit your local shelter to meet the wonderful animals there who are awaiting homes.

All cats and kittens in private home foster care require an approved application in order to show them.

Our Spay/Neuter & Vaccination Policy

100% of our dogs and cats, while in foster care, are spay or neutered, have all vaccinations (distemper and rabies vaccinations, rabies vaccination if over 12 weeks of age), wormed, flea prevention, testing (FIV/FeLv for a cat and heartworm for a dog), dogs are then placed on heartworm prevention & micro-chipped before going to their forever homes.
All of our kittens are spayed or neutered at 8 weeks old and at least 2 pounds. Our puppies are spayed or neutered at 8 weeks old.

Wish List

Some Very Important Thank You's!

We would like to thank the businesses, organizations and our private donors for helping us keep our "Food Bank" going!

We have been able to help many rescues, fosters & individuals who feed & care for homeless rescued animals & also many TNR'd feral colonies.

We'd also like to thank local veterinarian's for their generosity and willingness to work with us on short notice.

AWA Animal Clinic
Evesham Veterinary Clinic

Thank you's extended to our friends at Save The Animals Foundation, PetPALS of Southern New Jersey Inc, AWA and all of you who donated time, food & supplies, spay/neuter certificates, other donations to help keep this rescue going!

A BIG thank you to for their support & generosity !
Visit them on line at PetMeds

Our Animal Food Bank

We work with area shelters, suppliers and private donors in collecting animal food and various supplies for private caretakers, smaller rescues or rescues in need and disadvantaged people who care for animals. While we cannot always guarantee we will have extra food at all times or particular brands of food, we try our hardest to collect what we can. When we have the food & supplies in storage, transporters are contacted for food or supplies to be distributed.

Over the past few years, we are proud to say that the rescues, rescuers and people who have benefited from our food bank have not only spanned our general area, it has also crossed 4 states (Pa, NJ, NY & Del) & even a couple of food deliveries that went to Canada.

We may sound big, but we are a small-scale volunteer operation & run this program entirely on donated food and supplies. We screen our potential receivers for the greatest need and available transport from our volunteers to an area.

Come Visit Us!

We do not have a public shelter, all of the companion animals listed on our site are either cared for in private foster homes, or at a few public locations as stated on a particular cats description. All animals in foster homes can be seen by appointment only. We also advertise animals for adoption from private rescuers who have their rescues spayed or neutered, have them current on shots, are of good temperament, use an adoption application, have an adoption fee, and use an adoption contract. Please call the number or email address associated with the particular animal you are interested in.

Important Information

Please do not put a "free to good home" ad in the newspaper.

It is important to make you aware that there are unscrupulous people who operate in rings to collect cats, dogs and other animals for the purpose of selling them to labs for research, or selling them for bait in dog fights or as food for other animals. There have also been many cases of people adopting animals for the sole purpose of abuse or for ritual sacrifice. The danger is that these people appear to be animal lovers and can easily fool you, sometimes bringing along children to portray a "perfect family" image.

If you want to find your animal the best home you possibly can, it is important to check all references, including a veterinarian reference, always ask for an adoption fee, and do a home check BEFORE releasing an animal into a stranger's care.

If you do not ask for an adoption fee, then ask for a deposit which will be returned after they show you proof that they have taken the animal to their vet for a check up. Ask for a bare "bones" minimum of $50.00 for an adoption fee or a deposit to help deter people who might otherwise sell an animal for a profit.

We would suggest that when you advertise your animal for adoption that you make a flyer with a clear photo, with a good biography (Animals age, sex, any medical history, things they like to do, any other pertinent information, also any possible restrictions (Example - no children under 10 years old, or not housetrained yet, etc). Be honest with the description, you don't want anyone to be surprised with anything you might not be telling them, they may not tolerate it well.

Place the ad on various bulletin boards in vet offices, kennels, grooming places, training facilities, pet stores & food stores. Place an ad in your local newspapers.

We have included general adoption applications and adoption contracts below to help caretakers place animals in their care. We hope that this will help make your choices easier and more wisely.
Remember your rescue animal's life depends on the decisions you make for them in their placement.

Make a Flyer

To make a flyer of the animal you are trying to adopt, please try the following links to create your flyer.
Flyer Template for Humane Society of Broward County - Click on "Download Lost Flyer Template

Make a Flyer from Petbond

Adopt a Pet Template - Click on Lost Pet Poster Template. You can change the wording around as it is in a Word Document

Adoption Forms & Agreements for Caretakers

The following forms are for independent caretakers, & fosters use ONLY. Please do not use the adoption forms below for animals on this site.

Click here for a Dog Adoption Application Form

Click here for a Cat Adoption Application Form

Click here for a Adoption Contract with spay clause Form (For animals that need to be spayed or neutered)

Click here for a Adoption Contract without spay clause Form (For animals that are already spayed and neutered

We would highly recommend that all animals go to their new home already spayed or neutered. If this is possible, have your dog or cat spayed or neutered before they leave your care.

If you are not able to have them spayed or neutered before adoption, please ask for an additional deposit above your adoption fee, which would be returned upon proof from a veterinarian that this animal was "fixed". You may want to give them a close time frame so that it is done ASAP. Don't risk the possibility that they could have a litter after you adopt them into their new home.

Please read our section on low-cost spay and neuter information below.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Information

Animal Welfare Association (AWA) Voorhees, NJ Spay Clinic line (856) 424-2258 x105 Call for appointment. You can look on line for current prices.

Camden County Animal Shelter (856) 401-1300 - ask about spay neuter program in shelter also the "Save our Strays" spay/neuter program. The second is cheaper if you can go when they have the clinics.

SPAY USA 1-800-248-SPAY

Save The Animals Foundation (STAF) Gloucester County Area (856) 218-7006

Oasis Animal Sanctuary (856) 262-1222

Help reduce the large number of animals euthanized in our area daily by being a responsible guardian - SPAY/NEUTER TODAY.